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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has been around since 1991. The TCPA restricts telephone solicitations and the use of automated telephone equipment. Specifically, the TCPA limits the use of automatic dialing systems, prerecorded voice messages, and unsolicited text messages. Today, consumers receive more robocalls and unsolicited text messages than ever. Technology is the reason. Companies use autodialers to send out thousands of phone calls and text messages every minute for an incredibly low cost.
  • What is a Robocall? If you pick up the phone and hear a recorded message instead of a live person, that’s a robocall. Similarly, if someone leaves you a prerecorded message, that’s a robocall, too. If the recording is a sales message, and you haven’t given your written permission to get calls from the company on the other end, then the call is illegal. Period.
  • Robocalls to Cellphones: Robocalls made to a cellphone are usually illegal unless you give consent to receive the call by giving the number as contact information. It is not necessary that you be charged for the call. The prohibition extends to telemarketing and collection calls.
  • You May be Entitled to Money: Get $500.00-$1,500.00 for illegal robocalls, text messages, and faxes.

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Submitted Complaints

I receive several calls a day from Dealer Services trying to sell me a auto warranty, how do I stop them. I have asked them to stop but yet they still call. Different number each time.

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Hi Len. That is a common trick that those placing marketing calls will use. Fortunately, you can make the calls stop and I will give you a call to discuss how. Thanks for sharing your story. Mike

I'm getting text m

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Hi Charlette. Can you send me screenshots of the texts you're receiving? I would like to review them and determine what course of action you may have. Thanks, Mike

constant robo cals and vacation trip calls. I tell them to stop but it keeps coming daily!

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Hi Maureen. Robocalls are some of the most frustrating and irritating calls, especially when you've informed them to stop calling and they do not. You do have other options and if the calls don't stop, they could be privy to enforcement actions by the FCC. Let's talk more about this. I'll reach out. Thanks, Mike

I have been contacted several times daily by robo calls selling insurance. Very annoying! Typically it goes like this: 'press two if you want to talk with a representative, or press nine if you want to be added to our do not call list'. Can you help to stop this abusive invasion of my privacy? It's absolutely unethical, and violates every sense of good business practices.

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Hi Anthony. I can help you with stopping this practice. I will give you a call and we can discuss how to go about it. Thanks, Mike

About 5 automated robocalls a day!

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Hi Richard. Do you know who these robocalls are coming from? Have you done anything to get them to stop? I can discuss what those options are with you. I will give you a call or you can reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I am replying to a message I received this morning, conserning a debt collection Company. The best war to rrach me is by email!

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Hi Chris. I will send you an email and we can discuss your situation. Thanks, Mike

I have had calls three to four times a day. I have asked to removed from their list to no avail. Got a call from the same guy, two different schemes, one for lower credit card rates and one for 15% of electric bill. I have a recording of him using obscene language. Thank you for your time!

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Hi Becky. I'm sorry you're dealing with robocalls, especially since they are being rude. I would be happy to listen to those recordings, which you can send to my office at [email protected] I will review them and call you back. Thanks, Mike

I have H & R calling me constantly to collect a debt, it's and automated call and I am not sure what they are collecting a debt for... I also receive a ton of Robocalls and the numbers they are using for the caller id are local numbers and I can call them back and it is either a disconnected number or someone answers that never called me. I have also my number used by one of these robocallers and received a call from someone demanding that I called them. I have spoken with my cell phone company and they can only see the "masked" number and not the true number that they are calling from. Because I this unless I receive a call from a number I know I do not answer my phone!

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Hello Katie. These are all common tactics used by robocallers, marketers, and debt collectors. I would like to discuss your situation and see if we can determine who is calling you and for what reason, as well as making them stop. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience and we can discuss your options. Thanks, Mike

I had to leave to answer the door, and my chat ended. I have received calls and emails from Navient, and how my payment amount is now going to be 395 dollars a month. I am 71, dealing with early symptoms of dementia. My children tell me it is getting worse and going faster. Navient tells me I agreed to new loans 4/3/14. I do not remember any such thing. I am on social security, and cannot affor 395 a month!

