Kathy K. v. Comenity Bank

In or around December 2016, Comenity Bank began placing collection calls to Plaintiff on her cellular telephone number. Comenity called Plaintiff from the following telephone numbers, 720-456-3695, 913-312-5191 and 614-754-4136. These are Defendant’s telephone numbers. Defendant is attempting to collect on a debt originating from a Woman Within credit card. On or around December 29, 2016, Defendant placed a collection call to Plaintiff’s cellular telephone and spoke with Plaintiff. During this aforementioned conversation, Plaintiff requested that Comenity Bank stop calling her cellular telephone number. Despite Plaintiff’s request, Defendant continued to place collection calls to Plaintiff’s cellular telephone. We alleged that Defendant violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by placing non-emergency telephone calls to Plaintiff’s cellular telephone using an automatic telephone dialing system and/or pre-recorded or artificial voice without consent in violation of 47 U.S.C. § 227 (b)(1)(A)(iii). We stopped the calls and resolved our client's claim. Related Articles

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called me AND my sister! FIRST person Chris ALI - accurate location information said i was to be sued and dialed Legal office 1-800-610-5387 File Number- MT2-2037 National comsumer group [email protected] IL 618-690-1548 the SECOND CALL lady said she works with the National Consumer Group - in mediations for $500

Independent Services (334) 947-6231‬ Dec 24, 2019, 10:56 AM This is Simon Adams going from independent service is this message is for Tiffany Smith. The reason why I'm calling is in regards to a legal complaint. We received under your name and social security number. (Recorded) (334) 947-6231 Dec 23, 2019, 1:33 PM Hello, my name is Simon Adams calling for me given in service. This is Tiffany Smith. The reason I'm calling is in regards to legal complaint box under your name and social security number unless you receive this order in regards to the company that has been filed against you look earlier will be at your residence or places of employment within the next few days off. You are required to be present on form of state-issued identification. You have any questions and like to reschedule the survey. Do you can contact our plan 844-934-0556 in reference to your case number on file. You have officially been notified. (Recorded) ‪(877) 431-7784‬ Dec 6, 2019, 1:18 PM Transcription not available Hang up Call ‪(845) 233-6194‬ Nov 21, 2019, 12:21 PM Thanks. What's your name is you as a respondent? We do have to perform an asset and employment verification only as preparation is needed for you to be served. In the meantime. You connect the South right by contacting mediation at telephone number 845-233-6194. Please keep in mind if you fail to comply. This will result in the forfeiture the right to dispute the matter and a complaint will be forwarded to your local jurisdiction. Consider this your official notification.

I am not paying a synchrony bill due to it being part of a divorce settlement. The Keep calling me every 10 minutes and they don't identify themselves clearly when I answer

Comenity Bank calls mine and my husband’s cell phones constantly. They never leave a message and will just sit on the line when we answer. Immediately after hanging up the phone rings again and again no one is there. One of the MULTIPLE numbers they call from is ‭+1 877) 843-7934‬. I have a list of the other numbers they call from, and often times it’s an ‘unknown’ number, which I rarely answer, but again when I do they don’t say anything, they just sit there and then hang up. They call 7 days a week, anytime from 7 am-10 pm. I’ve had to put my phone on do not disturb just to get some quiet time to sleep. It’s very disturbing and annoying. I’m in Minnesota, and not sure what the laws are, but this is above and beyond what I would consider to be ‘normal’ for any credit card company to call!

Hi. I am having issues with commenity bank calling my mother. I have asked them three times to take her number off my account, they harris me all day long. Please help