Stop debt collection harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been around since 1977. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.
  • Damages: if a collection agency violates any section of the FDCPA, the consumer is entitled to damages up to $1,000.00. Additional damages are warranted in cases where the collector’s collection activities were so egregious the consumer suffered emotional distress. 99% of cases do not involve emotional distress damages.
  • Attorney’s fees: The FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means, the collection agency pays the consumer’s attorney’s fees and costs.
  • Debt that is covered by the FDCPA: only consumer debt, such as personal, family, and household debts. For example, money you owe on a personal credit card, an auto loan, a medical bill, or a utility bill. The FDCPA does not cover debts you incurred to run a business, or debts regarding unpaid taxes, or traffic tickets.
  • The FDCPA only applies to 3rd-party debt collectors: the FDCPA defines a debt collector as any person who regularly collects, or attempts to collect, consumer debts for another person or institution. In short, only third-party debt collectors are bound by the FDCPA. That is, original creditors, such as credit card companies and banks are not bound by the FDCPA.

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Submitted Complaints

Hi i have a debt that is being worked with genesis national recovery and after a payment made and a negotiation with incomplete information they are still calling to collect another contarct debt they didnt explain first.

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Hi Ashley. It sounds like Genesis National Recovery could be doing some confusing things and I can understand if you are frustrated and unsure about their tactics. Please feel free to contact my office so we can discuss your options. Thanks, Mike

FDCPA violations started in 2017 in a foreclosure (now dismissd) in which Rushmore Loan Mgt. Servicers were not involved in. For the last 4 years Rushmore has been harrassing me with loan modification doc and statement

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Hi Nancy. Can you send over to my office any paperwork you have regarding this issue? My email address is [email protected] I will review the documentation and give you a call. Thanks, Mike

I have an account with Synchrony bank and I am recently behind, possibly 30 days. They call me twice a day both my home phone and my cell phone despite my requesting them not to call me. 866-771-1104 beginning at 8:00 am

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Hi Rosalyn. Debt collectors are permitted to contact you between the hours of 8am and 9pm. Did you send a registered letter to Synchrony Bank regarding your request? I would suggest you do so. If you need help with it, give me a call at my office and we can work with you. Thanks, Mike

An AZ debt collector keeps calling me - I'm not Breanna and I have explained this - he has yelled at me, accused me of lying and keeps calling. It's not me. His# 602-996-6050.mark burns 5/23/19vm.1/2/2020vm. I know I should block his call and I will- Last time I spoke to him I said - hey - if you're going to keep calling me we should get to know each other - how's the wife and kids. Well he didn't like that. He yelled at me. I asked him not to call me again and remove my number. he accused me of lying about who I was "Okay, Breanna!" He called again on 10/13/20. Maybe you all can get him to take my number off his list - I've had this number several years. Thank you.

I have a debt collection agency that calls me at least 4 times a day leaves numerous messages. They know I work duringthe day and that is when they continously call the number is 1-833-657-0590. I think it is for a Kohls charge I am currently working on filing bankruptcy gathering the money. I have told them this at least 4 times.

806-318-2215- this number keeps calling me about legal matter

Ally has called my granddaughter 16 times for a bill that does not belong to her they used a system called skip tracing i dont know how they got her number..

I received a letter in the mail from Westlake Portfolio Management saying they were attempting to collect a debt of 22011$ (an incorrect amount of what i even owe still) on my vehicle. I've never been late or negligent with any account ever in my life. I called my bank who assured me of the same and that my account had been in excellent standing since i had opened a simple checking account before auto and credit card accounts. I called WPM and they insisted on asking for my social security number and date of birth and refused to give it to them, and asked for a supervisor, who immediately tried to pry the same information from me. My bank told me it was likely an attempt to phish my data so they could sell it, even if they seem to be a legitimate company, so i told the "supervisor" outright that if he did not scrub any data they had on me i would take the proper action against them for this harassment. I still have this letter for evidence sake and decided to do some more research into this company in an attempt to find out how they may have gotten my data, i keep extensive records of everything and monitor my credit bureau reports religiously. This is where i currently find myself and was wondering what my next course of action -should- be given that i had no idea i had rights against things like this happening.

Calling telling me that the police will be coming to my job and house. That I better pay or the deputies are coming. Amanda Johnson or whatever her name is starts yelling then hangs up. This is crazy... For a student loan from a College that did not transfer my credits because they didn't count.

