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Still domiciled in Connecticut - staying with son. ASSOCIATED CREDIT SERVICES, INC. phoned me 3 weeks after I received a notice for unpaid final electric bill from EVERSOURCE (provider in CT, MA and NH). I am disabled from spinal injury and receive Social Security Disability Income. Qualify for CT Dept of Social Services help. EVERSOURCE had a physician's do not connect notice for a year's time filed in mid-May 2019. Because I was forced to leave condo rental in Stamford CT for health/safety reasons, I am temporarily staying with son in NY. NOTE - I am not domiciled here. Planning to return to W2 work in late November 2019; have a written offer. Have no derogatory items on my Equifax, Trans-Union or Expedia. Once I begin earning W2 wages, I will be able to clear up this past due EVERSOURCE amount. I advised the abusive collector from ASSOCIATED CREDIT SERVICES INC. that I was disabled and became homeless. I also said that I wanted legal advice, planned to pay the bill in December 2019-January 2020. He kept insisting that I must provide automated payments by giving ASSOCIATED a credit card. I told collector that I was planning to write EVERSOURCE Legal Department in Berlin CT about this problem, my disability status and that my USPS Mail had been tampered with - no final bill ever reached me in July 2019. I had made electronic arrangements with the US Post Office for letters being forwarded. EVERSOURCE final hardcopy bill never reached me. I also said that I was entitled to state assistance through Connecticut Department of Social Services - and that I would copy the agency's commissioner on my letter to EVERSOURCE's Legal Department. All correspondence will be sent certified mail. Got another phone call around 7:20PM Eastern Time from a NYC number called Ociated Crdt, phone number 646-916-1932. Balance is $731.27 The husband-owner of the Stamford condo did not contact me or my lawyer by email or in writing when changing the meter. This is a different issue (the husband-owner) but EVERSOURCE had a good payment history from me since June 2013. The Ociated Credit collector phone call on Tuesday was more than 18 minutes and the man hung up on me. My work start date is Nov 25, 2019. The work is W2 for a large bank. The bank is checking my credit. I want to keep a good, strong healthy credit profile. I do not want problems from ASSOCIATED or HARRIS. thank you, Mary