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The national do not call registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. Telemarketing to phone numbers on the do not call list is strictly prohibited. If a telemarketer calls you after your number is on the do not call list, the call is illegal. Period. Here’s what you can do to stop telemarketing calls. Register all of your telephone numbers on the do not call registry at It’s free and easy to do. Then, if you receive any more telemarketing calls, keep a call log, and contact Agruss Law Firm. We will aggressively enforce the law to stop telemarketing calls. Not only will we stop the calls, but you may be entitled to money damages, too. You may receive up to $500 per call. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Submitted Complaints

A scam robo call continues to call me, sometimes several times a day. I answered a few times, with no one on the other end. I now have bit set to go straight to VM. I know you have helped me in the past, I am curious if others are getting calls from this number.

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Hi Sarah. I would be happy to talk with you about the new number that is calling you. Please give me a call when you're ready to discuss this further. Thanks, Mike

Unwanted Robocalls and text messages to my cell phone

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Hi Dennis. Robocalls are annoying and certainly disrupt our lives. Fortunately, you do have options in dealing with these types of situations. If you'd like to discuss those, reach out to my office at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Receive over 15 calls per day. I have over 200 calls in my blocked list and over 300 messages on my phone. I am unable to figure out which are clients/customer calls or spam calls....VERY FRUSTRATING!

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Hi Kaed. I can understand your frustration, especially because the robocalls are now interfering with your business. If you have a log of the calls you're receiving, I'd be happy to look it over. You can send it to my office at [email protected] I will then give you a call or you can reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

Hello, has anyone heard back from the Law Firm and/or receive compensation from the robocalls?

Hello, this is Lauren . I am filing a complaint about odd random numbers calling me about student loans and I don’t even Attend college nor have I ever attended college yet. Also, I have numbers calling me about car payments and I don’t have any car payments, my vehicle is paid off. Some of the random numbers are: 731-777-8841, 731-224-2219, 731-624-7187.

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Hi Lauren. Have you asked these numbers to stop calling you? You have that right under the law. If you'd like help with this, please contact my law firm at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike


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Hi C. That number has been associated with a debt collector, scam caller, and political caller. These numbers are known for calling and leaving no messages and not only is that annoying, but it can disrupt your day. If you are being harassed by this number, give me a call and we can discuss your rights under the law. Thanks, Mike

HELLO... I am on the do not call registry...1-508-970-3358 keeps calling me...thank you!

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Hi Paul. Have you ever given your number to the company behind this phone number? If you have, they can call you as a matter of business. However, if you've never given them your contact information and you don't have business with them in any way and you're on the DNC list, they could be violating the law and your rights. I will reach out to you to discuss this more. Thanks, Mike

I am a student with approximately $80000 in school loan debt. Navient harasses me 3-4 times a day. They call from 3 different numbers. I am on the verge of having a nervous breakdown from the harassment. I attend La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA and graduated in 2012. Until early this year, I was earning $8.25 per hour. I have $64K in Federal loans and the balance is in two private loans. I have been paying to one private loan for 3 years. The other private loan was in default status. I found out today that Navient took it out of default status and they are now the \"owner\" of the loan. Today, I was called backed to backed in a timeframe of 2 minutes from two different numbers. I just received another call from Navient!

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Hi Ayana. I'm sorry to hear that you're being harassed by Navient and that you're struggling with the constant calls. I would like to help you. Please give me a call at my office where we are experienced in dealing with Navient and other debt collectors and we can certainly work on your behalf. I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks, Mike

Hi I was hoping that Michael Agruss can help me. I have a couple different issues going on but the main one is my mortgage company. Im one of thousand that are involved in that Bank Of America/ Nationstar nightmare. Ever since they have found out I have 22,000 in eqyuity they have tried to forclose on my loan. They are still charging me for PMI insurance which was supposed to be done at 10,000 equity, They just raide me about 50.00 saying it was escrow but nothing went up. When I asked them for help a couple months ago had a huge fight with their over seas call center. They taunt me till I snapped then laughed and hung up when I started flipping out on them. I have never in 9 year missed or been late on a payment and in Dec I needed help asked them for the forbearance or something they said I had to be 30 days late so I did then they said seems I was behind they couldn't offer me HAAP and I have spiraled since. in three months my credit went from 719 to 519. I made my payment on the 30th last month (their was 31 days) and the started sending paper to get a lawyer they are starting forclosure on me. I was two days early! I was told not to get three mnths behind so I've been paying month to month being one month late to try for help!

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Hi Lorrie. I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with Nationstar/Bank of America. Were you involved in the class action lawsuit? I'd like to talk more about this with you to determine what you may be able to do. Please give me a call when you have some time to chat. Thanks, Mike

cbv has been harassing me regularly 5 x a day. what can I do? they are try to collect a Telus acct from 2010 which I originally signed on for an acquaitance who later I found out was a fraud. I paid for two cell phones and $800.00 credit for whatever. When $ was used up Telua kwpt giving credit whic ih is now $2300.00!

It, s about dynamic solutions, a debt that is over 10 years old!

