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Submitted Complaints

I have got a few emails demanding payment. I have never borrowed money from the company they claim I owe money to.

I received an email saying that I owed $1840 and if I didn't pay it I would be prosecuted if I didn't pay immediately.. I have no outstanding charges so why am I getting these emails. I believe it is a scam.

Keep getting emails that I owe then $1840.00 and they are going to take me to court

They have sent me numerous of emails saying that I owe them 1847 dollar and that they are placing this with the authorities in 24 hours if I don’t make a payment I have saved the emails

I received an email from Jefferson Associates & Law Firm requesting 1840.00 in payment plan of 184.00 for 10 payments, but they would settle for a one time payment of 950.00. If I did not pay they claimed they were taking me to court. The company they claim I owe is Speedy Cash.

I get a lot of threatening emails and weird calls saying I owe money Particularly speedy ash and I know I don’t owe them

Scam and harrassment. I don't owe Speedy Cash and threatening email

Received a threatening email from a Jefferson Associates and Law Firm referencing Speedy Loans. I have no loans with them. This is the email to send monies: [email protected] Definitely a scam, if you want me to forward you the email, let me know asap. Thanks.

Mr Mora very rude and hung up on me in mid conversation