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I have a medical debt from an injury I sustained several years earlier. I believed that my insurance would have paid most of the debt, but it turned out that I was responsible for most of the payment. At the time of the injury, I was not in a position to make any payments. The debt was then turned over to H&R Accounts, who sued for the original debt plus their court filing fees. I had to go to small claims court to try an stop a garnishment of my wages, as it would made it impossible for me to pay the debt. I agreed to pay $50/month until the debt was paid. I paid over $700, but the amount of the debt never went down, so I stopped paying, because the $700 I paid already settled most of the original debt. I'm having to go plead my case again, but H&R is now saying I owe over $1200, even though most of the original debr was already paid, and I only owe another $250. It is also on my credit report, which is causing some issue. I only want to pay the remainder of the original debt and want it removed from my credit report. H&R Accounts will rip people off. This claim is another form of legal harassment. I'm willing to pay the remainder of the debt, but anything past that amount is simply extortionate.