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I was making my payments and someone hit and ran into my vehicle, I had insurance and had to send the bank check to fix my car, they were supposed to send it back for the damages instead they applied it to the principal of my auto loan which left me stuck paying for the damages even tho I had insurance and still had my car payment due to them putting it toward the balance and not what I owed. This app orally threw me off ruined my credit and prevented me from getting a home loan. They have violated my consumer rights I called them repeatedly and tried to resolve the matter. I offered to settle the balance and they kept saying they would call me back and never did. The final thing for me was when a customer service agent accused me of making a straw purchase simply because my husband and child’s father I been with for 13 years was driving the vehicle when it was hit. I called them and told them to pick up the vehicle to prove I had it and didn’t buy it for someone else to run off with and I demand they remove it from my credit report due to their actions or my next step will be filing a civil suit in court. On top of selling the car and taking the proceeds after they stole my insurance money and demanded more for payment they still have not updated the credit bureaus which is a violation of the fcra and fdcpa

I’ve opened an account last year in Montgomery,AL. And the teller who opened it and helped me for some reason mistakenly opened me a savings account, when I only wanted a checking account, also I specifically made mentioned that it needed to have Zelle as I bank with Bank of America as well where I have my “Savings account”. For my surprise when I got home that day and search Through the app it came to my attention that the app did not have Zelle at all, which at that point was disappointing. Also my card never arrived to my address, in which at that moment I’ve decided to keep banking with “Bank of america”. Unfortunately I did not know about my savings with BBVA and that it was set to withdraw monthly from my checking where I only had $40 to begin with, and was not keeping on track with that account at all, since The whole misunderstanding at the time I’ve opened my account. It came to my attention that I had a negative balance of -$117 more or less, in which it now doesn’t appear on my now “closed account”. I have made 3 attempts over the phone to pay the balances (all failed)