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Hi Visitor. I am going to give you a call and we can talk about this unfortunate situation. Do you have someone in your family I can speak with as well? I would like to make sure that we work as a team, especially with your recent diagnosis. I will reach out. Thanks, Mike

Hi Joanna, I have a falty hot water tank that is about to be replaced that has been leaking gas. Mead my cildren have been exposed to this for quite some time now and i just figured out that some health isues that i have been experiencing (memory loss, chronic fatigue, headaches etc. is likely due to the leak. Sure What would you like to know Well i have hd a fint gas smellfor years and i have reported it as well s called peoples gas and someone came out but never fund anything. I have a new management company and they sent someone out to service it Friday but they couldn't. So just today i was told that it has to be replaced altogether because it is dangerous and unafe and the previous management just patched up things when it should have been replaced a long time ago Meanwhile i have been having issues with forgetting things and being tired all f the time but didnt aassociate the two!

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Hello Tarsha. I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family are dealing with this scary and dangerous issue. I would love to discuss this and determine what you might be able to do in dealing with this now and in the future. Please give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

i have a private student loan from 11 years ago its not a federal loan but a private loan. i have recently been getting calls from allied interstate regarding this. they sent a letter to my house with debt amount but for the wrong school. ive been getting so many unwanted calls lately. i want to know if there is a statute of limitation for private school loans!

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Hi Irene. Federal student loans have no statute of limitations, however private student loans do. Those vary by the state and they only limit the time that a creditor can sue you for the debt, it does not stop them from contacting you regarding the debt. They do have to follow the FDCPA, though. We can talk more about this when I give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I keep getting calls from Divirsified consultants after 8pm. I googled the comapny and this law form came up with a video about this Company. Divirsified consultants keep calling at 8:45 at night which I thought was illegal. Even though I ask them to stop and say I am not the person they are looking for!

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Hi Amanda. The FDCPA allows debt collectors to call between 8am and 9pm, so they are calling you within legally permissible times. However, if you've informed them that you do not want to receive any further calls, especially if the debt is not yours, they must abide by that under the FDCPA. If they are in violation of the law, they could be required to reimburse you. Let's talk more about the law and what rights you have. Please give me a call at 312-224-4695 and we can get the ball rolling. Thanks, Mike

I am wondering if mortgage companies fall into the FDPCA rules? We are in the process of attempting to modify our mortgage and as part of that process stopped making our payments. Under MN law US Bank can't foreclose on us because we have an open modification file, but they are harassing us to an uncomfortable level. Today a guy came to my door, was looking in my windows, and put an unmarked envelope on my door. He then slowly drove around my home. He scared the crap out of my nanny. In addition, they are leaving phone calls threatening foreclosure on my voicemail and harassing my husband's employer. This is our 3rd attempt at modification with US Bank. We are working with Cypress Law Group and paying them $750 per month to help, but I'm not getting the vibe that they are doing much in terms of helping move the modification along!

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Hi Kari. In-house debt collectors (such as mortgage companies) are not required to follow the FDCPA. Those laws are geared towards third-party debt collectors. I would like to talk more about your situation and see what we can do to help. I'll give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I worked for dynamic. after an accident I had I was on prescpiption meds for pain and other meds for serious injury . My immediate supervisor yelled out on the collections floor " I don't know what they have you on but your out there!! " since then they fired me causing me to lose my health insurance . The remark was declamation of character and public humiliation . Do I have grounds for a law suit!

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Hello Reggie. I'm sorry to hear about your accident and the absolute horrible way you were treated by your employer. I'm going to call you so we can talk more. Thanks, Mike

I'd like to speak to someone about my consumer rights related to my mortgage company harassing me while I'm attempting, for a 3rd time, to modify my loan. I am working with the Cypress Law Group in a 3rd attempt to modify our mortgage. Yesterday US Bank sent a guy to my home to tape an unmarked envelop to my door and then hang out and look in my windows and drive around my house. He scared my nanny to death. In addition they are leaving messages and calling multiple times each day. I did this last night too and they were going to have someone call, but I've yet to hear from anyone!

we have recently found multiple charges by bank of america affiliates for insurance policies we did not request. these policies ranged from disability to auto accident insurance all authorized through telemarketing companies handled through a clearing house provider. we had found these charges going back to 2006. we requested bank of america investigate and were informed that these charges were authorized a that they had copies our voice on recordings. when asked to produce the evidence they could provide none, only that their investigators had listened to them and our alegations were unfounded. we also contacted the merchant (no name only acident disabilt) telephone numbers lister on our accounts with the debit charge. when contacted they did not have recordings what can we do. we trusted bank of america to protect our interests!

