Identity theft

The Federal Trade Commission reported in March that in 2012, the agency received almost 370,000 reports of identity theft. This number represents some 90,000 more than in 2011, and is the highest volume of complaints the FTC has ever reported. Debt collection issues were the second most highly reported complaints, but they were a distant second. Besides compromising the victim's immediate financial situation, identity theft can also ruin their credit rating. Scams abound; there are many ways for unscrupulous people to steal and use people's identity information. But there are ways to protect yourself. Staying on top of your credit report will catch problems before they become personal disasters. Many banks, insurance companies, and credit card providers offer identity theft programs to help protect people, and repair the damage after a privacy invasion.

The first thing to do after discovering your identity's been stolen, is to to alert any of your creditors that are involved. Then file a police report, and then contact the FTC. The FTC doesn't step in with individual complaints, but the more information they have, the easier it is to spot patterns of illegal activity—and then they'll intervene. After you've reported the fraud to these different groups, review your credit reports carefully (get copies from all three credit reporting agencies); search for any suspicious personal information, and for transactions you don't recognize. Keep track of everything you do after the theft, so you can review the whole process, from discovery to (hopefully) resolution—this will be useful should a lawsuit develop. You have legal rights after an identity theft, including the right to block fraudulent information from your credit report; dispute bad information on your credit report; stop creditors and debt collectors from reporting fraudulent accounts; receive copies of all documents related to the theft of your identity, and stop debt collection agencies from contacting you. The goal is to have a clean credit report containing only accurate information. False information leads to denied credit (and unfortunately, employment), refused insurance, higher fees and interest rates, and other unpleasant consequences.

If you think your rights to accurate credit reports and honest financial standing have been comprised, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, at 312-224-4695 for a free consultation. Agruss Law Firm, LLC, will handle your personal injury case quickly, will advise you every step of the way, and will not hesitate to go to trial for you. Lastly, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, does not get paid attorney’s fees unless we win your case. Our no-fee promise is that simple. Therefore, you have nothing to risk when you hire us–just the opportunity to seek justice.

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Submitted Complaints

Someone stole my care credit card (synchrony bank) $900 in charges.the bank hasn't let me know anything. I've got my PD report,ftc, state attorney general office but that bank won't give me a statement, an itemized statement of what was purchased, no updates and to top it all off (no this isn't the topping yet) closed my account out of revenge. I'm homeless from this stupid stuff and I have a tooth ache that I can't get fixed now because I'm to blame for the account being closed.blaming a victim.

Hi, just trying to find out if I should consult with an attorney regarding an accident I had on Saturday slipping on ice outside an apartment building. They did not put any salt down. I tore my ACL in the fall. Chicago, IL Under Illinois law there has to be unnatural accumulation for the owner, landlord, etc to be liable. Shoveling therefore is more prone to make someone liable for injury therefore than not shoveling. Not sure if Chicago ordinance provides grounds for holding owners, etc liable for 3rd party injuries and not just ground for the city to write tickets. Under Illinois law there has to be unnatural accumulation for the owner, landlord, etc to be liable!

hello! apparently your law firm has extensive dealings with northland group, inc.? okay, so - i have several different debts. one of them is assigned to northland group, inc. - which is how i stumbled onto your page. i'm looking for help in dealing with the collection agencies. at the moment, i'm essentially judgement-proof, which is why i haven't been sued yet; i'm disabled and subsist on veterans' disability income only. i have no other money or income. i'm not sure what my best options are for either repayment or dismissal or even how to respond to the collection agencies. and i can afford to pay a lawyer, over time, possibly, but there's no way i can afford to pay down the debts that i've accrued. i accumulated them while i was in the service, and when i was discharged disabled, i lost the ability to pay anything back. i haven't made any payments at all since i stopped working two years ago!

Just look up the number 7783289992. I found out it's collection agency. That Collection agency it's been bugging me for years. Im not sure where did they get the number? I read about!

It was a company called harris and harris. So reading your web site I wondered what you can due. I did not return the call and I know that I am not in debt that a collection agency should be calling me? When would they be calling me.? That will tell me the best number!

I received a letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions about a debt to Chase Manhattan Bank. I tried to call them, but they do not answer. I do not know what debt they are talking about. I just received a letter today saying that the Original creditor was the bank named above, and that it is now owned by Cascade Solutions, and that they are giving me options to pay the debt. I also tried to go on their site and log in to get access to whatever account they are talking about, but nothing happened. Could you be more specific as to the details you need? I looked them up online, and it seemed as if they may not be a legitimate debt collector!

