Toyota Finance Debt Harassment

Is Toyota finance harassing you over a debt? Is Toyota finance placing robocalls to you or sending you unsolicited text messages? You have rights under state and federal laws! We will aggressively enforce the law to stop this harassment. Not only will we stop the harassment, but you may be entitled to money damages, too. Finally, you won’t have to pay us a dime for our services. Keep reading to learn about your rights.

Toyota finance is the financial branch of Toyota Motor Corp; this branch of the company is based out of Richmond, VA. Toyota finance handles credit applications for new auto loans, and it also offers a credit card, the Toyota Rewards Visa—the card is backed by another branch of the company, Toyota Financial Savings Bank. Toyota finance is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which in and of itself is not a good sign for customer service.

What happens, though, if you find yourself in financial difficulty and you cannot pay your Toyota bills? Well, you’re not alone. If Toyota finance is contacting you to collect a debt, whether you owe it or not, Toyota must follow the law.

If Toyota finance has done anyone of the following, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation:

• Called you after you told them to stop calling you.

• Called you about a debt you do not owe.

• Continued to call you after you have told the collector you cannot pay the debt.

• Communicated (phone or letter) with you after you filed for bankruptcy.

• Communicated (phone or letter) with you after you told the collector you have a lawyer.

• Called you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.

• Called you at work after you told the collector you cannot receive such calls at work.

• Left you a voicemail message without saying the company’s name.

• Called third parties (family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors).

• Threatened legal action against you.

• Placed robocalls to you.

• Sent you unsolicited text messages.


If Toyota finance has done any of the above, you may be entitled to money damages. Plus, you won’t have to pay us a dime for our services. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, we want to you help you, too. Contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation.

Toyota finance has several hundred telephone numbers it places collection calls from. Toyota may be calling you from the following telephone numbers:

480-224-0820, 203-926-2526, 503-598-3709, 734-953-3416, 978-224-2256, 800-553-2641, 877-783-0766, 503-598-3708, 281-876-5807, 303-645-8316, 615-778-5510, 818-706-4317, 800-286-0652, 251-639-7500, 714-937-4461, 410-415-4399, 978-244-2258, 818-706-4316, 845-695-2316, 714-937-4444, 804-965-2807, 951-223-4040, 215-956-5917, 916-855-8735, 425-748-5933, 800-844-3841, 619-682-3221, 281-876-5806, 303-645-8318, 978-244-2257, 703-561-7212, 215-956-5916, 203-926-2528, 225-929-6611, 952-476-7704, 952-476-7702, 210-402-2132, 913-661-6808, 925-830-8208, 925-830-8204, 804-965-2808, 215-956-5915, 678-746-5508, 973-829-6759, 225-929-6625, 503-598-3713, 210-402-2134, 804-965-2809, 619-682-3220, 734-953-3414, 615-778-5511, 303-645-8317, 954-949-4400, 513-984-7108, 480-224-0818, 800-925-0535, 703-561-7213, 626-599-3531, 410-415-4396, 513-984-7109, 410-415-4388, 978-244-2256, 314-702-4100, 319-221-2800, 973-829-6763, 480-409-4417, 281-876-5808, 800-826-9467, 800-431-7358, 914-641-6700, 954-974-3836, 973-829-6757, 866-364-8758, 866-458-5334, 845-695-2315, 904-863-0204, 630-353-4757, 251-665-6776, 800-220-1500, 630-353-4755, 952-831-4800, 817-421-7044, 615-778-5512, 302-715-1472, 800-532-8129, 952-476-7703, 913-661-6809, 314-569-8727, 877-865-9816, 714-362-4372, 716-213-4502, 225-929-6620, 866-316-3360, 973-214-0500, 415-787-4081, 307-462-0676, 678-746-5506, 773-380-3198, 888-446-6116, 800-686-3494, 787-474-5800, 425-748-5934, 314-569-8726, 972-424-1403, 626-599-3532, 858-408-3555, 703-561-7211, 314-569-8725, 800-600-1454, 866-531-4986, 425-740-5775, 877-349-7506, 214-481-4193 210-402-2133, 818-921-4098, 714-937-4457, 734-953-3415, 800-587-3591, 888-553-2641, 800-349-4116, 309-218-7257, 877-565-1688, 866-405-6156, 866-285-4872, 972-240-0052, 866-771-1745, 800-261-3182, 913-661-6807, 636-812-4000, 800-279-9032, 877-823-4584, 203-926-2527, 310-227-4306, 518-984-7108, 626-599-3533, 800-874-8822, 818-706-4315, 877-241-8107, 425-748-5935, 800-311-9920, 845-695-2314, 877-357-4074, 205-390-9997, 480-123-1234, 222-773-3082, 925-830-8203, 619-682-3219, 412-335-5064, 513-984-7107, 678-594-4800, 866-820-7065, 402-996-2219, 972-680-7043, 415-448-7780, 202-974-8147, 253-246-8573, 866-764-4970, 209-249-1939


See all of the phone numbers that Toyota may be calling from.

