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Michael Agruss

Written and Reviewed by Michael Agruss

  • Managing Partner and Personal Injury Lawyer at Mike Agruss Law.
  • Over 20 years of experience in Personal Injury.
  • Over 8000+ consumer rights cases settled.
  • Graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law: Juris Doctor, 2004.

Car accidents are the leading cause of personal injury in the United States and the time following an accident can be confusing, overwhelming, and stressful. We at the Mike Agruss Law are here to help ease some of that confusion and stress by answering some of your car accident frequently asked questions.

Q: What should I do after a car accident?

A: The first thing you should do following a car accident is remain calm and assess yourself and your passengers for any injuries. Stay in your vehicle as long as it is safe to do so, turn on your hazard lights and call 911 even if it seems like the accident was a minor one. Unless it is absolutely necessary or you are directed to by emergency personnel, do not move your car or anyone in the vehicle.

DO NOT ever leave the scene of the accident, this becomes a case of hit-and-run.

You will want to get all the contact information from everyone involved in the accident including any witnesses. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information and the badge numbers for any responding officers.

Take pictures of the vehicles involved and any relevant information about the accident scene and call your insurance company immediately. And finally, NEVER admit fault or state that you were not injured.

Q: Should I see a doctor even if I wasn’t injured?

A: Yes! Some injuries will not appear immediately, instead showing up days or weeks later.

Q: What should I do in the days following my car accident?

A: Be prepared to have your phone ringing off the hook. Both yours and other involved parties insurance companies and health insurance providers will be attempting to get your statement or access to your medical records.

You may also hear from attorneys and even chiropractors trying to secure your business. It is important that you secure legal counsel before you speak with anyone about your claim.

You are also going to want to get things prepared for your claim. This includes obtaining a copy of your accident report from the police, the valuation of property damage from your insurance company, copies of any medical treatment you received, a journal of your symptoms or pain, a record of any missed work, and a detailed list of any out-of-pocket expenses you have.

Q: How soon after an accident should I obtain legal representation?

A: If you or any passengers have been seriously injured, or if someone was killed, you will want to retain a car accident lawyer immediately.

Insurance companies will assign an insurance adjuster to your case immediately following your accident who will want to collect your official statement. These adjusters are there working for the insurance company and are looking for any way they can to poke holes into your statement. You should never give a statement to an insurance company without consulting a qualified attorney first.

Q: What if the insurance company offers me a settlement?

A: Accepting any offer from the insurance company can be risky. Insurance companies are a business and are looking to get away with paying you as little as possible. Accepting a settlement without reviewing your claim with a qualified attorney can result in you receiving a settlement that is smaller than what you deserve.

Q: How long will it take to settle my case?

A: The best answer to this question is, it depends. Just as accidents vary, so does the amount of time it takes to settle an accident case. Some cases are minor and only need to be resolved by insurance companies. Other cases must proceed to court to for a fair and full settlement. It is important to remember that to ensure you get all you are entitled to, consulting a personal injury attorney is your best option.

Q: My insurance policy mentions subrogation. What is it?

A: Simply, subrogation means that the insurance company has the right to be reimbursed for any money they paid on your behalf if you are awarded any damages. However, they must inform you ahead of time if they intend on using this right. Contact the Mike Agruss Law to see if we can negotiate with the insurance company to waive subrogation rights.

Q: What type of compensation can I receive?

A: This answer is completely dependent on your case and the facts surrounding your accident and it is always best to consult the Agruss Law

Firm for definitive answers. However, you may receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, disability and/or disfigurement, costs associated with rehabilitation, pain and suffering, out-of-pocket expenses, and wrongful death including loss of financial support and companionship.

Q: Do I need to file a lawsuit?

A: No. There is a definite difference between filing a personal injury claim and filing a lawsuit. Prior to filing a lawsuit, the Mike Agruss Law will work on your behalf to settle out of court. Only if an insurance company refuses to pay what is fair or fails to admit responsibility will a lawsuit be necessary.

Wading through the claims process following a car accident is difficult. We at Mike Agruss Law are proud to serve our fellow citizens in personal injury cases, especially when you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, and we are fully committed to protecting your rights and ensuring that the other party is held legally accountable when negligence occurs. We will fight until the very end to ensure that you are fully compensated for all injuries and losses resulting from the accident, including medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering, and you won’t owe us a dime for our services.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident due to another driver’s negligence, contact Mike Agruss Law for a free consultation. Helping our clients is about counseling, advocating, and ultimately solving problems. With years of experience successfully representing the people and not the powerful, we will take care of the insurance adjusters, your medical bills, your property damage, and your lost wages, and monitor your treatment so you can focus on healing and getting your life back to normal. We will handle your case quickly and advise you every step of the way, and we will not hesitate to go to trial for you.

Lastly, Mike Agruss Law is not paid attorneys’ fees unless we win your case. Our no-fee promise is that simple. You have nothing to risk when you hire us – only the opportunity to seek justice.

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