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Last fall I lost my job due to medical disability, and am currently unemployed applying for state disability. I have next to no income on my long term disability that’s about to run out. To make things worse since my disability is severe depression, Severe anxiety. And severe bipolar 1 last week my wife served me divorce papers. I have wrote multiple letters to this company stating I can only pay a little a month. I have a kid to take care of too. I also have them the info to my disability lawyer, and his contact information TWICE. This past week I received two more bills for the almost $300 they a beating me up for even after I received a letter from them thanking them for the information. I refuse to give them my current location address right now as well. Any time I’ve ever been turned in to collections for medical with these people they will call and treat you like your the scum of the earth sending letters and calling repeatedly. I don’t know if there is anything I can do about it because I can’t afford any kind of attorney to just get $300 wrote off. I’ve been paying $50 a month and still get treated like dirt. Please email me if there’s anything we can possibly do as my anxiety condition causes me to avoid making actual phone calls at all costs.

319 753 6759 Faye Thompson keeps calling me and now has started calling my husband's work. It's ridiculous.