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Hi Alan. This sounds like a very tricky situation and one my law firm would be happy to help with. Please call us at 312-224-4695 and we can have a no obligation, free consultation. Thanks, Mike

I made a payment in February of 2012. The company is saying I either made no payment or it wasn't meant to pay off the debt!

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Hi Jim. I'm going to call you so we can talk more about this. Thanks, Mike

I am questioning the practices of Global Collections. Last month they called my son (31yrs old) and basically threatened to go to his job to collect at debt from Credit One Credit card. My son has had some emotional problems and because of them financial problems. This year has been hard on both of us, since I just had back surgery and am on workman's comp disability and not making as much as before. The phone call he received in October was when he was taking me to the hospital for post op visit. He dropped me off and then parked to finish the phone call so I wasn't there to hear the conversation. When he came into the doctors waiting room he was very upset. They told him that if he didn't pay as they required that they would go to his job. He was told he had to pay $325.00 within a week and then by November 25 another $325.00. We don't have that kind of money but he was frightened about losing his job if they showed up, so we got the first payment together. It meant not paying utility bills that still aren't paid. Now we are up to the November deadline. I took what money I had out of my 401K and still don't have enough. They said that if he doesn't pay this, they would revert back to the full $1000.00 he owes. I wrote a book!

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Hello Melanee. I'm sorry to hear of you and your sons physical and emotional issues. I'm sure the debt collection issues aren't helping either. I'm going to call you to get some more details and discuss your options. Thanks, Mike

On Saturday I did a chat like this about Global Collections. I was told I would get a return call that day. I am still waiting and Global has called again this morning. I would like to know what I should do now. This company (Global) makes me nervous. I have the voice mail that was left. The final words were "good luck". I would just like to talk to someone asap!

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Hi Melanee. Please forward the voice mail from Global Collections to my office at [email protected] I will give you a call as well. Thanks, Mike

I need an attorney who could be willing to sue Portfolio Recovery to try and have something wrong removed from my credit report. Do you think you guys could help? Portfolio Recovery has a $350 debt they claim I owe, and I've been disputing the information for about 6 months through the services of Lexington Law. All that seems to happen is a bunch of meaningless paperwork from the folks at Portfolio Recovery -- they want me to fill out an affidavit swearing identity theft, etc., and I think I shouldn't have to do any of that because there information is simply wrong.(twiceread should be one word -- I think spell check fixed it for me by mistake previously!

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Hi John. I would like to get some more details about your case and then we can determine if you have a case for either arbitration or a lawsuit. Please give me a call at my office at 312-224-4695 and I will give you a call as well. Thanks, Mike

I am wondering if agruss law firm is licensed in Minnesota as a Debt collection attorney? Portfolio Recovery Associates are trying to recover 34,000 after Wells Fargo repossessed the RV and sold it. Hastings!

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Hi Visitor. I'll call you to discuss your issues with Portfolio Recovery Associates. Thanks, Mike

I had a bill for 271 from Verizon from 4-5 yrs ago. It was charged off by verizon and now I got an alert saying pinnacle has added this as a new collections account to my credit report. How much will this cost me ? The account is only 271. Let's do it this way first before I decide to go forward with any action. Thanks!

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Hi Merle. I would need to get some more details about your debt with Verizon. The great news is that your initial consultation with my law firm is no obligation and completely free. I'll reach out. Thanks, Mike

I have signed up for a JCPenny card and I been getting calls from telemarketers since claiming to be JCPenny. The calls seem very sketchy and when I call back nobody answers. I am worried about my private information such as social security and address . I am very private about my personal information and can’t believe JCpenny would be so careless and give out all my personal information. I have run across your website while researching this information. However I’m not sure if you can help me or not as I reside in California. The phone numbers that have been calling me: right after I signed up for a jcpenny card I have been getting calls asking for my full name, usually after 7pm. I have asked who is calling and they say they are calling from Jcpenny promotions or something like that. I tell them I'm not interested but they continue to call me. They seem sketchy because they hang up after I say I'm not interested but continue to call!

