Junk Faxes

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and related laws like the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005 regulate unwanted faxes. These laws make it illegal for an advertiser to send unwanted faxes to a consumer without the consent of the receiver. These laws also spell out rules for robocalls, text messages, and other calls from telemarketers. At Agruss Law Firm, LLC, we have filed numerous cases of TCPA violations on behalf of our clients. Our focus is on protecting consumer rights, and we are experienced in dealing with the TCPA and related laws.

Ending Junk Faxes

To be in violation of the TCPA, a fax must be both unsolicited and advertise commercial availability or quality of services, goods, or products. This means that a fax that invites the recipient to attend a fundraiser is not covered by the law. There is a statute of limitations of 4 years to file a lawsuit related to a junk fax. The single most important piece of evidence in such as case is the fax itself. You should keep the document along with a log of incoming faxes generated by your machine. If you call the contact number, keep any notes with the date and time of the conversation to help identify the sender. The TCPA allows lawsuits by individuals who have received unwanted faxes, text messages, or phone calls, authorizing a recovery of up to $500 per violation, or $1,500 if the violation was knowing or willful.

Other Types of TCPA Violations

The TCPA governs many forms of communication, not just faxes. Our Chicago consumer protection attorneys also handle cases involving other TCPA violations, such as:
  • Telemarketing robocalls that you did not consent to receive, and
  • Spam text messages
You do not need to put up with junk faxes, texts and phone calls. Our Chicago junk fax lawyers will discuss your options. Schedule a consultation to learn about the potential outcomes in your situation. We will aggressively enforce the law to stop unsolicited faxes. Not only will we stop the faxes, but you may be entitled to money damages, too. Damages in TCPA cases range from $500.00 – $1,500.00 per text.

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Submitted Complaints

I am getting calls from a number that i told to not call me anymore, the number is 8882945658

Good Afternoon, Gina. That is my daughters' name!! I been having a problem with my mortgage holder I began purchasing the home in 1990. I have been late! My loan has been sold multiple times. I have NEVER had any problems with the other lien holders Bank of America was the last holder, prior to Nationstar. The loan is almost paid off. It will be paid off next year. My first problem with them was them calling me to \"giving me a courtesy call, to remind me to pay the mortgage\". As I stated, I have NEVER been late. I pay online. They charge for any other method, PayPal, Western Union, over the phone. I was paying my mortgage, last year, when just as I was done paying and waiting for my confirmation number, the screen went fuzzy. I could see that the amount posted by them, was much more than I had entered. I continued to attempt to make the payment, to no avail. I called the company, immediately and explained the details, I just gave you. The Customer Service agent said:\" We see you made a payment\". The payment she stated was the correct amount, however, she would not give me a confirmation number. The following month, I was charged a late fee. Oh, one other thing, while I was attempting to make this payment I received a phone call, from my Brother, informing that my Mother had just passed away. I live in the Greater Boston Area. I am from San Francisco. I had just returned from my yearly vacation, two days before she passed away. The house in Texas!

Hello, I've been receiving harassing calls from CAM Processing. They refuse to identify the original lender and demand that I give them personal information to confirm you I am even though they called me! They gave me a \"case number\" but won't tell me what the original debt is unless I answer their identity confirmation questions. I feel like they are just trying to get more information from me or that they may be looking for a relative. I'm afraid to give them the information since they won't tell me what company claims I owe a debt. Today, I received a call from someone named Gus who wouldn't tell me what the case referenced unless I answered his questions. I asked him to stop calling if he refused to disclose the debt, and he said that he would keep on calling me until I gave him what he wanted!

I was contacting your office to see if I could get a little advice and help. A co-worker of mine has used your services and referred me to see if you could give some advice. My Name is Sandra, I have been contacted by a company stating that they have a personal check that was returned from my bank and are now trying to collect on it. They state that the check was written back on 8/9/2007. And they barely contacted me on this last week to take care of this. I live in Fresno, CA. So I think if they can call me later during my lunch hour that would be fine. Otherwise they can get more information via emailing me at the email I provided. Well, per their message and one verbal conversation: That they are contacting me on \"an important account matter that is scheduled to forward out as a wage execution in regards to this legal matter\" Per my phone conversation: the gal told me they are from a debit collection and they have a returned check on file from a pizza parlor that I wrote back on 8/9/07 for $144.00 and that how would I like to take care of this along with attached fees. I want to know do they still have legal rights to collect on a check this old? Why they never contacted me prior to last week on this, and I have had the same phone # since back then. I have only moved once!

