Fix errors on your credit report

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was originally passed in 1970. The FCRA regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer information, including consumer credit information. The information in your credit report is used to evaluate your application for credit, insurance, employment, and renting a home. Your credit report contains information about where you live, how you pay your bills, whether you’ve been sued or arrested, and whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy. Therefore, you should be sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. Credit errors: In 2013, a study revealed that 40 million Americans have a mistake on their credit report. Mistakes on your credit report can be very costly. Along with causing you to pay higher interest rates on loans, you may be denied for credit, insurance, a rental home, or a loan because of these mistakes. If you have a mistake on your credit report, there is a process to dispute them. Damages: If a credit reporting agency violates its obligations under the FCRA, you may be entitled to statutory damages up to $1,000.00, actual damages, and punitive damages. Attorney’s fees: The FCRA has a fee-shift provision. This means, the credit reporting agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs.

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Submitted Complaints

There is a charge from Remington on my credit report for the Month of October in 2017. I do not owe them a penny. I was living off my security deposit. I want to dispute the charge and have it removed ASAP. I need to find a place by the end of May!

We have clients with erroneously reported repossession of a timeshare. This impacted a SBA refinance that we completed got them in Nov 2017 and is impacted them once more as we work to obtain a line of credit for them. Can your firm assist in getting this corrected. Our efforts in contacting the three credit reporting agencies has been futile. Sorry the auto correct on iPad just completely whacked my prior text. I apologize if it doesn't make sense. I have used your firm on a personal matter in the past. The clients we are working with are located in Grover NC. The clients signed an initial contract w/ timeshare group only to learn afterwards that fees and costs were not fully disclosed. The clients contacted both the timeshare group and their bank regarding check they provided at the time of signing. The timeshare group assured them that contract was cancelled only to later report it as a repossession. This is incorrect. The client were never issued or took possession of any timeshare property. And from my opinion the timeshare group should have been reported for non disclosure of fees!

My name is Mark. Collector A shows a debt to a storage. Somehow I paid collector C which has not cleared the account with A. A has referred the account to collector B. More than one collector has the same account. Ii have learned to not pay unless confirmation of account details, and cooperation in clearing account with credit bureau!

I had many errors on my credit report that were disputed and the creditors didn’t reply and they were removed a year ago. I was able to refinance my house and obtain other credit lines but now little by little these same collections are reappearing in my report. What can you do to help and make these creditors pay for continuing to report bogus information and make the credit bureaus pu for continuing to let them re report the same as formation they failed to validate and had to remove previously? Hoping that you can help! Jamie Mattingly

I purchased a mobile home in 1998 from Associates Housing. The account was taken over by Vanderbilt Mortgage. In 2013 I voluntarily returned the home to the lender. Since 2013, I have been denied credit, jobs and mortgages due to the different experiation dates, amounts and payments reported incorrectly. Please contact me about my options.

who is alpha recovery they call and call never leave message!

I have not filed yet why should I employ u. I was at a restaurant sitting outside an umbrella two tables away came right at me To get away I fell twisted ankle my hair was snatched out I was bruised a chair fell on me etc. I did go to the hospital by ambulance. I have ankle soreness and back problems I had therapy but the pain remains. The back pain is consistent as well as ankle pain!

Im having issues with GC Services. Calling and threatening me, refusing to send proper paper work and requesting that I disclose my banking info to pay debt or I'll go to jail and have my wages garnished. I tried to consolidate my loans but the amount was incorrect. Constant back and forth and the dept of edcuation losing my paper resulted my account transferred to DMCS DRG. Payment arrangements were setup to $150 every two weeks, so I thought well I started receiving calls from GC services requesting I pay an amount that differs from what the dept of education has told me. long story short they called employer left a detail message about my situation resulting in the HR department sending me an email. They've called my mother who is not a person of contact (she recently had a stroke) several times a day stating they will arrest me. they've even called my handicap son, who is not a person of contact about my issue. One rep stated she found them in the phone and will call them and anyone within that area to get info out so I can pay. I recenlty go reprimaned by my employer because of the harrassing calls!

hi i got a prerecorded call at my job today from halstead gave me a case number that i have to give u later saying to call them or they are going to submit my info without a statement from me i didnt call them back. i dont know wo they are what they want i have owed payday loans in the past so i dont know if it is bevcause of that!

