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Witnessing a Motorcycle Accident

Witnessing a motorcycle accident can, itself, be a traumatic experience. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than anyone else on the road, and in accidents they may be thrown from their bikes at high speeds and sent sliding and rolling across the pavement. While the scene may be ingrained in a witness’s mind, its emotional impact may affect his/her memory of important details. It’s important to the victim of the accident that you will be able to reconstruct what happened, as it will prove invaluable for the victim’s case in the future.

If you witness a motorcycle accident, you should call 911 at the scene as soon as possible. You may generally assume that the motorcyclist was injured if the operator inquires about injuries. Do not attempt to move the rider from his/her location, but take many pictures – if you can safely do so – of the motorcycle, the other vehicle, the roadway, and anything which may help determine the cause of the accident.

When police arrive at the scene, simply explain exactly what you saw; the truth and nothing but the truth. Was the driver or motorcyclist speeding? Was the motorcyclist staying in his lane or being reckless? Was another vehicle part of the accident without actually making contact with the motorcycle? The victim in a motorcycle accident is unlikely to be in any condition to take pictures, speak to witnesses, or even explain what happened to police, and witnesses are more than obligated to step in and help paint a clear picture when the motorcyclist cannot.

Motorcycle accident victims can suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries, including:

– Broken bones and bone fractures – Internal injuries, including organ damage and internal bleeding – Spinal injuries – Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including concussions and diffuse axonal injuries with or without loss of consciousness

As a witness, your account of the accident will be critical. Other witnesses may be unwilling to cooperate and bits of evidence may disappear over time, but an honest recollection of what took place is all that is truly asked of you. If you were the victim of such an accident, you would want witnesses to do the same.

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