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The CDC has determined that thousands of people are seriously injured in escalator accidents every year in the United States, many of whom lose their lives. Many victims are workers who are caught between moving parts or are standing in platforms that collapse. It is recommended that they regularly use workplace protective equipment and receive adequate training before starting any escalator installation or repair. However, this does not mean that escalator accidents happen only to those involved in their installation or upkeep. They can happen to anyone riding on them, from adults to young children, and the consequences they bring can have a profound impact on the life of those who suffer them.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an escalator accident in Illinois, the premise liability lawyers at the Mike Agruss Law have the legal knowledge and experience to help you get the compensation you deserve. We understand that you have medical needs that must be addressed, and we know that you value your health and want to recover it as soon and as thoroughly as possible. Make an appointment to talk to us about your case, and let us get started fighting for your rights.

Common Types of Escalator Accidents

These are some of the most common types of escalator accidents:

Falling Backwards

If you lose your balance while riding on an escalator, you may fall backward while the equipment is still moving. This may result in broken bones, head and neck injuries, and more. While falling, you may cause injuries to other people, and someone might also fall on top of you. It is common to experience broken bones, head trauma, bruises, or injuries to your back in these cases.

If multiple people end up falling like a domino effect, it may be difficult to determine who originated this accident and who is at fault. Talk to your escalator accident attorney at Mike Agruss Law to find out more and get all your questions and concerns addressed.

Falling Off

If there is no guardrail or the guardrail is loose or not properly maintained, you may fall off the side of an escalator. The drop could only be a few feet, but it can also be from much higher up, having you flying through hundreds of feet before you reach the ground. Injuries in these cases can range from broken bones to neck, back, and head injuries and, in extreme cases, death.

Getting Stuck

If you are wearing sneakers with laces that have come undone, if your handbag has a long strap, or if you are carrying any item with ties such as a raincoat or umbrella, the slightest movement on your part can have them get trapped by the escalator itself. If you reach the bottom without being able to free whatever got trapped, your arms or feet may be sucked into the escalator’s mechanism, and you could get injured or seriously hurt.

Escalator Malfunction

If, while you are standing on an escalator, it suddenly changes speed or direction, you may lose your balance and suffer an injury. You may also be injured if there was a crowd on the escalator at this time and there is collective panic. People fearing for their lives or their safety may want to get off the escalator fast, injuring others along their path. Common injuries in these cases may come about by being crushed or trampled on by others around you.

Getting Help After an Escalator Accident

Your Argus Law Firm personal injury attorney will need to conduct some investigations to determine whether it was a malfunction responsible for the accident or if there was loose debris or the equipment suddenly accelerated, causing you to lose your balance.

Once the issue that caused the fall is determined, your lawyer will help you determine who is responsible for your injuries. It may be an individual or a company. If several people suffered injuries at once, you may want to consider a class action or joint lawsuit.

The escalator accident lawyers at the Mike Agruss Law in Illinois are standing by to listen to your story and get you the legal help you need. Give us a call today to get started recovering your losses.


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