I found your link on the facebook page Victims of Greentree Servicing. Our mortgage was transferred from Everhome to Greentree in June. My husband is alone on the mortgage and he filed Chapter 7 which was discharged in 2010. Ever since Everhome took over the servicing, they have been continuously calling to collect the payment, usually prior to the 15 day grace period allowed in the note. In addition, we were both unemployed for a period of time earlier this summer and fall. We called to request an unemployment forbearance. Instead of processing the request per the Fannie Mae guidelines, they told us that we needed to fill out an application first. We did so and returned it to them on October 9. They have yet to respond to us regarding the forbearance request, instead stated that we didn't send in a complete package for a loan modification which is not what we wanted. Every time they call they try to collect the past due amount on the account. Which, from our understanding, is directly against the bankruptcy protection that he is under. In addition, they sent us a Notice of Demand for October and Novembers payment and included the late fees. When I spoke to them yesterday, the rep told me to ignore the notice of demand and said that we instead needed to pay three months of payments!

I have an evil mortgage servicing company that bought my BOA mortgage. they are holding all of my payments from June in a separate account and not applying them. they have also arbitrarily decided to apply everything to interest and not principle. They try to make it impossible for me to make payments, trying to create late fees and prolong the interest and they charge$12 to make a payment when I am not blocked from the website (which I have been multiple times) and when I can get through to a rep. It is Green Tree Servicing and someone needs to do something about them. I am definitely being overcharged interest. I will tell you that I am 2 months behind on payments which equals about $2200, but they claim I am behind $4800! If your firm does any class actions, there are 10s of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of others like me out there. I do have an audio tape of Green Tree trying to prevent me from making a payment and also the guy threatened me. he yelled at me that I could not afford my house and I needed to give them a deed in leiu of foreclosure. I kept telling him that I was just wanting to make my payment, just one month behind back then. I also have a Home equity loan with Wells Fargo. Had an illness and hospitalization that started my trouble and had a large decrease in income. Tried to do HAMP and they said I did not prove a reduction of income. I am just hoping someone can stop these sharks!

Hello. Several years ago my fiance took out a title loan on a '96 Jeep, paid it off, & got back the title. Later, he went to another title loan company, took out a loan, and opted to let the company take possession of the vehicle because he could not fix it well enough to pass inspection. That company gave him a letter his debt was "Paid in Full." Last year, the original title loan agency sent him a summons. He went to court, and discussed with the agency's attorney it must have been a mistake because he had paperwork proving it was paid. The attorney said he would get a continuance, and told my fiance to come back at "x- date and time." When he did, he was told his court date had already passed and a judgement was made against him. He decided to let it go figuring it couldn't be enough money to pursue. His wages began being garnished, and he saw today the attorney got $6,700 for the '96 Jeep, plus 99% interest, and each week he is owing more than the original judgment. Can he sue the attorney to get this reduced!

I was chating with kylie, i had to walk away and chat was ended. Shortly after I had surgery on my neck I was served document from Zakheim and LaVrar. I had no recollection of being served and had no idea where the documents were placed. This was 11/13/13 (surgery was 10/13/13). They documented I was in a neck brace. Because I don't remember I never went to court. The judge naturally ruled in favor of Discover Card and I owed the debt. I began paying $25 a week on the debt and their is no interest accruing. There has been no break in ACH payments. Recently they started calling and telling me I haven't been making payments that they stopped. After a number of these call I set up a new ACH payment. Now I have two ACH payments being taken out for $25 a week. One to Discover that was original and one to Z&L Trust that is the new one. HELP!

Just got off the phone with a debt collector from Halsted Financial Services (HFS). They had my social security number and said I had outstanding debt from a check cashing center regarding a loan. I just want to know if this Debt collecting company is a legitimate company!