Two Illinois Nursing Homes Issued Coronavirus-Related Citations By OSHA


Two suburban Illinois nursing homes where hundreds of residents and staffers contracted COVID-19 and dozens died have been fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for coronavirus-related citations, according to the federal agency. 

OSHA has reportedly issued citations to Bria of Geneva nursing home and Meadowbrook Manor in Bolingbrook. 

Bria Health Services of Geneva is a 107-bed facility at 1101 E. State Street in Kane County. It has had 145 residents and staffers contract the virus, and 30 people have died, according to state public health data. The facility has reported some of the highest number of COVID-19 cases and fatalities in Kane County. It has also been subject to multiple lawsuits this year that allege negligence in how its administrators handled the outbreak. 

On November 3, OSHA cited Bria of Geneva for violating two rules related to respirators. The first rule requires workplaces that use respirators to maintain a “written respiratory protection program with worksite specific procedures.” The second rule requires employers to provide medical evaluations to determine a worker’s ability to use a respirator. OSHA issued the facility an initial fine of $13,494.

Meadowbrook Manor is a 298-bed facility at 432 W. Remington Boulevard. It has reported 188 COVID-19 cases among residents and staffers, and 41 fatalities, according to state data. The facility has the highest number of cases and deaths among nursing homes in Will County.

On November 5, Meadowbrook Manor was cited by OSHA for three COVID-related violations. The federal agency alleged the facility failed to follow the same two rules as Bria of Geneva, and failed to follow a third rule requiring employees to be fit-tested before using a respirator. It issued the facility an initial fine of $12,145. 

Both facilities have announced their intention to contest the citations, claiming they complied with local, state, and federal guidelines for managing a virus outbreak and put in place infection prevention protocols.  

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Illinois should have an infection prevention and control plan ready in case of a disease outbreak. Facilities that don’t take precautions to protect residents and staff from diseases may be held liable for any resulting health complications or deaths

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