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Following the death of my wife, I have received telephone calls and U.S. mail regarding the collection of and outstanding debt from a 3rd party. Ascension Point Recovery Services, LLC. is asking for the responsible party of the estate, while refusing to state which client they were representing and any indication of what is the value of any outstanding debt. I was then able to ascertain this was an attempt to procure information which was not necessary. There have not been any correspondence, calls or emails regarding any current or past outstanding bills for the party they are trying to obtain information for. There are NO outstanding debts which are past due or current and I find it pretty sick to contact my nephew and daughter with the same requests. Ascension Point Recovery Services should cease and desist this type of harassment unless they provided a responsible party with the necessary information. Should they not stop, I may be forced to utilize my own attorneys and I might not be as forgiving. Thank you for your assistance.

Just received a phone call from these people. Wanting to know if I was the one in Charge of my Dad's Estate..told them no and they wanted to know who it was. I would not tell them..8888069074 is the number I called to return their call. 6083716666 is the number they called from.

Ascension Point Recovery Services, LLC., phoned me about a 'Thomas *******' estate. I have no connection with the estate. I am on a DO NOT CALL list, but they do not care. I provided them with a message for my registered DO NOT CALL restriction. I noticed your involvement on your web site. I get too many junk calls.