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(612) 260-8717

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  • +16122608717
  • 6122608717
  • 1-612-260-8717
  • 612.260.8717
  • 1.612.260.8717
  • 612 260 8717
  • 6122608717
  • +1 (612) 260-8717

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Submitted complaints

This people keep calling me and harassing me I don't know who they are!

I worked out a payment arrangement AND a forebearance with Sallie Mae (Navient), and made a payment and even received confirmation that my forebearance was approved and would start June 1st, but Navient continues to call me constantly stating I still owe a larger debt even though I have an approved forebearance. I even called Navient two days ago and they confirmed their calls were in error, but they still continue to call me! What can I do to stop the harassing calls? Thank you!

i am too ill to deal with this

Someone from this company keeps calling my cell phone asking for Tracy Rodriguez. I have called them 4 times over the past week and told them there is no Rodriguez at this number nor do I know anyone by that name, and to please quit calling me. I just got another call from them 10 min ago. Again they told me they will remove my number but so far they have not done this.

Non stop calls, before I get the call, second prior, I know someone with bad intentions is calling me, that's what this is someone with a nasty attitude and feels good in hurting others. Thanks for your help and Have a Merry Christmas. Lisa

612-260-8717 blows up my phone. How do I stop the calls from 612-260-8717?

I keep getting calls several times a day