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I had a membership with HCOA Fitness in Puerto Rico back on 2017. The gym was under construction but they had special offers if we got subscribed so I did. I was still waiting for the gym construction to be finish but then the Hurricane Maria hit the island and I was one of the families who lost everything. I had to move out of Puerto Rico looking to provide a better life for my kids. Months after I moved I received a call from ABC Financial saying that I needed to pay some money because I didn't cancelled my gym membership. I explained to them my situation but they didn't care. This past two years I've been receiving multiple calls from this people saying they are going to sue me, that I will get arrested if I go to Puerto Rico, that I have to pay them over $7,000 and they even shared this information with my grandmother they told her I was going to get arrested for not paying that gave my grandma a very hard time. I need help to stop the harassment from this company and for them to cancel that account. My bank even canceled my car loan because of the natural disaster and this people insists in collect this money when i didn't even set foot in the gym because was under construction. They are the ones who should be paying to me for all this bad experience and for sharing information with family members.