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Traffic accidents caused by trucks frequently happen, where 18 wheel trucks injure, crash, or kill a person every 15 minutes. Many of these accidents are the fault of the truck driver due to their negligent behavior. Because truck accidents are messy, can involve multiple cars, and even span large sections of highways, an investigation can help reveal who is at fault for the accident. Your attorney can initiate an inquiry into the truck collision to expose what driving errors were made to help you obtain a settlement. 

When you suffer from severe injuries after a terrifying truck accident, you can get compensation for your damages. Work with a great team of truck accident lawyers who sincerely looks out for your best interests. Contact Mike Agruss Law today for a free consultation. 

How Lawyers Collect Evidence in Truck Accident Cases

There are many ways that a truck can reveal how an accident occurred. For example, the black box is an electronic control module that holds all of the truck’s operational data. Your attorney can request this information for your case. 

Use the Truck Driver’s Hours of Service

If a truck driver was not following federal regulation, their logbook might contain the evidence for this. The logbook documents their hours of service, and according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they cannot surpass their state’s maximum amount of hours over a specified time. This prevents truck drivers from becoming drowsy at the wheel. 

Black Box Data and Technical Devices as Proof

Most trucks have a black box that stores important information on how the truck was performing. It records how fast the truck was going when the trucker stopped the vehicle and other indicative information. This information reveals if the truck had any problems with its internal function or if the driver made a mistake while operating the vehicle. Other systems inside the truck can expose supplementary information, such as the inclinometers, the GPS, and additional electronic data. These clues can support your settlement claim. Truck drivers often speed, though they may only drive up to 55 mph in Chicago, Illinois. 

Get the Inspection Report

Truck companies typically hire a certified inspector to review what happened at the accident scene before being sent to a mechanic. This information is essential for insurance purposes and also is kept on file by the state trooper. Your attorney can request this information to determine if the truck had a mechanical error and how the truck impacted other vehicles. 

Driver Background Check 

The truck driver might not be qualified for transporting bulk goods, and this evidence can be used to support your claim. Your lawyer can request any useful company files, background history at different positions, and their driving records. This information can be factors that prove the driver is at fault in your case. 

On-the-Scene Traffic Cameras

If there were traffic cameras in the area, this would significantly impact your claim. Traffic camera recordings can show how the collision happened and be used to prove your case. 

Police Report and Witnesses

After a disastrous truck accident, you will probably find a lot of witnesses present. You should collect their contact information so that your attorney can contact them later on. You must include your perspective in the police report. Your attorney can then request the police report and use it as case evidence. 

Proof of Substance Abuse

If the truck driver was driving under the influence, this would be applied as additional proof. This is because police officers often test truck drivers after a large accident. This crash could claim many lives, and knowing whether a truck driver was drunk can result in punishment for their irresponsible behavior. 

Pictures of the Scene 

One of the best approaches to collecting evidence is to take pictures of the truck accident. Take photographs of the truck, the affected cars, and injured victims who agree to have their pictures taken. In addition, you will want to take photos of your own injures and property damage. It is also good to take photos of the tire tracks on the road to show where vehicles were positioned and where they went off course. All of this creates a story proving who is at fault for your damages. 

Additional Evidence Can be Used in Your Truck Accident Case

When you get into a shocking accident that turns your life upside down, you can get immediate help from a supportive personal injury attorney. Contact Agruss Law today for a free consultation.

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