I just recieved a call from AGA saying in 2006 i borrow from a check cashing my debt is 2000 dollar and they would be able to settle with me up until 3:00 today that if i didnt pay I am faceing garnishment and court fee's but I need to contact them before the time pass . I dont have that kind of money never got any notice or calls from this check cashing what do I do ? I dont recall this transaction , but they say they have me on camera and this is check fraud. But I'm not sure about these people and if I owe this money to them why I never recieved any calls or notices from the this is. Ace check cashing payday loans and it has been or 6or 7 years. If I owe this money and I make payments can they still take me to court? I have made loans from them in the past I just dont recall this one and why I took them all this time to notify me if this is the case!

Halsted called me Wednesday to say I owe $785 for ambulance rides. I paid somebody from 05-07; now I'm on Medicaid and in better health. I'm supposed to pay $60/month starting today!! They know my checking account number. Will they wipe me out? I exist below the poverty line. Last time I fell for something like this scam, I changed my account # and quit answering the phone if it was an unfamiliar area code!

Rausch, Sturm, Isreal, Enerson & Hornik LLC are saying by phone my account is paid in full with no balance due and on three attempts to get a receipt or letter to show the debt paid I have not gotten it. But one month ago Rausch, Sturm, Isreal, Enerson & Hornik LLC says last payment is June for approximately $145 to $177 so I am feeling like there may be some dishonest actions against me to default on our agreement, I have no copy of the agreement of the amount owed per the court but I am looking for it now. I was about to send this letter via email to them.......hi Andrew, we spoke by phone on June 11th 2014 concerning you sending me a receipt showing my account paid in full for the entire balance owed for Wellsfargo for Cach LLC collections has been paid. Andrew you stated the by phone you would send a ledger of all payments received, and prior to that conversation you stated I would receive the paid in full documents by mail last week to use to submit to the court to release the Judgment concerning Rausch, Sturm, Isreal, Enerson & Hornik LLC for account #1542013 for Wellsfargo for Cach LLC, I am requesting not for month to date payment but verification the entire balance has been paid, this is my third attempt to get this information. Thank you for your assistance. If there is just a delay in getting that information, there is no problem, but if the account is not paid in full and there is an error concerning not making the last payment by June 21st in the amount of $145,00 that could result in serious financial consequences for either of us!

I am curious about portfolio recovery. I think they have been phishing on me, since April. Everyday I was getting these funky prank calls. When I got a caller ID to confront the call the caller claimed they did not call me. I would get sound board messages.. I would people asking me why I was calling their girlfriend in the middle of the night. one call at at 1am came from a law firm. it was like every time I block a number a new number would appear. I got text message telling me happy birthday. portfolio recovery called me on the June 11th, after I put my number on the do not call list. When I called Portfolio they were demanding me to identify myself. I refused and then another got on the phone and he told me he had the wrong number.... since the 11th, the phishing calls stopped... I never give my cell phone number to any of my credit card companies!

I have just a couple of questions... so Nations Recovery thinks I'm still in Texas. I will be going back home to Texas soon. Is your company able to help even though I'm in Florida at the moment? Secondly, I recently blocked the number they call from. Should I unblock it? I don't know if the phone records would show a blocked call. Well foremost, I haven't gotten a copy of my credit report in a while so I don't know what's on there, and the arrogant man won't tell we who he's collecting for. He says I know who I do & don't pay unless I'm one of those that just makes new bills & never pay them or make a couple of payments then blow them off! I'm not that type of person. I do have bills that are slow pays, but I'm disabled & have a very small limited income. The man also made a comment about fake disabled people & how they're treated in jail. I've never talked to someone so horrible in my life, literally. You're reading my mind! My ringer doesn't work so I'm constantly looking to see if someone has called!

We've had a couple of unauthorized drafts from a company called NCB Management from our checking account. We have not signed draft authorization paperwork with them. They are trying to collect on a credit line from State Farm bank. I was an agent with them for a year. I do not trust them at all. So we have always only given 6 months worth of post dated checks at a time. Intentionally not authorized drafts. Now they call and begin by requesting a unbelievable amount of personal information over the phone, to which I will not cooperate. I have no proof of who they are and don't feel they are owed this information. They hang up when I will not dump all this info. Now they have started drafting my account without authorization!

yes, i was just cruizing the internet on info for cred x and came across your add. they have been calling me constantly and even my parents over a payday loan from last year with cashnetusa. i have been giving them payments over the phone but i never get any comfirmation in writing and my balance seems to get higher. i know i owe the debt, but the outrageous fees are unacceptable. so far they only threatened to take me to court if i dont comply with what they think i should pay!

i need to know if mike can take a previous case he won for me before. NCO financial systems!

