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John B. Harvey Identified as Victim in Fatal Peoria Hit-and-Run Crash

Police in Peoria, IL, are asking the public for help locating the driver responsible for a fatal hit-and-run accident in Peoria’s South Side just after midnight on Monday.

According to Peoria police, the crash occurred at approximately 12:15 a.m. May 25 at the 2300 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. John B. Harvey, 58, was struck by a vehicle in a driveway at the intersection. He was rushed to an area hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. 

The driver responsible didn’t stop to administer aid and fled the scene. After investigating the scene, police believe the hit-and-run vehicle was a silver sedan that likely has damage to the front bumper and hood, and possible damage to the front windshield. 

“The suspect has not been located, nor has the vehicle the suspect was driving,” a spokesperson for Peoria police told the press. “We encourage anyone with any information, big or small, to contact the Peoria Police Department.” 

There are many reasons why a driver would choose to flee the scene of an accident: 

  • The driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • The driver may have a history of traffic violations. 
  • The driver may be uninsured and afraid of the resulting damages they would have to pay for. 
  • The driver may be underage and fearful of being caught by their parents or police. 
  • The driver may have been on the job at the time of the accident. 
Regardless of what that reason might be, a hit-and-run is a very serious offense under Illinois law that comes with heavy penalties for the runaway driver. 

Since the hit-and-run driver appears to be liable, John B. Harvey’s family may be entitled to a wrongful death claim. The family of a wrongful death victim can seek compensation for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, or emotional distress following an accident. 

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