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Submitted Complaints

I found out they called an ex co worker of mine who had nothing to do with me and my car. I thought i made the payment online but i guess it didnt post and they were telling her I was 30 days late on a payment and demanded a payment from her. When I called them to ask why and how they called her they tried to say I added her to my account somehow. Never did that, never would. There wasn't any number associated with my account even with the same area code as hers. This was not only a violation of privacy but a violation of trust and embarrassment. I have emailed their CSupport but got no response as to why they would do such a thing. No matter the number, which I never had, the name is not mine, address not mine, ssn not mine, state not mine, and for what b/c your system didnt post my payment? SMH

So I told the finance compant to come get the car because I cant pay for it and they still havent picked it up. Told them a month or two ago. When I bought the car the dealership kept adding this and that and it talleyed far more total monthly payment than I originally had negotiated to pay and I said by now this is so high there is no way I can pay this, let us shed this up and forget it, but he , I felt, pushed me into it and I was by that time very angry. He said he would push this thing through and sent me home with the car and said repeatedly to keep enjoying the car "until we gget this thing approved" which took a whole month after many loan rejects, including 3 rejects from the company that did finance it finally, in the mal. At least thice a week I called the dealership and begged to be le off the hook even left a voice message for the owner of the dealership and he never returned my call meanwhile I was told that they were not bound to the contract but I was I said it is not a wuin win situation and that does not hold water. Even though I was pushed into it Im left holding tha bag because I cannot prove it constitutes fraud. The question is why do they keep calling instead of picking up the car like I told them, assuming they would then file a judgement at least we would know where we stand. Other than that I really have no question for an attorney because he has no recorse as to sue the dealership or the finance compant. I dont know if the attorney wants to be bothered about hatening the pickup of the car, it sets in my yard and is in the way sdince the end of. How can I get them to move in on this car and get it out of my yard since I cant pay it. Well since I cant pay for the car surely you understand I cannot afford attorney fees for a phone call. i dont want to get in trouble for false acusation, the dealership could sue me for defament if there is any kind of misunderstanding or malice in the way they recieve the information if I allow the attorney tell them I felt pushed into this aggreement with them . Have they handled cases like mine before where the client felt pushed into buying a car they knew they couldnt pay for and told the dealership so before signing? I will take a shot in the dark and take this risk if they want to call me, either tommoro or a year down the road, and only if after they have thouroghly understood all that I have said, I dont want anyone to call me if there is any serious doubt to a solution to this problem., they know by the time they have read all this whether they can help or not, I dont want to waste anyone's time. I have my phone on me all the time, if I miss the call they can try again and if they like they may leave a message telling me when they will try again, but please not to ask me to return the call as I do not feel comfortable returning the call. Thank you for listening to my plieght! They can ask for Steve. I apologize for any type error, the word plight should have not been spelled with the "e"!

What Toyota did - I am down to, I believe the last payment. I called the telephone pay service as I always have, I have been locked out of my account and transfered to a "Recovery Control" Department. It took 5 days of phone calls for someone to answer the phone. After a lisa answered she was very rude and led me to believe my truck was in repo, she put me on hold for about 20 minutes spoke to a rude agnes who over spoke, spoke very and did not explain why I could not get into my account. She told me my truck was in repo. I told her I did not understand...she told me it was not her fault I could not understand. She said I owed 3356.00. I don't think that is possible. I asked to talk to someone else. she refused many times, than put me in a persons voicemail that will be on vacation for two weeks. I is impossible to shorten it!

This company called Toyota finance is calling me about a a bill I do not owe they said I'm 2 weeks behind I nothing about this. That's it I dont know just started getting calls from this company!

Hello. Today you call me. I whamt understand what happened? I have loan on car Toyota Prios. And you call me every day. I have just one question. Why you call me?But I called in Toyota Bank and said that at the end of months I can make payment on my loan why you called me!

I told Toyota not to contact me again this month about a payment I am aware is overdue and they just tried to call me again. Is that considered harassment? My husband and I seperated almosta year sgo. I told Toyota this at the time and that he took the car with him. I said I am aware he doesn't make payments on time his car and I will no longer pay on it. I really can't talk on the phone at the moment...but I can log back on herein 10 minutes. Drop the a, that is my middle initial!

have been receiving phone calls from a debt collector at 5:00 AM in the morning. I am not the person they are trying to reach and I have asked them twice to stop calling me. I have the date-stamped voicemail messages from the collector. Is this something that you handle? I have received phone calls from a debt collector looking for a person who is not me or a member of my family. The calls are placed around 5:00 AM. They wake my family up. By the time I get to the phone, the calls have gone to voicemail. The caller leaves a message that they are the litigation department from a collection agency. I returned the call once, told them they have the wrong number, told them that it was 5:00 AM in the morning, and asked them to stop. But they did it, again!