I just received a demand for payment from a company that you know well. It is Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I need assistance to determine wht is going on. I picked up the information about you from a video on a credit forum site. I just need counseling on how to handle this company. I had 2 credit cards in the late 1990's that went delinqent. they were for only $2000 limit. I settled with one and now this company says I owe. $8006 by July 19th!

Last year my wife had a childbirth in late May. The Anesthesia department sent me an invoice of 379.35 USD which I paid on 8/15/13 through my bank account. finally, frost arnett started calling my wife...until recently when I did pay that amount again. I soon found that I had already paid the amount and told them...provided them with a copy of check front and back. That they have not refunded the additional payment I made on June 9, 2014 yet. although I do have their commitment by email that they will do so!

My name is Florene Dunn and received a check for $25. Just wondering why? Well there is no explanation in envelope just a check. Wish I could give u more details but no acct number either. Never heard of them!

Remove my number from your daily calling list or else I will report this company. 410-263-4673. These daily calls are aggravating - especially when numbers are verified for correctness. Pardon - aren't verified for correctness. NO - Your company should verify that they have correct contact information before calling people at random - especially on a daily basis!

stumbled onto your website researching a phone number that is harassing me. Apparently "Toyota Credit" calls me 2-4 times a week for the last year looking for "Shawntae Olivers" (phonetic spelling) always just after 5 am. have explained repeatedly to caller the individual is unknown to us. last several months just call and hang-up. always same number always at 5:10 am. I only got to talk to one caller briefly and was able to get the name of the person they were seeking. couldn't get the name of who was calling or what it was in regards to!

Trying to decide if I have a fdc case. Shortly before a statue ran out collector called me we made agreement for $30 /month. Well they sent me a confirmation letter saying $50. I responded say no you just lied. I also sent them the first 3 months totaling $90. They sent it back. Never heard back for 2 years now filed suit. Fair Debt Collection Case? It was a credit card goverened on Nevada Law 4 year staue. SOL 10/12 ON 8/12 Their attorney contacted me and made agreement. for $30 month. The confirmation letter was for $50. I sent them on 10/12 letter saying You just commmited fraud and I don't feel I owe you anything however as I had stated in verbal promise inclosed is $90. They then sent it back. Never heard until ;Now 5/14 they served me for debt collection. I filed answer disputeing statue and requesting docs. They now requested court to move hearing from June to September. But I am hard reach by phone very easy to reach by email in afternoon./night. I pulled a copy of their credit card agreement on line and it does say governed by Nevada Law. Their lawyer is Buffaloe & Associates from Nashville who are sleeze They will lie I dealt with them before when they filed collection suit at opposite end of the state against me with no valid reason. The debt was sold to lvnv I sure you all are familiar with them as JDB!

GC services has been calling me at work which is forbidden and home. What can I do to stop this harrassment of calls? Well its on student loans which I have been paying the agreed amount monthly,and they switched me from one program to another which I was unaware of.They will not send monthly invoices and I have to keep requesting current balances.I am keeping my balances myself I do not like their buisness practices. While I am switching programs can they GC services garrnish my wages even if I'm paying my payments!

I saw on the Net that Agruss Law is handling some cases against harassing colectors like Cedar Financial. I like many others I heard about was sent a traffic ticket from the Padova police, one year after our visit there(3 hours...)I appealed it, then got more letters from them, then I wrote them a nasty leeetr asking them for last time to provide a photo proof or cease and desist, this in Feb.2014...No answer to that, but a collectionletter from Cedar, for $331 or double the amount of a year ago. I didn't contact them yet, should I ? I didn't think if I should reach to you for this modest claim...Well, ticket was not a speeding ticket, but for driving in some obscure "secure vehicles lane" in the middle of the city, although car was parked almost the whole time in a Municipal lot...I do have the correspondence file with me...half in Italian, their side...Now I'm just wondering, should I contact Cedar first before I trouble you with this whole thing!

I just read on avvo about allied interstate llc lawsuits for fraud. They sent me a letter stating I owe Sallie Mae/ nuviant for student loans to Pennsylvania institute for culinary arts. I attended le cordon bleu miami. I have student loans but not to that school. They call trying to be polite etc. I'm afraid its either identity theft or fraud!

Med review recovery mistakenly placed a medical bill on my credit report and refuses to remove it. I've tried calling them and leaving voice mails with No response. They responded with a letter stating to try to submit to credit bureaus and still No luck. They made the mistake not me. Now what to do!

