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Applying for workplace benefits can be a difficult process. Workers’ comp applications require a lot of information and can easily be denied. Even if your application wasn’t accepted, you could still undergo the appeal process. On average, 67% of initial denials get paid within 12 months. If you haven’t been properly compensated yet, it is time to speak to an attorney who can get you the benefits you deserve. Workers’ compensation lawyers help protect your right to receive coverage for medical benefits, lost wages, and other workplace injury benefits.

Our Elmhurst workers’ compensation lawyers will review your case and make sure your claim is error-free. If you were already denied or received less than you believe is reasonable, our legal services can support you through the appeal process. We understand workers’ compensation laws in-depth and have proven experience representing injured workers. To learn more about the process, speak to an Elmhurst workers’ compensation attorney today. Call Mike Agruss Law for a free consultation today.

Types Of Benefits You Can Receive

After you experience a workplace injury, you are entitled to benefits under Elmhurst’s workers compensation laws. You are eligible to receive benefits if you are a part-time or full-time worker. This doesn’t apply to one or two-person-owned companies, sole proprietors, or a partnership with no employees. According to workers’ compensation law, employees that are leased, borrowed, unpaid volunteers, or independent contractors also can’t apply. Here are workers’ compensation benefits that you can receive:

Medical Expenses

When you are injured because of a workplace injury, all of your medical bills related to the injury can be covered. This also applies to any occupational illness you caught because of your line of work.

Lost Wages

When you are unable to work, you can recover wages even while you are at home recovering. When you return to work, if you are still disabled and receive less than your original income, you can continue to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you are able to perform light work while you are injured, you can also receive a percentage of your previous wages in addition to your new income level.

Funeral Costs

Surviving family members of an employee that died because of their workplace injury can be reimbursed for funeral bills. The burial and funeral costs can be covered up to the maximum limit of $10,500.

Ongoing Medical Treatment

Workers’ compensation benefits also cover the ongoing cost of medical treatment. You may be required to undergo additional healthcare treatments and physical therapy to help you recover. However, because your injury was caused by your job, you don’t have to pay all of these costs.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Injuries can occur because of the nature of your work. For example, you may experience carpal tunnel from frequent typing at your desk. Repetitive stress injuries can also be covered under workers’ compensation.

Death Benefits

If you are the spouse or dependent of someoneone that died due to a fatal workplace injury, you are entitled to benefits under Illinois’ workers’ compensation law.

Disability Benefits

You may have a permanent injury that prevents you from working in your previous job role. In other cases, you may have a reduced ability to work and can only perform light tasks or fulfill a part-time role. In this case, you can continue to receive disability benefits for an extended period or even a lifetime, depending on the type of injury you have.

Steps To Take After You’ve Been Injured At Your Job

After you’ve been injured, you may be confused by the workers’ compensation process and what you need to get approved by your employer’s insurer. Workers’ compensation attorneys can guide you through the step-by-step process of filing your workers’ compensation claim. Here are the necessary steps you should take:

Step 1: Get medical attention as soon as possible.

Step 2: Let your employer know you were injured promptly.

Step 3: Take photographs of your injury and where you were harmed.

Step 4:  Contact an Elmhurst workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss your workplace accident.

Step 5: Review your employer’s insurer’s settlement reward response or denial.

Step 6: Undergo the appeal process with the state board.

Step 7: Attend the pre-mediation hearing. If there is no resolution, a hearing will be scheduled.

Step 8: Your workers’ compensation lawyer will represent you at the hearing before the judge.

Step 9: Receive your reward or have your attorney file a second appeal.

Get Help From An Elmhurst Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Before you make any errors on your workers’ compensation application, let an attorney review your case first. They understand workers’ comp law and can provide dependable results in Elmhurst, IL so that you receive fair compensation. Your attorney can determine how much you should receive in compensation. Let our law firm assist you. Call Mike Agruss Law now for a free consultation.

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