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If you have recently been attacked by a dog, you may be ready to explore your options for justice. Illinois is a strict liability state for dog bites. This means dog owners will always be held accountable for the damages and injuries their animals cause.

Many dog owners protect themselves by purchasing umbrella insurance or haulers insurance coverage. When the dog’s owner has taken out a Farmers Insurance policy, filing a claim may be one of the best ways to recover compensation for your medical bills and other covered losses. However, since Farmers Insurance is for profit and makes money by bringing in premiums and paying out as little as possible on claims, you may face some pushback when you file yours.

Fortunately, when you are represented by a respected Illinois dog bite attorney, you can show Farmers Insurance adjusters just how seriously you are taking your case.

How to Recover Compensation After a Dog Bite

Farmers Insurance offers several types of coverage that protect dog owners in the event of an attack or bite. Some examples of such coverage include:

  • Renters insurance – This covers dog owners who are renting when their dog attacks someone on the property.
  • Homeowners insurance – This covers dog owners who are on their property when their dog bites or attacks an invited guest.
  • Umbrella insurance – Umbrella policies protect dog owners when their dog attacks or bites in any location.
  • General liability insurance – General liability insurance is typically for business owners who allow their dogs on work property.

It is important to remember that these policies do not cover the victim’s damages in full. Many of these insurance policies only cover specific types of damages.

For example, the dog owner may decide to purchase bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, and perhaps an add-on for loss of income as part of their policy terms. However, it is up to the dog owner to determine how much coverage they want to carry, as this will determine how much they pay in monthly or yearly premiums.

Farmers Insurance Nuances Surrounding Dog Bite Claims

Many insurance companies will exclude specific types of dog breeds. For example, if a dog owner has a presa canario, pitbull, rottweiler, German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, Great Dane, or any wolf breed, the insurance company may exclude this dog from coverage based on the policy terms. It is up to the dog owner to make sure they understand whether their insurance policy covers their dog breed.

Farmers Insurance typically restricts wolf hybrids, rottweilers, and pitbulls from coverage. This means if the dog that attacked you is one of these breeds, even if the dog owner has Farmers Insurance, the insurance company may refuse to pay out on the claim as the dog was not covered by the dog owner’s policy.

What Happens When Farmers Doesn’t Cover Your Damages in Full

Do not lose hope if Farmers Insurance refuses to fully cover your losses. Remember, insurance only covers the damages as described in the policyholder’s plan. Thankfully, Illinois is a strict liability state for dog bites and attacks. Dog owners will be required to cover the victim’s damages. If this means you need to file a lawsuit against the dog owner because their policy does not cover all your damages, then so be it.

Your dog bite attorney will be by your side to help you navigate the personal injury claims process and maximize your financial compensation. When you go to court, you will not face the same limitations and restrictions you do when filing an insurance claim with Farmers Insurance. Although going to trial can seem overwhelming, it is often your best opportunity to avoid absorbing the costs of the dog owner’s negligence.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Illinois for Help Today

Farmers Insurance may do everything they can to reduce your settlement. Make sure you protect yourself from being taken advantage of. When you have a knowledgeable and dedicated Illinois dog bite attorney from Mike Agruss Law working for you, you can devote more time toward healing while we deal with the insurance company.

We will never let them trick you into settling for less than what you deserve or allow them to misrepresent policy terms. Find out how much you could be awarded in your Farmers Insurance settlement when you contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation. Get started today by calling us or filling out our contact form and we will reach out to schedule as soon as possible.

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