I see that yall help with harassment concerning franklin collection services. Ok I've received calls stating they will recieve all debts owed at all cost. I don't remember the reps names!

hello, needed some info my HR dept received a call from Allied Interstate yesterday asking to verify my employment and last digits of my social. Unfortunately, they did. Now they called me here at work stating that I have an old student loan dept with Dept of Education and I have to make payments of 576 or settle for $26500 to be paid in full in 90 days...your firm seems accredited and I think I need your help! I went to college in the mid 90's both my wife and I. in 2009 we paid off the remaining loans. Allied told me I had some of the loan that was never paid so Dept of Educ hired them to help collect... I have not received anything via mail or email or so much as a phone call from this company...everything I have read about them is bad and don't want to send them any money until I can verify if they are real or scam!

Llevo un tiempo recibiendo unas llamadas de un debt collector. Lo entre en google para saber exactamente la informacion y entre los resultados vi su pagina. Tengo una deuda con sallie mae y esta gente de Asset Recovery Services LLC me han llamado varias veces a mi a mi codeudor. a mi y a mi co-deudor, yo les pedi un email que explicara la deuda en detalle. Luego de recibir el email ellos me dieron una llamada exigiendo el pago y diciendo que yo me habia comprometido a pagar en esos dias!

I'm trying to leave a brief summary on the behalf agruss law firm. Thanks, Emily every question was answered and everything went the way you stated. I wish Agruss Law Firm much more business and I will pass on the good facts to everyone I know who is seeking for legal assistance. Thanks, everyone also who hands on this case. It was a pleasure. Have a good year!

my name is bridgett and i keep getting calls and letters from convergent, got my number change and it happen 20 yrs ago and they went out business 20 yrs ago!

hello my name is steve. I here there is a class action against greentree for the illigial phone calls is that right and irf it is how can i get on the suite, i was laid off from my job and greentree started calling me all the time they even started calling my mother telling her about me being late!

Are you familiar with Navient harassment issues. My son took out a student loan a few years ago, in which I co signed for. Overtime he is late with a payment, I get bombarded with phone call wanting their money, however, my son doesn’t get a single call and does not know there is an issue until I tell him. Shouldn’t they be calling him first, Once would be enough, Not 17 times in three days like we are going through now. Not sure, we area at our wits end with them. I have made payments for our son in the past. But what confuses me is that he never receives a phone call from them letting him know there is an issue until we tell him. Then he takes care of it right away. He told me he would take care of this on Monday, but I have been getting calls all day yesterday and today!

Hello, how are you? I received a letter in the mail from Mitchell D bluhm Law Firm about past medical bills going back to 2010 not sure about the law firm or what I should do from here because I don't have the money to pay them. I have not received any calls or anything from them just a letter!

Yes I have unwanted calls and I put it in the tracker. How do I have where I get the cash for this? I get unwanted calls on my cell phone but also on my home phone as well. I seen that you can get cash for unwanted calls. They keep calling and I don't answer because I know they are trying to sell me something. It is annoying that they keep calling me when I said stop calling. I downloaded this app to my iPhone since it's the only one on the market for my phone. I just want the phone calls to stop. It is annoying. To be honest I don't like talking on the phone and if someone can talk to me via email it would be better. It's not that I don't like talking on the phone, my throat is hurting and it hurts to talk. Not that I can think of. Just I want the calls to stop and I think it's not fair that they keep calling!

I have received calls from a 'collector' claiming to have papers that need to be delivered to me, they have called family and my boss and told them I owe money, that I have commited fraud, and that if they don't help find me, they may be served with papers. Not sure what approach to take. Their phone number is a voip or sip trunked number with that requires a subpoena to find out what business owns the number. attempts to call them back at the number left in voicemails ends at a message saying "thank you for calling IMS, then a voice mail box. it appears it is a collector, but that's all I know. if they are trying to serve me in regards to debt, I understand less about the laws, but I still don't think threats against my employer, or family are legal!

I have a client threatening to sue me for breach of contract when I have not failed to do anything outlined in our contract. Simply because I was unable to CV or return their phone calls for a view days during the time period where I was moving and without service. Which I explained was occurring before the calls occurred!

Back in August of 2016, I got scammed out of $58,000.00. I am not sure if your firm could help me or not. It is a long story. If I could talk with someone tomorrow either late morning or early afternoon would be great. Is there anyway you could send an email with an about time and the phone number that will show up on my caller ID. Thanks