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Two Men Killed in Clinton County Accident

Two Florida men were killed in an accident that involved a semi-truck on Wednesday in Clinton County. According to Illinois State Police, Alex Delgado, 27, was driving a Volvo semi-truck westbound on I-64 close to milepost 32 when he swerved into the left lane of traffic.

According to witnesses, Delgado then over-corrected and drove off the roadway, hitting a concrete bridge support. Melvin Lewis, 54, the passenger, was ejected from the vehicle.

The truck stopped with the cab on its side and the driver’s side door against the base of the bridge. The force of the accident caused the trailer to spit, spilling the contents, spools of aluminum strips, down the highway. Both Lewis and Delgado were pronounced dead at the scene just after 1:50 pm.

The highway was closed for hours while officers investigated the accident and cleared debris. The accident is still under investigation.

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