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Warmer Weather Means Motorcycle Awareness

Motorcycle safety is not on everyone’s list of seasonal activities; but with warmer weather, bikers are back on the road, and keeping them safe is the responsibility of everyone on the road. With no physical protection in an accident, motorcyclists face dangers that other drivers don’t—two wheels don’t respond to road hazards the same way four wheels do. There are safety tips for bikers and for drivers of other vehicles to keep everyone safe; read on.

Motorcycle riders can do several important things to stay visible and safe on the highway. First of all, keep at least two to four seconds behind the vehicle in front of you; any closer and they won’t be able to see you, and if they stop short, you’re in trouble. Check your mirror before slowing down, every time. Wear a helmet and protective clothing; these are the only things between you and the pavement in an accident. Stay inside all traffic laws and speed limits, and practice riding—as anyone ages, they lose response time and vision ability.

Drivers of other vehicles bear responsibility for motorcyclists’ safety also; the Indiana Department of Transportation reports that in many car-motorcycle crashes, drivers claim they simply “didn’t see” the motorcycle. To prevent this, watch aggressively for motorcycles, which can hide easily in traffic. If you’re following a biker, keep at least two seconds behind, and watch for hazards ahead—motorcyclists have to react differently to road obstructions than drivers of cars and trucks. Be careful when turning left; many crashes between motorcycles and other vehicles involve turning left at an intersection. For more information on motorcycle safety, for motorcycle and car drivers, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website at

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