My name is Clifton. I am a previous client. Recently I received an email from ACS Loan, a debt collector claiming that a judgement has been awarded against me and that the company would like to settle or else I go to prison. I emailed them back stating I had no idea what they were referring to. Upon the 2nd email they stated that I owed on a Payday loan from approximately 5 years ago. I asked for validation of said debt and the name of the original creditors!

I had a problem with a company called microsoft. I called about my computer,they did a test, wanted me to pay a fee for some kind of membership keeping my computer running. Ihave told the technician guy that I didn't have no money for the program last year, they kept calling and this year it gotten worse. They did it again this year, after I stated that I didn't wanna be contacted no more, that time didn't have the money for their program to fix my computer, so Microsoft decided to keep calling harrashing me about the fee, that they can fix it, I hung up but they kept calling. I even let them dianoise the computer via note pad, said that I didn't have the money for the fees, but snap shot it via cell phone, call logs. They still decided to call, stated that they can fix it, still called me when requested to stop the calls!

I am already a client. Credence is driving me crazy with calls. The number Credence is 844 362 5478. They have all that I am currently a client!

I’m being harassed by two different finance offices and I have told them to stop calling me and they haven’t . I get two to three calls a day from both companies. + 7319848598‬ that is republic Finance telephone number. ‭+ 7317841491‬ this is one main financial. Both of these are the places that keep harassing me!

Allied Interstate is calling me 5-15 times a day from 6:30 am until 9:30 pm including Sundays. It is same voice a recording. Is this legal. Its been going on since February. They are also calling using 401 area code with all different numbers PLEASE ADVISE !,

A few yrs ago bought [for cash] a timeshare at Pablo Bonito Sunset in Cabo- have tried to sell -no buyers- I won't pay any more yearly main fees- Black Recovery keeps calling!

I keep getting calls from Creedance Resource Management. They call me at least four or five times a day. Sometimes someone answers and sometimes it is just silent. I think it is for a loan I took out with a company called One Click Cash, but it has been going on for a few months to a tear now!

Hi there, For the past year and half i been getting calls from the Robert Colcolough office with the number 818-906-0120. He calls on average 8 to 10 times a day from different numbers but leaves the 818-906-0120 number in his voicemail for me to return his call. He even states it in his voicemails that he’s calling from different numbers. I have over 12 numbers that have been associated with him that i have Blocked. I have different case numbers every time he calls and no name of what court house that he claims he submitted my case too. The last phone and voicemail was him threatening me he was going to take away all my wages, and put me in jail because I’m stealing money and i need to pay it back. I explained to him that i had identity theft and had Money stolen from my bank account with proof of reports filed and closed the account at the bank because it was a large amount that My bank at the time didn’t Red clad until 2 business days later. He then stated he didn’t care he wanted the Money and i said I’m not going to pay for something i didn’t do nor do i have the funds because I’m on state disability. So the harassing and threatening continues even after i said stop contacting me with your threats. I have saved every voicemail and number he has called from!

I took out an installment loan from Great Plains lending last year and I fell behind on my payments because I went on unemployment this year. I have a company called Summit Receiveables harrassing me to pay it back by threatening me with check fraud and prosecution. Need some help fast!

Hi Ashley You probably get asked this 100 times a day in short i am getting 4-6 calls a day from navient from months and months our phone system logs every call!

I just got a call from Dynamic Recovery about a 10 year old hospital debt, but I'm almost positive I was never in the hospital in 2004... I saw a youtube video for Michael Agruss when I was googling Dynamic Recovery. I live in Tampa, the woman called me about an hour ago on my cell phone. Said they've been sending me mail about my debt but this is the first I've heard about this. I haven't gotten any prior correspondence from that company, despite what the woman on the phone said!

I just got a call from Dynamic Recovery about a 10 year old hospital debt, but I'm almost positive I was never in the hospital in 2004... I saw a youtube video for Michael Agruss when I was googling Dynamic Recovery. I live in Tampa, the woman called me about an hour ago on my cell phone. Said they've been sending me mail about my debt but this is the first I've heard about this. I haven't gotten any prior correspondence from that company, despite what the woman on the phone said!

we have a medical debt and account brokers of larimer county. We have two debts, my husband was unemployed for a while. They made me responsible of my husbands bill and mine. My bill was only 302.00 and my husbands 776.16. I though eventhough we are married colorado is not a community property state. My husband was unemployed for 8 months. They got a judgement for 1600.00. I thought that if the amount you owe is less than a thousand dollars they can't do a judgement. We were also paying $50 per month but they didn't disclose that to the court. My name is in both judgements eventhough I didn't sign for my husbands. But they put both debts together and I am in both judgements but owing the $1600. Also, when they served the papers my husbands name was the only one there. Now they are saying my name was there as well. These people are horrible!

