Paul A. v. Asset Recovery Associates (ARA, Inc.)

On or around July 20, 2015, Asset Recovery Associates (ARA, Inc.) began placing collection calls to Plaintiff on his cellular telephone, in an attempt to collect a debt originating from a repossessed vehicle from 12 years prior. ARA, Inc., called Plaintiff from 888-409-5060, this is one of ARA’s phone numbers. During the aforementioned conversation, one of Defendants collectors, Darwin, informed Plaintiff that they were going to start litigation on his case, as well as take him to court. Relying on the Defendants collector, Plaintiff surrendered his payment information to Defendants collector, Darwin. ARA is attempting to collect a debt on which the statute of limitations has expired. At no time during the conversation between Plaintiff and ARA, did the Defendant disclose the date of the transaction giving rise to the claimed debt, or that the debt was barred by the statute of limitations, in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act We stopped the harassment and resolved our client's debt collection harassment case.

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Submitted Comments

Got a phone call from 208-419-3852. Claimed to be a mediation firm. Did not state name of firm. Said they had a case file on me and would be filing a suit against me in my county of residence, Cowley County KS, and that I would be served papers at work or home. Pretty sure it's a scam but want to be safe because I do have some debts however you don't get served papers at home or work for debt suits.