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Hi Jasmin. This does sound very sketchy and you're right to be cautious. I am going to give you a call this week so we can work together to determine if these calls are legitimate or if you're being targeted by scammers. Thanks, Mike

I came across your website while seeking a solution to account balance alert robocalls I have been receiving from Chase bank. I am not a Chase customer and have informed them as such, but the calls continue. This began a couple of years ago and I contacted the bank multiple times to attempt to stop the calls (they often come between 1-3am which is always startling). I placed the number on my blocked list through my cell phone provider after repeated attempts to contact the bank did not stop the calls. For some reason, perhaps because I upgraded my device, the number is no longer blocked and the calls began again in September. After three automated calls this afternoon alone, I am quite frustrated with the whole ordeal!

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Hi Christen. I can totally understand your frustration. I'll call you so we can work together to get these calls to stop. Thanks, Mike

I have a jc penny credit card that I stopped paying a year ago and I owe 3500 on it. I just have too much going on and can't pay it so I just thought it would go on my credit but they've been harassing me ever since and told me that my case will more than likely go to an attorney. What do I do!

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Hi Visitor. Unsecured debt, which credit card debt is, generally require the creditor to file a lawsuit against you and obtain a judgement before they can garnish your wages, levy your bank account, or place a lien against your real estate. Please contact my office so we can discuss your options. You can reach me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I would like to know if there is any available assistance available for private student loan default. I would like to know if you help with settling debt. Basically I took out a student loan freshman year and was unable to pay on it in 2012. The loan went into default. Since going into default it has ruined my credit and has moved around collection agencies. The current collection agency that is on my credit report is from MRS BPO LLC. Can the collection agency pursue a lawsuit if I contact them to settle the debt!

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Hi Maurice. You have some options in dealing with private student loan debts. These include reaching out to MRS BPR LLC and attempting to settle the debt, hiring an attorney to help you, or working with a debt settlement company. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. If you'd like to discuss this further, give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I am a servicemember that was deployed when my hoa account was referred to redrock financial services for collection. RRFS put a lien on my house while i was deployed which i believe is in violation of the Saior and Soldiers Relief Act (SSCRA). My hoa started as Armstrong management services and then changed to First Service Residential while i was deployed sometime after december 2012. My hoa due were paid through december 2012, then when in default in 2013 with RRFS taking the account June 2013, I have paid all hoa dues and late fees assessed by the hoa via credit card. I am disputing all the legal fees that RRFS charged to put a lien on my house!

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Hi Steven. I am sorry that you're dealing with this issue. I'm sure it's beyond frustrating, especially when you've been deployed. I will give you a call and we can talk about some options you may have. Thanks, Mike

I think i am getting calls from Midland but they have said they r a lawyer office and they just tell me i have a debt with an institution and they threatening to sue me with papers at work or home. When i called the # last night after they closed it sounded like they said name of place was ACS but when i try to look up the # they give me to call back 866-884-4063 it doesn't pull anyone up.. but i have these numbers blocked and the # that came up today with vmail was 877-237-0512!

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Hi Amy. Do you know of any debts you may have that they're attempting to collect on? If you need assistance in determining why they're calling, reach out to my law firm. 312-224-4695 Thanks, Mike

I have several different companies to list. Is that ok? One company is on a robodialer. Calling for john irons, whom i dont know. They called 15 times in one day. Another is a 3rd party collector who called me at 7:00am, used profanity. I have details of all!

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Hi Mark. I would like to hear all the details for the different companies that are contacting you. Please give me a call when you have some time to discuss your case. 312-224-4695 Thanks, Mike

is there anything new on the case? should I just call!

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Hello Linda. Please do call me at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

im trying to find out what I can do to get a reasonable payment with this company who keeps telling me they are going to garnish 25% of my wages if I don't pay them every 2 weeks. is accelerated collection services able to do this? I know I owe the 3000 doller bill but it seems I cant pay it down with all the interest they kepp tacking on it. i owe 3000 dollars to an attorney. i paid off 1600 dollars on a another case. i have a balance of 300 dolllers from a second case. i kepp putting money on that bill but with all the interest and now the collection agency involved i cant seem to chisel any of it down!