Unted recovery sistem has been calling me everyday they want me to give them my address but they dont tell me what is about. they said that wont tell me until I give my address to them. I really dont know, because they dont tell me the matter or the bussinnes that I own if I dont give the my address, so I really dont know what is about. i had a debt with Att&t that I paid 2 weeks ago, I also ask for a credit card in best buy last year that I havent pay because i never recibe the plastic card or any statement, and when i went to the store they said that i have to call. I wan to know if they truly can deny me to know the matter of the call until I give my address. I do prefer to use the chat, I cant talk on the phone now. my 2 principal questions are 1. if I really need to provide my address in order to no know what is the call about (or to know what debt they are collecting) and how many calls from them is allowed since they call 3 times a day every day. maybe that i try to buy something from living spaces on sunday and I was deny the credit option, and it maybe related!

I wanted to ask Mike a question about the statute of limitations, but it is too late to call him. I'm trying to find Mike's email address, but I don't see it on your site!

I got a letter from Allied Interstate.they are asking me to pay 5000 $ for the accident. My daughter was involved in accident 3 yeras ago.and now they are are asking that money from parents and such as we have a good credit I am worried.My husband is after major surgery. he had a brain tumor. At the time of the accident my daughter was driving without insurance. The co-signer of that car was my husband.After the accident I was contacted to that lady whose car was damaged and asked her if she will allow us to repair her car. She refused. I t was not a major accident.For 3 years I never heard anything from anyone. But recently I got a letter from the lawyer who is asking to pay 19.000.He is a subrogation lawyer.And now I got this letter from Allied INTERSTATE. During the last 3 years no one contacted us.No one tried to negotiate and now such a huge amounts.And I am very stressed!

yes i had requested if mike could take my nco financial case because he had handled this before. I left a message on Friday. yes a former client Thomas Kielbasinski, I would just like to get a response from him!

I received a letter from portfolio recovery for 261.73, original creditor SW Bell/ATT, I am sure I paid this 12 years ago. can I just ignore this? I did call SW Bell/att, they couldn't find records to indicate anything. I thought this was paid. I haven't heard anything in 12 years. I got your name from the internet, when searching for portfolio recovery scams. They bought this debt in 2012. sorry, it was 2002 when they bought this debt!

I do not remember this company calling me how can i be for should. I received a letter tell me that their is a law suit against vivint for call me. I don't remember this company calling. The letter state they call me April 7 2012!

Coast Professional Inc is trying to collect on a debt that is not mine. Recently, while looking at my credit report I noticed a Student Loan that payments where being made on but stopped. I was angry, confused and left not knowing what to do. I contact the police and file a report for ID theft, for which I have been victim before. And for this to still be going on, I am just beside myself with helplessness. Your ad is said not money from me, not even a dime!

Does your blaw firm practice in Georgia with bed bug infestation against landlords. My daughter has been bitten wildl with photo evidence. We have a laundry list of what we've done to fix issues. I need to replace furniture to further to solve problem. What are my rightsbin Georgia with no anti retaliation laws to protect my family. I want to provide photos to a law firm over pest control issues described in my lease that have been outlined in my lease. After neighbors moved out my wife and daughter have been bitten by bed bugs. We are paranoid as can be. They have altered the company website since complaint!

I wanted to know if this was an attorney in MA? I do live in MA and was looking for the "free case evaluation". I have a problem with a debt collector. I will explain.. A while back I received a letter from a debt collection company called Kream and Kream and it said you need to pay us 12,500.00. I thought it was a scam because it never said anything else. after receiving several letters I contacted them and said this was not my debt because I have never had a loan for that much besides my car and that was paid off... It turned out that it was from a credit card that I had almost paid off and then did debt consolidation and the bank closed so I have no proof of payment. This was about 15 years ago. The credit card was $2,500. So I started getting letters that says they have a warrant for my arrest. Then 2 weeks ago a guy came to my house and started slamming the door and it scared the crap out of us... the guy said I have to go to court now or he will arrest me. no documentation, no name. then he left and left the down stairs door open and the screen door. what can I do? I know it's late but I was looking up the laws and then this site came up with the chat box so I figured I would ask about it. I also have almost every letter that was sent too. Not that I can think of. Just that the debt is very old, and they have been harassing me, and now saying they will arrest me. Also, adding 10,000 plus to a debt that was already paid off. I had Warren Five savings bank and it does not exist anymore!

I jut got an email from your firm. aboiut a settlement... I would like to know any details..I have NO intention of paying any $$ to DS. what would be the purpose for me to submit my information, and what info. would be necessRY? can you tll me why I am beig offered a "settlement" for a bill owe!

I need to verify a check that one of your clients has brought into us. They are here to cash their check now. What am I supposed to do? What is their correct address and also what is their phone #? I can't have the customer sitting here waiting for you to let me know!

What types of cases does the firm cover? Harassment by a debt collection agency? I have been in contact with someone at the firm but I haven't heard back since I gave them the details if the case and then responded to an agreement. It's been a few weeks since I've heard anything. I prefer email as a method since I then have a record of any communication is that ok? both my gf and I were harassed by windham. They went as far as to share personal information over the phone and there was no connection between our numbers. She requested several times they stop calling her. As did i. They were unprofessional, even once the situation was explained. I am disabled and the original debt never should have gone from moehla to them. Instead they kept calling numbers not linked to me. Which I assure you is not legal. I was asked for all of this information already!