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I attended Independence University for Medical Assistant. Went away to Salt Lake City, UT for hands on training. Came back to New Jersey to start my externship and was told that the school didn't have accreditation in New Jersey for Medical Assistant and I would have to do my externship as Medical Administrative or Pharmacy Tech. I told the school I wanted to get a job as medical assistant not Medical Administrative or Pharmacy Technician. So I agreed to do my externship as an Pharmacy Tech I just wanted to finish. Then I was told I would have to pay to do externship in New Jersey I refused to pay for a license as a Pharmacy tech when I wasn't planning on doing that career. So they told me I could do my externship in Pa for free. So I agreed to do my externship in PA then the school had a hard time finding me a extern site. Then I told them I no longer wanted to bend over backwards for the school when they signed me up to the school under false pretenses. So I have been calling lawyers in reference to my case and I'm not getting a call back.