Credit Rebuilding

When resolving credit report problems, rebuilding your credit can seem like a lengthy and difficult process, but it certainly can be done in less time than you think. Aside from the common strategies, it is essential that you focus on paying your existing debt on-time and keeping your balances low, as on-time payments are arguably the single greatest factor in improving your score. It’s also helpful to evaluate how much of your available credit you are using (called “credit utilization”) and aim for a ratio below 30%.A secured credit card can be a valuable tool in credit rebuilding, though it uses money you must deposit upfront, and you can ensure that the issuer reports your payments to each of the three major credit bureaus. Many credit unions and community banks offer “credit-builder loans” to improve your credit profile; however, you will likely need to be a customer or member of the institution and must also demonstrate ability to repay and proof of income. It’s important to monitor your credit score over time to see how it progresses, and remember to focus on one source for the score instead of multiple to ensure maximum accuracy.

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