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I opened a Pottery Barn cc to make purchases for a client of mine, I am an Interior Designer. I only did this to get the points you acquire through purchases. It's really too long to put in this email. Please contact me if this totally a free case evaluation!

Don’t Trust that 18 months no interest program, it’s a hook… Were so happy when Overstock offers 18 months no interest when made my purchase of Massage Chair. Received my bill from COMENITY - Had set up a payment schedule to pay $101.00 every month of my $1,837.95 since the purchase made on Nov., 2017. As of May 30, 2019 paid the remaining balance of $120.95 on May 31, 2019, before the payment due date of June 4, 2019. Received the final statement, expecting $0 balance, but $434.83 instead for interest. Tried to dispute the interest charges to COMENITY, and been told there's nothing they can do (customer service Angela and Supervisor Janine at COMENITY), because the no interest program ended on May 25, 2019. I'll understand and reasonable if I got charge 5 days of interest on remaining balance but not full purchase price. The customer service at Overstock's Financial partner "Comenity" definitely not do any service at all. When I called Angela at COMENITY, she said to me there's no way of remove or help on the interest charges. I request to speak to a supervisor, Angela stated supervisor will tell me the exact same thing, then transfer me to Janine. Angela is totally correct, Janine seems relaying what Angela had said. I told Janine, should I submit the case to small claim court, and she said "It's up to you." I asked, can I close the account? "I can help close the account for you right now." Overstock, please stop offer this 18 months program to any of your client. With a blink of careless it cost me $434.83. I feel I've been scammed and robbed. I'll not make any purchase with overstock.