I just filled out a form about amaher collection. They called us 8-9 times today in matter of hours. They are just rude. I'm sure you've heard it before. I doubt I have a case other than we felt harassed. 8-9 calls in a few hours. No message left as to what it was about. How does it work ? Ya I'm on a phone. But I don't want to get any attorney bills. I saw on the site it said at least that amaher will get another suit against them and maybe you can get $1k. I thought maybe if there was a case then you guys would handle it and keep the $1k fine that amaher could possibly be assessed. My late fee was only $130 and I am just pissed about how many times they called today!

i was googling the interstate recovery group because they keep affirming that i owe them like $600 and they said they can reduce it to only $300 and i gor directed to this website. they sent me a letter saying I owe them money for signing up with a magazine called periodicals, and that i am supposed to pay $30 every month. but i never signed up and I asked for information by mail and they said it was all electronic. and that i said over the phone that i wanted to. about a year ago it started with these people calling me from unknown numbers and telling me about all these cool things fro free so i said yes and they said said it was actually a very small payment of like $5 so i gave them my credit card number and suddenly $30 was gone . so i canceled my credit card and they kept on calling me and told me that i signed up for the whole next year and i owed all this money and they sent me magazines that i never signed up for. so just a couple days a go this interstate company started calling me and telling me that I owe all this money, but they can reduce the price!

I called Dynamic Recovery Services this morning regarding a credit inquiry I saw they made on my credit report. The inquiry was made 1/24/14. I called the DRS asking why they were looking at my credit and they said they were trying to collect a credit card debt from 1995. I do not remember the debt nor am I aware of any collection attempts from them. I did ask them not to contact me but I don't want my credit ruined by them either. How should I proceed? I asked who was trying to collect and they said it was International Collection Services. I have no idea who they are. They said it was for a Chase Credit Card, but I have 2 Chase cards in good standing. I started investigating the company, saw 556 BBB complaints against them, then saw your youtube advertisement and thought contacting an attorney for advise was the best way to go. Thanks!

You can stop the phone calls from your office that cost me money every time you call. You stopped a collection agent from phoning me for someone else's debt. Now it is your calls that are costing me. Please send money before you call again. Please read the statement and send money before you call. This is a cell and my only phone at the moment!

what is the going rate for a finder binder 3 people in the car taken two of us taken to the hospital back pains miss time on the job but got paid for it. The insurance company made me an offer for one of my sons at $230 no injury and just check out by a doctor. I was at a red light with me and my two sons in the back of the car. I hurt my neck and back and my son hurt his neck and braces had to be tighten up. That was August now I think i have a pinch nerve in my neck that is affecting my shoulder blade and my right arm. I'm going to the doctor today to check it out. A woman ran into me at the red light. Agruss has a collection case for me I thought i would give you guys my other case as well. Cyd Leonard. Do you practice in all 50 states? Mutual Insurance wanted me to send all the bills but I am having the run around with the hospitals to obtain a complete billing of all the charges. I ask them to settle one son the was not injured in the amount of $230.00 but have not sent back the the signed form!

I have a judgment that was filed by you and I'm trying to find out about a settlment. It was filed by brachfeld law group. I really have no clue, I just found it on my public records!

I was told I have an account they need to speak with me about while calling about my credit card. They wouldn't tell me ANYTHING. Then I called the number and it's closed, though they say they're open until 8 PM EST. I have had one credit card with them. My credit reports show nothing else either. I suppose we can discuss my credit card, too. They sent me a 1099 for a charged off/cancelled debt. Yet, they are asking for payment!

I was contacted about an hour ago from dynamic recovery solutions telling me I owe them a balance of 17000.00 and they were willng to take off about 10000.00 and only pay the remaining 7000.00 they from a wells fargo accfount from 2002 now I do remember dealing with wells fargo but not for that amount and I believe that in 2002 I was living in Washington state they convinced me to guive them my bank account number and my routing number for them to take 100.00 right now and then 50.00 every month but I never received any letters or legal papers from them just a call and it got me worried so I went to the bank right away and closed my account and opened onother one with a different account number can you help with this situation!