When I was in the service, (USMC) I was injured in my back. They treated me for several times prescribing a sheet of ply-wood to sleep on. Latter after being discharged I tried to get help and all I ever got was go to the V.A. hospt. I didi in OK. Sat for 8 hours before they took a look at me. NO HOPE. I applied for disability several times and was told all records had burned. This worthless gov., owes me a ton's of $$$$$$$$$ can you people help me? Lee Rahorst. Please let me know by e-mail what you would need to do so, also the cost of it. Thanks, I am soooooooooo tired right now, ,Im believe I will rest and wait for your answer tomorrow!

Are ucwith atguss law firm. Do you all assist with foreclosures? Our lender recently denied our loan modification request without complete review saying it was too close to our sale date which 7/21 but why give us false hope by taking all our information? They had it in 6/24 and waited until now to advise of the denial. We fell behind due to my husbands illness of pancreatitis and diabetes. When he got better they wouldn't allow us to make payments at all!

Does your firm handle wrongfull forecloser cases were a third party debt collecting firm is backdating and drawing up assigments of mortage and cancel hearings after my motion and answer to dismiss that I don't owe chase anythjng there only the servicer of the loan and not the note holder After motion and answer. To dismiss they respond 48 days later and still go ahead not serve me the next hearing date regular mail it and hopes I will not get it and miss court the judge had no idea my answer and motion to dismiss was filed with the court on time he went On and took there word and acted like I was lying when I told them the actual client of the law firm was chase not us bank I contacted us bank who says they can not and do not have anything to do with my loan I have tried 20 times to modify this loan even though chase i never borrowed a dime from them. There is so much fraud I have no found out that I don't owe Anyone money because they have broke the law there is no other assignment on record ne. And the one that is is drawn up by a attorney in there own law firm that's horrible they should be ashamed and should be shut down for helping there client lie and draw it up 5 years after the trust closed. the sooner the better I have filed the notice of appeal and time is running out does your firm charge money cause I have the best case for a large law suit. Julie Gerlach all my stuff was filed on time the first time I. Was served the second time the regular mailed me not even certified so I had one week to answer I did so the day before court w627 mill rd kewaskum wi 53040. Does your firm charge for something they can make money when they can win. Okay I am so confident that with the right lawyer there would be no fear they would not be able to win money and a lot of it there is so many laws and regulations they have violated that's who I want is someone who knows there going to win for me and for themselves like I said this is the poster case for civil and much more this has been going on for 6 years and the last time the judge seen my case I showed him all the proof I was trying to work with the servicer and he had given them a order of 90 days to get my loan in order at that time I had no Clue of the fraud in my loan there is no clear chain of title on my home from bank to bank or trust to trust that they can not the servicer of the loan even collect when I never borrowed the money from them I have paid the servicer of the loan over a hundred thousand dollars over the time and they don't even have contact info for them so they are not paying them any of the money I have given them securitization Mers fraud loan it's sad yes this is my address!

Medical debt incurred 01/2014. Provider sent me to collections. I FINALLY got Aetna to pay within the past two weeks. My responsibility, after insurance payment, is $236.28. They are trying to collect "collection fees" of over 130 dollars on top of that which against the FDCPA and RCW19.16.250. Yes, I have emails from them calling the balance collection fees!

I received a debt collection letter for a bill I had never seen. It is a small amount of money and I have the ability to pay. I called the original debtor (a doctor's office) and discovered they had an incorrect address for me. I'd like this to not appear on my credit report since it seems like an administrative mistake. The collection agency said they were open to a pay for delete agreement, but they refuse to put it in writing. I have only received one letter from them and it does not have any information about how to proceed if I dispute the debt. I believe this is a violation of the FDCPA. I would like a professional opinion about how to proceed!

