11-Year-Old Boy Seriously Injured after Unprovoked Dog Attack in La Salle, IL

Police in La Salle announced that an 11-year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries after being mauled by a dog in an unprovoked attack on Monday night. 

According to La Salle police, the attack occurred just after 6 p.m. on July 27 at the 800 block of O’Conor Avenue. A pit bull reportedly got loose and attacked 11-year-old Esteban Rodriguez without being provoked. 

The initial dispatch report mentioned a boy “bleeding everywhere,” sources indicate. Rodriguez suffered serious injuries to his chest, abdomen, back and spine, and both arms. He was rushed to OSF in Peoria for treatment. His current condition is unknown. 

The pit bull was reportedly killed by its owner’s boyfriend, who had to strangle it to death in order to get it to stop attacking the boy. The dog owner, identified as Tricia Renini, 32, was ticketed for failure to get city tags and allowing a dog to run at large. 

Dog bites often cause severe injuries and victims may suffer from serious infections, permanent scars, torn muscle or skin, and even death. Children are unfortunately the most common victims of dog attacks because their height makes them easy targets for large dogs. 

Illinois has a strict liability statute that holds negligent dog owners liable for any injuries their pets may cause to other people. Dog owners can be considered responsible for injuries even if they weren’t aware that their dog was dangerous. 

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