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Hi Visitor. Do you have a judgement against you in regard to this debt? Let's discuss the specifics of your case when I give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I need to write a testimonial for Michael Arguss can you please tell me what the testimonials tab is. I already have and I cannot find the testimonials have. I can only find testimonials from previous clients. Can you please tell me how to get to the testimonials tab so that I can write one please!

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Hi Kimberly. Give me an email at [email protected] and I'll help you out. Thanks, Mike

i have a student loan with performant recovery and was wanting to stop the harasment they over shadowed the bill they are demanding when they called me friday and demanding payment and today i recieve a letter giving me 30 days to dispute the validity. I am a collector myself and understand UNFAIR OR DECEPTIVE ACTS OR PRACTICES and feel they are doing just that with demanding payment prior to giving me ample time to review the demand letter and dispute the validty of the student loan. they contacted my employer as well the law office of ed overcash and i felt that that was inappropriate considering they had my current contact num on file other then that i have nothing else!

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Hi Joshua. I'm going to give you a call so we can work on this together. Thanks, Mike

do you anything about Asset Recovery Association llc in Lombart. ARA has been sending me threatening mails and calling me regarding a credit card account that i never had. history of ARA llc and there fraudulent practice!

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Hi Tenzin. I have heard of Asset Recovery Association LLC. Unfortunately it is common practice for debt collectors to harass consumers over debts, even if the debt isn't theirs. My law firm is experienced in dealing with these tactics and we can help you as well. I'll call you or you can reach me sooner at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I got a call from West Asset Management. What may it be about? I owe Los Robles Hospital close to $8,000, and am going to pay them. I have been receiving calls from collection agencies and have been requesting detailed information through the mail so I can start paying immediately. Is West Asset Management a collection agency? Im going to pay immediately, that is why I need detailed information through the mail.... Am I getting sued or something similar? Why would West Asset Management contact me? I told another collection agency earlier this week that I would pay. Only when I receive a call!

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Hi Visitor. You have the right to request that they provide you with written proof of your debt and I would ask them to do so ASAP. Have you received any legal paperwork from any debt collection agencies? If you'd like assistance in dealing with West Asset Management, give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I would like to have a complaint filed against a company that keeps auto dialing my cell phone. The company keeps calling me from 866-227-3434 saying they are a home help center. They have called me previously regarding either reducing my mortgage interest rate, or providing me with home loan modification. I have not given consent to be contacted by this company. I have asked them repeatedly not to contact me. I do not even have a mortgage. I have another question. A debt collector that I recently sued for fdcpa violations also called me using an auto-dialer or a pre-recorded message. Does that constitute a claim for tcpa violations, also?\r\n[12/14/2013 9:17:07 AM CST] Jeanny: I am sorry I would not be the best person to answer that question; however, the lawyer may be able to address it!

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Hi Aaron. You may have a claim for violation of the FDCPA. I will contact you and we can discuss the exact details of these issues. Thanks, Mike

I am being repetitively harassed by Medical Revenue Services for a debt that was paid and have the cancelled check to prove it. I attempted to fax the information but their fax does not work and they won't return my phone calls. My wife used the emergency room at a local hospital and there was a small balance, which she paid it three routine payment in less than 90 days. We were never told by the hospital or anyone else that the account was delinquent, so when we started receiving phone calls we were surprised. We received four phone calls and each time we explained the situaiton to the agent and then yesterday we got a collection letter. Calcasieu Cameron Hosptial in Sulphur La, 70663. The service was rendered on 7/9/2013. I have the original EOB, cancelled checks and have generated a letter of dispute with exhibits. The hospital also has a record of payments and we also gave each of the four agents that called us over a period of 3 weeks the contact information for the hospital, which they ignored. We spoke to the hospital yesterday afternoon and they apparently never sent a payment update notice to the collection agency, and this shoudl be going out today. In the interim, I am setting up an appointment with the hospital to get to the bottom of why this was sent out for collection in the first place!

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Hi Michael. Have you had your appointment with the hospital to determine why you're being pursued about a paid off debt? Do you need assistance with this? If so, please give me a call at a time convenient for you at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike

I haue bdn contacted by Convergent about a n alleged debt. They want to settle for 10% of the debt which is way past the statute of limitations- from the mid to late 1990s. I wovld like to know if I should write Convergent a jetter informing them that the statute of limitations has expired!

