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Struggling with a workplace injury can set you back financially. Injuries can be so severe that it takes weeks, months, and sometimes years to recover. After you experience debilitating workplace injuries, you can file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer. The Illinois workers’ compensation commission reviews your claim and provides benefits for lost wages, medical bills, and other burdens injured workers experience.

Peoria workers’ compensation lawyers can help you overcome rejection from workers’ compensation insurance companies. They will review your claim before submitting it to remove errors and insert required information to ensure you receive full workers’ compensation benefits. Many workers’ compensation cases get denied, which prevents injured workers from receiving the appropriate amount of disability benefits. To prevent this from happening to you, you can count on legal guidance to get you through claims for any injuries sustained from work-related accidents. Reach out to Mike Agruss Law in Peoria, IL for an initial consultation today.

Common Workers’ Compensation Accidents

An injured worker can experience any number of serious injuries requiring extensive medical treatment. You may be eligible for disability benefits for any work-related injury, as long as you weren’t doing something that breaks state laws. Common injuries caused by work-related activities include the following:

Slip, Trip, And Fall Accidents

Work injuries can occur when you fall from a great height or trip on a slippery surface. Slip and fall accidents can cause catastrophic wounds such as brain trauma and spinal cord injuries.

Moving Machinery Accidents

You can be struck by a moving machine or parts of one. The machine can have sharp edges or parts that can cut, puncture, or scrape the skin. In some cases, you can be trapped by heavy machinery or caught in its gears, resulting in crush injuries.

Combustion Accidents

When equipment malfunctions, this can result in a fire or explosion. Sometimes this can be due to a defective tool or electrical system. Combustion accidents can cause first, second, and third-degree burns, leading to disfigurement.

Repetitive Stress And Overexertion Injuries

Many workers’ compensation claims can include repetitive stress injuries that occur because of overuse of a body part. For example, chronic back pain from heavy lifting at a job every day. Overexertion injuries can also happen when you accidentally injure yourself by performing an ordinary task. You can sprain or strain a muscle doing your job.

Struck By An Object Accidents

It is not uncommon for employees to get hit by objects while working. You can receive disability benefits after an object comes loose and hits you. Sometimes, projectiles can hit you after a machine malfunction. For example, if a machine overheats in a factory and a large bolt flies off and pierces your skin, you would be able to receive workers’ comp benefits.

Transportation Accidents

Not all injuries happen at the job site. This is especially the case for delivery or transportation workers. For example, truck drivers can experience a car accident while working. They can receive workers’ compensation from their employer’s insurance company because they are an employee.

Exposure To Hazardous Chemicals

Factory workers may be at risk of being exposed to hazardous chemicals. Thry could require medical care after dangerous chemical exposure to the eyes, lungs, or skin. Occupational illnesses, like cancer, can also develop from hazardous chemicals.

What If I’m Declined Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Workers’ compensation attorneys help protect your legal rights to workers’ comp. Your medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits should be covered by your employer’s insurer after a work-related injury. If you were declined workers’ compensation, speak to our experienced team to find out how to begin the appeal process. You can also do this if you are unhappy with the benefit amount provided to you.

Attend A Free Consultation In Illinois

Your workers’ compensation lawyer can review your claim and find any errors. They understand the whole process required for you to receive full benefits from the Illinois commissions board. They will also represent you before the other parties and the judge.

Start the Appeal Process

Your attorney will start the appeal process and help point out the reasons you deserve more in compensation. The judge will schedule a pre-mediation meeting before your hearing. You will get the opportunity to speak to your employer and their insurer to form a resolution. If no one can agree on a settlement award, you’ll attend a hearing.

Additional Information

Your attorney and the other party will undergo the discovery process to review your case. After an investigation of your claim, your attorney can provide additional evidence and ensure you include all the required information on your claim. The attorney will submit your updated claim with new information so that your case can be reviewed. Resubmitting a claim with old information won’t help your case. Your attorney will represent you, but you’ll also be cross-examined by the other party. The judge will review your case and consider all the factors surrounding your work injury.

Wait For Appeal Results

After the judge makes a decision, you can either accept the settlement award or decline it. You can work with your attorney to resubmit your claim if you aren’t happy. There is also the opportunity to appeal to the state board if you are still dissatisfied.

Contact An Illinois Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Find out how an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation law can help you through this complex process. In Illinois, you are eligible for workers’ compensation after being injured due to work-related circumstances. Instead of receiving less than what you deserve, you can be represented by a workers’ compensation lawyer. They can provide adept legal counsel that protects you from being stuck with life-changing injuries without any financial help. Call Mike Agruss Law for a free consultation today.

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