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Submitted Complaints

I received a call from ARA yesterday morning at work. The lady did not identify herself nor did she say where she was calling from when I answered my phone. She immediately started throwing information at me about an out of court settlement letter I received about a credit card that I owed on. She was extremely rude and rather than make sure I was even the correct person she should have been speaking with told me my social security number and address. When I tried to ask her questions she ignored me and rudely told me I owed the money and I would be sued if I did not make payment arrangements with her immediately. I quite politely explained to her that I had not in fact received any such out of court settlement letter and never owned a credit card with the company she said I did. I told her until I received such letter I did not want a return call from her, then hung up the phone. I do not like the fact that my social security number and address were given out so freely. Yes, it was in fact myself on the phone but had it not, that information would have been given to whomever was on the phone! I did not get the name of the woman I was speaking with but I have to say the staff does not know how to handle themselves when making calls.