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Hi Dali. The statute of limitations pertains to debt collectors being able to sue you over a debt, not their ability to continue to contact you. We can talk more about this when I give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I'm having some issue with spring regarding a bill I don't know about. I open an account with them in sept. I don't have the accurate date. I did not like the service because they did not tell me the truth about the amount of my contract. So right after I received I called them to cancelled the contract and they told me they did. The next day I found out the Fone still working and I called them again, they told me once I returned the Fone within 14 days I won't get charge for anything, that's what I did. 2 weeks ago I received a Fone call from a collection agency that I owned sprint $ 479. And when I called spring they told me the bill me is about the unreturned fine and my service for the time I had the Fone. I told them I returned the Fone and I track it, it showed u guys received the Fone and when they checked it they told me is because they haven't update their system yet. But seeing i still have to pay for the service fee witch should be about $ 69. I just check my mail and I saw a letter from a collection agency about $ 479!

I saw something online about a company that keeps calling me about a debt. and it said you all could help with them to stop calling. Diversified consultants somp. company im sorry!

I was wandering if your firm handles Hippa violations. it involves a debt collector. should a collection agency be able to get like a copy of services that was performed from the hospital? I sent a debt validation letter to a collection agency for a medical debt, they sent me a copy of all services performed from the hospital, is that legal for them to be able to get? I have Mike Agruss phone number, I will give him and discuss it with him, he just settled a case for me. Mike just settled my case with Dynamic recovery solutions. I will call Mike after I get out all of my correspondence with the collection agency reguarding this matter!

I have a cell phone that costs me every time you phone and ask me to hold for next available agent. I wait and then you hang up without talking to me. What do you want? If you are selling something just tell me. I do not need legal assistance. Just need the phone calls to stop I am charged for every call on that phone!

Found your site through an ad you have about Dynamic Recovery Solutions, while researching them. The debt is over 10 years old, which puts it out of AZ statute. They've collected partial payment, as I was out of town and couldn't do research at the time. Am I obligated to pay the remainder? Am I able to recover the partial payment? I may. At this point I don't know if it's necessary, or if they'll continue to attempt to collect on this. They have not yet returned my call since I've begun my research. Was looking over the site, as I found an ad that specifically targeted people this particular collection agency was involved with. I don't know what the lawyer will need to know. I'm more than happy to provide information, but I don't know what's relevant!

Does your firm handle individual consumer fraud cases? Could I discuss it over the phone? It's in regard to health insurance. I would rather discuss it over the phone!

I believe I'm being harassed by Diversified Consultants over an uncollected debt. I saw your video about handling these cases. I'm not certain that it is in fact Diversified Consultants, but I receive calls from this company at least once a day and has been up to several times per day for years now. I Googled the number of the incoming caller and results suggested it could be that company!

Have you ever heard of cosmetic surgery harassment over a debt or something? Sort of like zombie collectors... Where they use plumbing or electricity of something to physically torture a person? Hopefully, but I'm not sure if they would be experienced in this field. Sort of similar to GPS tracking to harass a person, but capable of doing experimental medicine I guess!

Does your firm handle cases against Global Collections in Kansas? I took a payday loan out almost a year ago, made a few payments then kind of blew it off, I admit. They place had a "local investigator" place a call to my father's cell phone ( a number that has never belonged to myself nor have I ever used....and the investigator stated that his "client" (I was unaware that police have clients) had indeed filed a claim against me and that he had papers to serve me. The message was to me on a phone that I have never listed as my number. My phone number has remained the same for over 7 years now. In addition, I called the number that the "Investigator" had left in the message: 855-290-5299. The person on the other end would not give his name, and was very hesitant to give me his company information. He began to inform me of this debt to which I admitted I DID owe, in the amount of $345. I told him that I would be able to pay $100 immediately, and then an autodraft from my account in the amount of $100 for the next two months with the fourth consecutive month being the $45. This was not good enough, he told me the only way to resolve this was to pay $115 today, and then the remainder at my next paycheck which is 01/15/2015 in FULL PLUS an administrative fee. He repetitively threatened that if I do not take care of this today, then the process server will find me and then it is too late to come to an agreement for terms, even though there was no agreement in place already... I am familiar with the current laws in Kansas, Butler County, and told him that if the work sheet were to be completed by the court, then the judge would more than honor a payment arrangement in the amount of $10/month according to my income after child support garnishment is calculated. I would fall under the new minimum income laws. Even with this knowledge and information, the firm still refused to agree to the $100/mo for 3 months plus $45 on the fourth month. The fact remains, that even when I tried to agree to pay, they denied the money and continued to threaten me!