My car was originally registered as a lemon with the Pam Bondi agency. And California Toyota Corporation. I had taken the car NUMEROUS times. Many times I came to pick up the car and had to turn around to drive it back as the problem was not fixed. They did however give me a rental car that at one time someone stole all my CD's, a workmans knife and Workmans tool knife I was never reimbursed for. They gave a very poor tint job that stained the inside of the doors they acknowledged and a couple of free oil changes that were already included for the package I bought. The reason it was a lemon was a rattle that would move in the dashboard that was so loud you could still hear it after cranking the radio half way up listening to heavy metal. They refused to buy it back. I gave up unfortunately. And due to taking the car so many times to have it fixed, I lost my job in the process. Eventually they repossessed it about a month and a half ago. They wouldn't tell me where it was located. I thought I got a letter from a re-possessor but it was something entirely different from someone else. Let me get my belongings out of it. And in the state of Florida I was told that when you purchase your tag (license plate) it is yours for life. I obtained this on a previous vehicle. I was not told where the auction was, nor how much it was sold for. I just received a letter yesterday that I am afraid to open. Also, I started getting calls from Toyota Finance again. Two so far. The car was repossessed Aug. 1st 2016 and was told it would be sold Aug. 13. Don't I at least get to keep my belongings and the License tag I paid for here in Florida. The first time I reported it as a lemon was about two weeks after I bought it, March 2014. Do I even have a anything close to a case? I would at least like to get my plates back. And they also threatened I will still have to pay any difference of what they sell the car for. Thank you!!

I have the same situation as Mari. Unemployed but continue to try to keep up my payments. Many calls from different numbers and different hours of the day. Even when I was working the recorded calls where coming on my cell phone but I could not accept calls during work hours.

I have a car loan with Toyota Financial. I got behind last year when I was unemployed, so the calls began. I've been trying not to get more than 30 days behind (so my credit doesn't get dinged), but from the moment the loan is late, they will call me 4, 5, 6 times a day--often from different numbers. Even if I call them back and let them know that I've made arrangements to make the payment on a certain date, they state that this information "will not cease collection activity." Can you help?

For the past couple of months I have been unable to make my payment by the due date, but I have not gone 30 days past due. After being 5 days late I start getting 3 to 4 calls a day from different numbers of toyota financial. I have advised them every time they call of the date I will be making a payment and to stop calling this number because it is a work number for me. They never listen. Can you help?

Hi Amanda, I just called that number, too, and you're right, 303-645-8317 is disconnected. If you're receiving these calls on your cell phone, you should be able to block the number. I will call you to further discuss this situation. I will also give you more suggestions on how to get the calls to stop. Thanks, Mike.

I told Toyota financial I'm disable since I got hurt at work I been late on my payment I only owe 1900.00 they keep calling and hanging up I'm disable I send money every month they stress me out theykeep calling all during dayand night

They call me 5 days after being late on my payment, I tell them constantly I am struggling financially and I make payments when I can. They get belligerent and forceful asking when am I making my next payment. For the most part I pay my car on time but that means nothing to them. originally when I got the loan the car dealer told me they would put me on ni weekly payments, that was a lie! When I spoke to Toyota directly they said they don't even offer that payment option. Anyway I just ignore them now because even if I tell them I am making a payment in 2 weeks they will still call and call.

I get a phone call from this 303 number 3-5 times a day with no VM being left and the times that I have answered it goes to a ringer and then music ans a please hold. I am really starting to get frustrated being that I just spoke with someone named Christine calling from there Atlanta office and it was an 800 number and discussed my financial issues right now. Please let me know what I need to do via e mail.. this is border line harassment I believe especially when they as a supposed financial institution and they do not leave a message with a contact. What do I do?

Amanda: Please see if you can find out the name of the company or person that is contacting you. If you can get a little more information on where these calls are coming from, give us a call at 888-572-0167 and we may be able to get the harassment to stop. Thanks, Agruss Law Firm, LLC 22 W. Washington St., Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60602 Local: 312-224-4695 / Toll-free: 888-572-0176 / Fax: 312-253-4451

We keep receiving calls from 303-645-8317 asking for someone who is not at this number. We have repeatedly asked them to stop calling here, that there is no one here by that name, nor has there ever been someone here by that name. We have asked them to remove our number and explained that this is a new number as of last year. When I return their call, it says it is no longer in service. It's frustrating.