Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is a widespread problem in the United States. The Federal Reserve estimates that Americans carry over $800 billion in credit card debt, and there may be up to 4.5 million delinquent credit card accounts. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed with debt, remember that you are not alone and help is available.Financial stress can have significant negative impacts on everyday life. Balances keep increasing, you may be getting harassing phone calls – even at odd hours of the day or night – and debt collectors can seem intimidating and even merciless in their demands.At Agruss Law Firm, LLC, we help ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of by debt collectors, corporations, and other large business entities. We can advise you regarding your options for consolidating, eliminating, or paying off your credit card debt, and when and how to do so. Contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, today and find your path to financial recovery.

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