I recently contacted the Agruss firm and received a call from an attorney but at the time I did not have all of the information that I needed, but now I do and would like to proceed. I am not sure, because I received an initial phone call from a young lady attorney and asked if I could finish getting some additional details and she was supposed to call back but we haven't heard from her since. I have a complete set of records detailing that I paid the debt, and that I had a meeting with the hospital CEO, Adiminstrator and the CFO and explained to them that I was being harassed, and just received an additional collection notice from MRS dated 12/24/13, which was two weeks after I disputed the debt by fax and coincidently two days after I met with the hospital staff. I also received two letters yesterday from MDS stating that the debt had been paid and an apology letter!

i have been sued by a junk debt buyer and i have a trial on jan 9th 2014 but didn't request for discovery am I in trouble.I don't have an attorney. Cach LLC sued me for $17800 on a credit card. I answered them but can't afford an attorney. is it too late to ask for evidence!

This number keeps calling mt phone no message The number that is being called is 3153695623. You can use the number to look it up as clearly thats how u r contacting me. u can stop contacting my phone since u wont tell me who this is i will contact my attorney as well as the attorney general as i believe ur company is a scam. Thank u and have a nice day!

Why your company keep calling me and then hanging up? can remove my phone number from your calling list!

I found on your website there's a problem with directv doing robocalls? I keep getting calls from them and I am on autopay and my credit card does not expire until not sure why they keep calling and not leaving messages!

but im not deliquent or in collections. what would be my options? my situation is simply that i owe too much. my debt are all unsecured debt mainly credit cards!

I have been receiving harrassing calls from portfolio recovery associates, LLC. Today I received a letter from cochran firm that I have been sued in the county court. How do I go about this? I believe portfolio recovery bought debts I owed on some credit cards and are trying to collect it from me. I have not received the law suit yet, but I see it on our county record. it was filed under the small claims!

I have been dealing with Assett acceptance since 2005. I have been paying one particular collections group my monthly payments since then. As of the first of the year, they changed the collection group to MCM. But, they have increased how much they say I owe them by $3000-$4000 .They said that they "re-calculated" how much I owe and that the intrest they were charging me want the correct amount. I had a court written order to pay $100 a month until the was paid in full or settled. In 2010, My paper work that i receive from them monthly stated that I owed them about $6000. Now, two years later they say that my "Actual amount owed" is closer to $9000. I have the original contract, and statement up to 2010. they kept drawing money from my account, but stopped sending me statements. I can email you the contract and the information that i gathered from my phone calls with the current agency. I have until the 28th of this month to pay my next payment to the new collections agency. I thought that this would be the best time to get help for my situation. Everything is in the paperwork. I've been paying for the last 100 months or so, and I would like to settle this debt!

I have received calls from a debt collecttion company, on a new line I got from att - I was wondering if it's possible to sue them for bugging me. apparently it was for someone who used the phone number I just got. I got a new mobile phone line. After a while some numbers were calling me and I kept ignoring them. They kept calling insistingly every evening or morning for some time - a week or maybe more - then I answered and came to know they were trying to reach someone for a debt. they named themselves as diversified consultants. I looked them up and hit your youtube link. only thing I can add is I have been also getting calls from an 855 number that's also bugging me nowadays. Like I said, this is a new line and I have no past relation with the callers!

i have a question regarding debt collection. its the debt collector can remove the derogatory marks in credit report once the full amount was paid? i have 3 account its already on debt collection just wondering if i paid them off, they'll be able to removed the derogatory marks or it will stay until couples of year in my record. so in my case it will not removed in my credit even tho i paid the full amount thats correct!

