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Using an elevator is not something you think twice about. They are convenient and much faster than climbing the stairs, particularly when many floors are involved. However, they are not exempt from problems, and those who ride them may be injured when doing so. If you suffered an injury after using an elevator, you should seek legal help right away. The expert team of premise liability lawyers at the Mike Agruss Law in Illinois is standing by to hear your story and provide you with the legal guidance you need to fight for your rights after an elevator accident. Schedule an initial consultation today.

Most Common Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents can range from relatively minor to extremely severe. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • A door malfunctions and catches a piece of clothing or body part.
  • The car can drop, causing very severe injuries to its passengers or even death.
  • The elevator stops between floors, and people inside it suffer from claustrophobia, anxiety, and stress while waiting to be rescued.
  • The floor is slippery, and you fall either as you enter or exit.

The above scenarios may be accompanied by broken bones, head trauma, bruises, and many other injuries. Give the Mike Agruss Law a call today and let us hear about your case.

Injuries to Children

Every year, plenty of children end up in the emergency room due to elevator accidents. Some very young children get injured because they lack the coordination, balance, and strength required to ride an elevator. They may also have some inappropriate actions when mimicking what adults are doing, such as running into an elevator when the door is about to close or jumping while they are inside. The result can be a minor bruise or broken bones, and other injuries.

In other cases, even when children are well behaved, there may be accidents due to elevator malfunction, a sudden drop, or faulty equipment. In these cases, you need an elevator lawyer from Mike Agruss Law to help you determine liability, whether it is the owner, the maintenance team, or whoever manufactured the equipment. Let us know about your child’s injuries so that we can start fighting for their rights. Make an appointment today.

Injuries to the Elderly

It is understood that many elderly people will prefer an elevator over stairs. Mainly because climbing stairs may no longer be a possibility for them. However, a fall or an injury in an elevator can have devastating consequences for elderly people.

Even a slight difference in elevation between the floor and the elevator can result in a slip and fall, broken bones, broken hips, head injuries, and other problems. If you or a loved one have been injured due to an elevator, call us today.

Practice Safety When Using an Elevator

Although some elevator accidents are certainly out of your control, others can be prevented by implementing basic safety measures.

While Waiting for The Elevator

Get into the habit of waiting a reasonable distance from an elevator door to allow others to disembark. If you are there with children, teach them to be courteous while others leave an elevator and wait their turn to use it.

While Getting In

Be mindful as you step into the elevator car since it is common for the floor to be uneven or for the elevator car not to stop precisely at floor level but a couple of inches higher or lower. You don’t want your foot to get stuck, and you also do not want to trip and fall. Avoid running towards an open elevator door; you may injure yourself, and waiting for the next one will only take a couple of minutes.

While Riding an Elevator

Avoid jumping around, and if your kids are with you, tell them not to jump. Hold on to the guardrail. Wait until you see a clear path to exit the elevator and again watch your step.

Get Legal Help Now

There is no need for you to shoulder the responsibility or your medical bills and other financial losses after suffering an injury in an elevator accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in an elevator accident in Illinois, give the team of personal injury lawyers at Mike Agruss Law a call today, and let us start fighting for your rights.

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