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I purchased a car 2016 and was told I would be able to trade it in after making a year of payments. I did that and I found out that I was in a upside down loan with them that I owed 3 times the amount the car was worth. My interest rate I beleive was 29%. My loan was for 16,900 but with interest it came to 40,208 I believe. It was so high that the whole year I was making payments it only went to the interest it never touched the principal. I still owe this as I had to get it repo because I couldn't afford it anymore and they were unwilling to work with me my payments were $571 a month I was told I was doomed before I started and they knew that along with Suntrup Kia.

In my divorce it stated my now ex husband was responsible for payments to C&F Finance, he moved to Tampa Florida and couldn’t get the truck registered because C&F refused to take my name off even after court ordered divorce paperwork and a hand written letter from me and my ex husband and 7 years later they are trying to sue me! I need help