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(833) 755-8393

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  • +18337558393
  • 8337558393
  • 1-833-755-8393
  • 833.755.8393
  • 1.833.755.8393
  • 833 755 8393
  • 8337558393
  • +1 (833) 755-8393

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Submitted Complaints

It seems that I oredered an item from a porn site and my merchandise never showed up. What should I do? Try re-ordering again. Please advise.

I received the 2nd second text from CLM regarding a balance of $56.42 for Stream Energy. I left Stream Energy in 2010. I do not believe I owe Stream Energy anything and why would they wait 11 years to place it in collection. Sounds like fraud to me. The number they text from is1-833-755-8393.

Received a text saying I owe almost $1000 to some place sounding like a payday loan, too bad that all items ever owed was included in the bankruptcy I filed and got discharged! I am turning this over to my attorney and they will get in touch with them-like before however-no cooperation from the company stating debt is owed!!

received a text stating cash central account was placed with CLM for collections, gave a balance and my full name. I dont even know who cash central is, but sounds like a payday loan and Az does not allow payday loans here.

I received a text message from this company claiming I owed a Mid West Bank and Trust $800 but could call this number and send a one time payment of $450

I received a text message from Capital Link. I have no idea who you this company is and they’re saying I owe money for a $330.81 Ladies Gucci Shield which I would never order.

I have received a text from this company saying a loan from Plain Green LLC was transferred to this company and to call this number. I have received a few voicemails that did not leave a company name that also had an 833 #, and received a few texts from 855-212-4759 that said to call 833-216-4592. Again I believe this is all the same company.Texts say ETA tomorrow Dec 3 9a-2p Notice for (my name and address) Signature required at time of delivery.For updates call 833-216-4592 and last text on Dec 15 said (my name) we keep missing you call account services at the before mentioned number. Of course I've heard of this kind of debt collector scare tactic before where they say are sending someone to your work and home and don't show up and so on. I also tried to file a compaint with the FTC but they jsut got back to me yesterday saying they couldn't file because they could not verify the company.

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