I am dealing with BoA all the time. There is so much discrufficeny between what each peson say. they sure do harrase me and i am 71 yr oid sick widow withmany medical problems and need to stay inmy little home where aaamy medical eqiuptment is. I also have my son who has cerbral palsy with me. We have lived here 38 yrs. and are dtermined to stay. BofA had me in forecluser and than evicted which i fought and got that lived Do you think you could help me. I did read a while back that Mickel goes against BofA with no charges. is that still right. I took a loan out about 9 yrs, ago for medical bills. After that I kept getting calls that those callers could give me a better offer, so not understanding all this loan business i took each call er at his word. And it was sent from on loaner to another, some times I did not know what happened.I worked with 3 diferent modifera & was told by each one trhere would be no problem agianst my son & me keeping our home.and there would be NO sherif sale. That was on the day of the dam sale. thsi was told to me by all 3 modifier companies. My home value is $58,000.on the tax rolls with the city.BofA now tells me that all the paper work they alwaysend me should have not been sent to me. I have filled out untold number of fom and sen back to BofA This morning they told me that I can appy for a remod. the end of Augest 2014. The last one was june ,2013. These people have gotten my son and I in such a bad state of mind that my son even tried to do suicide . He needs to stay here too. excuse all my mistakes. At 71 yrs old and try my besti try my best and have a pituityry brianlesion giving me problems!

We have not received any letter or summons regarding this case, but we have looked up the case number from the ads and found a docket at cook county. understandly we are worried. we don't know what account this would be and even as we have settled past accounts long ago this is not an account we are aware. but i wanted to check if we talk does it create a contract right away? we are worried about mounting costs as my husband is currently unemployed. just wondering how the costs begin and when?the case number is 2014-M1-134874 contract/cook county circuit court/municipal division all this is what i found searching online not from anything that has been sent. the attorney is steven fink working for jrsi inc. i found nothing about them. except when I called this morning to a number on the circuit court file, terri at jrsi said i could call another number and leave a message. but this other number will not ever answer and only may call back. this sounded odd to me!

I am interested in a consultation. A company in chicago sold me stolen goods and is not cooperating. with refunding the purchase price. goods have been confiscated and police have verified. I have all the documentation, just need lawyer to contact for consultation!

Mr Agruss is helping me with a harassing debt collector Dynamic Recovery is this the only company he has had to deal with or does he deal with other debt warehousing companies like this one that are harassing and making threats!

I just looked up a number that keeps calling me and I am not sure why. Your website was on there. This company and others or same people different numbers, keep calling me. They have stated that they will be at my house to have me sign legal documents and never show up. They say they are special police investigators. They even called my elderly mother who thought I was going to jail so she spoke with them about three years ago, but I have since discussed with her that I do not know who these people are and I do not know of what debt as I know what is on my credit report and I know who I owe money and don't. I am confused as to what they are trying to collect. If they could send me something in writing that would be great then I could figure it out. but I only talk to those people. I have debt that is being worked out very slowly, but these people call and hang up or leave messages that are in a threatening nature. I need them to stop so I can focus on what is real and can get things straightened around!

I have some papers they want me to email back to them!

Company calls and says they are taking my wife to court for a 2008 hsbc credit card. Started off with a supposed case number then a very high pay off but if she pays today they knock a lot of money off. It was for a credit card she did not pay in 2008, credit card limit was 500. they told her to be at the court house at 8:30 Monday morning. She was going to go but I told her it was just a collection company. they never stated what court etc, said the case number was blah blah. I happen to know how case numbers work in harris county and it was not even close the number they call from is listed on your website as asset collections!

I have an issue with portfolio recovery. Do you handle these type cases. About 4 and a half years ago due to a couple taking over 50000 from my account I defaulted on a Wells Fargo card. Portfolio purchased same and has since reported on my credit bureau file that the account is 120 days past due. What rights do I have. I have disputed it numerous times and they have responded by stating they would not acknowledge any further dispute or removal efforts!

CymMetrik Enterprise Co. Ltd. is facing issues with one of our delinquent customers and we proudly choose your law firm to advise our company on how to proceed with such matters in court. We are very committed in pursuing this case in court as quickly as possible. we supplied goods to our customers over two yrs now but they refuse to pay as when due we need your legal assistance right away!

I am getting ROBO calls on my cell phone. Is this illegal and grounds to sue? Today I received 3 robo calls from the same number. generally I dont answer my phone from out of state numbers because of the robo calls I receive!

