Chicago Cab Driver Injured after High Winds Send Debris Flying Off Scaffolding at Willis Tower

Authorities in Chicago report that a cab driver was injured after being struck by debris flying off of scaffolding at a construction site at Willis Tower. 


According to Chicago police, the incident occurred at approximately 7:40 a.m. on November 27. Two vehicles were struck by a wooden sign from Willis Tower, which is under construction. The cab driver, who hasn’t been publicly named, suffered an arm injury and a smashed windshield on the vehicle he was operating. He was taken to an area hospital in good condition, authorities said.


The National Weather Service reportedly measured high winds as strong as 61 mph at O’Hare International Airport on the day of the incident. Willis Tower released a statement saying, “We are continuing to work with safety officials and ensure that the construction site is secure during periods of high wind.”


It is unclear if the injured Chicago cab driver will choose to file a suit against the contractor working on Willis Tower. A person injured by another person’s or company’s negligence is entitled to a personal injury claim. Under Illinois law, personal injury victims are entitled to financial compensation that can be used for medical expenses, lost wages, and punitive damages for emotional hardships and suffering.


In cases like this, it is crucial for the injured party to hire a lawyer who can advise them on their rights, options, and favorable legal steps as the injured party seeks the compensation they are entitled to by law.


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