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received a call from a Danielle Beech from Capital Link Management the morning of 1/21/2019 threatening me with legal action and placing a lien against my house if I don't return her call immediately. had no idea what she was talking about. I returned her call within an hour and took care of what needed to be done. Trying to collect a debt using lies and scare tactics. the debt is real and I was dealing with a different creditor that sold the debt to this company without me knowing. The issue is they also called my wife on her person number and also called her place of business and left a message with her manager regarding a "very important legal matter". My wife is not on this debt. her name is not attached to it in any way. I have no idea how they got her number or how they figured out where she worked or why they called her and left a detailed personal message with her manager. They are harassing my wife to try to get to me. if I'm not mistaken this is illegal to discuss these matters with anyone other than the debtor. I have the voicemail they left for me and for my wife and the message that was left for my wife. I cannot believe that businesses are allowed to operate in this manner and treat people the way they do.