I was looking up your info on west asset mgmt. They are calling my husbands word. They (a girl)had called my home in mid December say we owed some 170$ and change. I told them it did not sound right I would check my files. A man called me about two weeks later claiming the same dollar amt. I asked him to send me an invoice and I just received it the other day. The invoice is or 50.26. Since then they have not called the home and are calling my husbands job. Well I do not want to incur atty fees... Well I think first I am going to call my original vendor and verify pymt receipt. Then I am going to call west asset and speak to a supervisor!

I just found the firm online and saw that they deal with stopping Dynamic Recovery Solutions from contacting me about a debt I don't believe I owe. I have been getting calls on and off as well as letters. Every time I get something and ask for verification, I get left alone for a while and then hit up again. The debt is supposedly for a cash advance, which I haven't had one in something like 8-9 years. Not that I can think of, I would just like to stop being contacted about a debt that no one seems to want to verify. It stresses out my wife!

Hi how would I go about starting this up? Yes. That Halsted Financial company continues to call my job. I have ask them numerous times remove my work number. They didn't. They continue to call and harasse me and hang up and tell me they are going to call human resources!

I wanted to find out if a collector mails you a letter and does not have the full mini-maranda is that a violation? The only thing they have in the letter is "this is a communication from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. No other info, in tthe letter. Is that a violation in my letter? I have several letters that states the same thing!

I first want to know if you can answer business questions. Ok I sent a form to mr Agruss ,it pertains to a credit company that has been arassing me.I was told it would be 3 months,and that I would be getting around 1000.00 dollars.I was just wanting to see where in the process it is. Jerome Lamont is my attorney that said Yall would be handling it for me. I was referred to you by him!

I am getting lots of unwanted RoboCalls from the following #803 810 0126 The above number called me 4 times this morning. And RoboCalls from 864 438 0646 walmart for prescription drugs. I do not get any medicine from wal mart. I have contacted wal mart several times in person and have told them they keep calling me by mistake and they continue to call me with a robot that says (Your medicine is ready for pickup). I made it clear they are calling the wrong number and they continue to robocall me monthly like clockwork.

i need help with a problem where my viechle was in a car accident and i dont have insurances and the insurance of the other car owner is charging me which at first was 3,100 which covered the tow truck and car door of the other car and now the payment raised to 14,000, and i have tried talking to the insurance company and they tell me that they raised the charges and they wont give me any proof or statement of what they have paid, i have the police report where it says that only one car door was damaged!

I'm being pestered by a solicitor for a debt I don't owe,what can I do. Ok,I owe Carphone warehouse £44,this lawyers firm is adding charges and saying I owe more than I do. Ive also said each time they letter me im charging them £15, they are ignoring my requests. I haven't got a phone at the moment,getting my lines updated.i don't mind communicating on the tablet. That's about it,I disputed the total.i do owe the £44 ,im not denying that,I'm just not paying anymore on top of it!

I am looking for ways to stop Navient from harassing me. I was given money by salliemae many years back when I really didnt need it for college... I was told that I could use the money for college expenses so I did, so I got some money from them and while I was in my undergraduate the money kept accruing interest... interest which I didnt understand at all... just like many young people out there, before I graduated I started to receive persistent calls from them asking me to pay ... but then one day I called them back and told them I was in school and they should stop the harrassement .. they stopped briefly and then it continued through out my last years in undergraduate.... I graduated in 2008 and looked for work but I could not have found a job to make a living so i went back to get a master degree!

I'm having problems with Central Credit Services. They bought my old loan from Navient Solutions (otherwise known as Sallie Mae). The loan is showing on my credit report as CLOSED. I just want them to step off, and I will follow some of the steps on the Central Credit Services page on your website!

Hello. I am possibly in need of a lawyer to assist with an automobile body shop refusing to work on my car. They refuse to finish the work and won't relinquish my car back to me although my insurance company is ready to pay the damages. Also, I believe that they did damage to my car in an attempt to charge the insurance company more money. Where is the lawyer at that I will be talking to? I would prefer to work with a local attorney!

After receiving hundreds of robocalls over the past 6 months, maybe 3-5/day, I was even leery leaving my phone number on your site. I have an Iphone and am able to block them but still have all of the numbers as well as the ones that my youmail app catches. I am TIRED of getting these, as I use my phone for work and some clients have out of state numbers. I cannot even answer now and have to screen all calls, making me miss important ones.