I was just speaking with a lady named Jane and got dropped. Is there any way to reconnect that? I keep getting calls from a company called Northstar Location Services. I really don't have any so far. This has just started. And my parents are receiving calls from one called Legal Prevention Services and they say it is about me. I haven't called anyone back and I have no outstanding debt. So I'm just looking for advice. No thank you. I'm having too much trouble with unknown people having my contact information as it is. Not to be rude, I promise. But it's already an issue. Thank you though. Is there a way I can call them instead? Or does it require that I disclose information over the Internet? It showed up as Argus Law Firm. Yes ma'am. I found it. Thank you. And I'm sorry to be paranoid. I really am!

Mr. Agruss has helped me many times in the past with suing debt collectors for harassment, and for making robo calls. Well, I need his help again. My car is financed by Exeter Finance Corp. Due to breast cancer, I have not been able to work this year, and I called Exeter, to ask for an extension on my monthly payments. They agreed, but there was a fee of $25, to process the application. I was granted an extension for the Sept and Oct payments, and my payments resume this month. The representative did not explain to me that if I did not pay that additional $25, the arrangement would not be granted. At that time I did not have the additional $25, but told them I would pay it at the beginning of the month (Oct, 2014). From that time until I paid it, I was harassed relentlessly by robo calls, all day, everyday. Some were just minutes apart. I had spoken to a representative, asking them to cease and desist in their calls, that it was harassment. I was told that the calls would continue, until the $25 was paid. I had to endure daily radiation treatments, for 6 weeks, and to have Exeter call me so many times per day, was very stressful. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, detailing the incidents, and the fact that Exeter violated the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Today's response from Exeter if that they have now put my account on a "Cease and desist list." However, they never mention the compensation I am entitled to. Since they have admitted wrong doing, I thought I would call Mr. Agruss for assistance!

I refinanced my home in Dec. 2013 to get away from Green Tree servicing and their collection practices. When we refinanced it was with a local bank. We told them from the beginning we wanted to move away permentatly from GT. When we signed the loan , we thought it was a done deal. Only to find out in Jan we were still getting bills from Gt for house payment. We reifnanced our modular home with a local bank ,Fayette County Bank here in Illinois. In January Green Tree continued to send us statements for approximately $3150.00. When we presented this to the bank , we were told to just ignore them. Then In April , I recieved a letter from Green Tree demanding payment or they would forclose. I also recieved a letter saying they needed proof of insuance or they would add it at my cost. It gave a number to call. When I called it , they immeadiately transfered me to this Tom guy, whome I had bad dealings with before.He told me they expected payment by Friday of that week or would forclose on the house. When I asked him what this $3150 was for he at first told me he didn't know , then it was for backend payments made on the loan. When I asked why this would not have been included in the refinancing he said they didn't do that, that money is held in a different account. I asked him what dates these supposedly backend payments occured , he gave me several. I asked who authorized these and he said it didn't matter, if payment was nt made by friday , be out. I asked him to send me an itemized statement for this . He said he didn't have to. I said I think I have a right to know who authorized these if anyone , and to have a copy of a billing statement to use as proof. He declined . This cause me to again ask for a billing statement , he replied he didn't have to give me one , and if I wanted one I would have to contact customer service , and said he could transfer me . Which he did, but I think he discussed the problem with them , since it took several minutes for them to answer. They told me I would have to send a letter to the home office asking for this .I asked if I could send an email or fax and they said no. They gave me an address to send the letterto. I requested all phone recordings of anyone who authorized any payment , wanted the names of anyone who was involved , billing statements and so on. Sent it to that address by mail , registed to have someone sign for it. I never recieved any reply or billing statements . There is also more to the story. The loan agent at the Fayette County Bank I was told was waked out in handcuffs. As far as I know the loan officer quit. and the bank president is still there but only to help another fellow try to figure out all the loans made in the bank!

I have a situation, smb is robocalling me like crazy for the last 10 days or so. With different phone numbers. Ok, I was interested in getting a degree around 2 weeks ago, than I started getting phone calls, I replied one one requested do not call me anymore and do not give my information to school just email that's it,right after I started getting like 20 calls a day without voice!

I was just given a summons from DCS Financial services that was stamped on May 29, 2013 . Im confused . It reeks of cigarette smoke and I wonder how legit it is. It is for a debt I dont remember or have forgotten since it is also my employer.. I deal with healthcare insurances and people who have no money for medical bills out of the hospital. The hospital usually absorbs the cost. It was for services rendered back in 2009 and 2011!