I have a few questions about a collections agency that removed unauthorized funds from my bank account recently. Last month I received a call from a collection agency stating my amount of 294.38 was sent to his office and he wanted to give me a chance to clear it up because he didn't want to report on my credit such a small amount. I then asked about a settlement offer and he advised he could settle for 198.00. I agreed via phone for him to take 50.00 from my debit card that following Friday when I got paid and he agreed when my taxes came back I could call and pay the remaining. The 50.00 never got deducted that Friday so I called and spoke with an assistant of his whom was going to pass the messege. The next day i saw that it finally came out of my account. Tuesday of this week I noted another 50.00 came out of my account from the same company unauthorized, so i called him and asked why this happened and was afrid was going to over draft my bank account. he said this was an error on his part that my information got sent to his accounting office with auto draft checked. i said but I never said you could auto draft my account. he then said he will have the charge reversed and it would take 2 business days or if it doesn't overdraft me he would apply it to the remaining balance. So it didn't overdraft me and i let it go towards the balance. today i come home and now another 150.00 was taken from my account same person, and unauthorized. So now this man has taken 52.00 more then the settlement offer. I work also for a collection agency for the last 12 years I know this is not legal, am I wrong? This guy has called me back tonight and has given me a transaction id# and states the 150.00 payment that is pending to come out of my account should show less the 52.00 that needs to be credited back to me. because my credit union does not process anything on weekends I may not see this til Tuesday. I just want him stopped from this unauthorized payments from bank accounts. I know myself as a collections specialists he cannot be doing this. This man was very unprofessional and rude. I called the Dr. office where the debt was incurred today and spoke with thier billing department and the lady there said he is new to thier company but has already had to have a talk with him about this behavior and he ensured them it wouldn't happen again and now as of today they have 3 more complaints about him. She said her the Dr and some other people will be pulling him in the office on Friday to speak to him about this and wants me to call her back next week to see if things were taken care of!

yes this is Clifford Harker you guys handling a case against allid interstate llc for me. I haven't heard any updates in over a month. allied interstate. I don't have case number, computer crashed and filres and emails with it!

I get calls at my number from collection agencies asking for a party who has never lived here. How do I get them to stop? I do not know if this person used my phone number to secure credit or if it was randomy placed on an application for credit!

I have been contacted by Midland Credit Management. I am trying to settle a debt and every time I talk to them they change the amount. What do I do? I had a credit card with Bank of America which I could not longer afford payments and defaulted. MCM purchased the debt!

I have been getting calls from CBV at home and at work when I can't really talk and they want $5,000 from me for a credit card debt which I didn't know that my account was sent to them but they were not willing to work out payment arrangements for me and he also told me he didn't believe me that I had an appointment with my bank and he told me I better have a back up plan he was just right down rude with me what are my options!

Debt collection violation. I received a phone call from a guy stating he was a fraud investigator “investigator Jones” (Legal Mediation Services, Inc.)and that the victim had filed charges against me for fraudulent check charges and put a warrant out for my arrest because the payday loan company was unable to take payments out of my checking account. When I asked what this was about, he stated that I owed money to a pay day loan company and would be charged for bank fraud and another felony charge and to turn myself into my local police department. I did not know what was going on, and it scared the hell out of me. He said that I had 15 minutes to pay the money or he would have the felony warrants issued through my DA’s office of Jefferson Parish and I would be arrested. I could only think about my family and I started freaking out because I didn't know what this was about. He had my banking institution name, my name, social security number and more information. I truly thought I was about to get arrested for something I had no clue about. I was just scared. He stated that I needed make payment by debit card and make this payment right now. The investigator said I needed to sign a document by email authorizing payment thought Vantage Point Services, a payment processing company who brought my loan. The amount they requested me to pay is $836.26. This guy had already called my brother and threatens to have me arrested if payment is not made. I don't even know how he got any of their information. He said I had ten minutes to pay to avoid arrest since I didn't have any criminal charges against me. I called the number the next day and asked for the name of the company and their address and a copy of my loan documents and the gentleman that I spoke with gave me a different name this time and told me they were located in Denver, Colorado. Then he was very rude and disrespectful and hung up the phone while I was trying to ask a question. This man has call my phone several times. I have some of the calls recorded. The person that was on the line was a lady from Vantage Point Services. I appreciate any help they can give. My nerves are very rattle at this point since these people have called. I never had any to threaten my ever. can you let them know that I have made a payment to these people and want to know will I go to jail if I have the payment reverse by my bank due to fraud. I file a complaint with the FBI, BBB and many others!

i need a lawyer in missouri to file suit against world wide purchasing ll. its a debt i did not make they bought the debt has garnished my bank I am service connected disable. the company has been sued in Maryland and they settled the with the people they have just revived a judgement for another ten years, I called them and tried to settle they want 3200 dollars!

your name law firm was referred because world wide purchasing llc has sued me gotten a judgemen against revived for another ten years. I never had any business with them and a local attorney i did not hire supposed represented me. i need an attorney willing to sue. world wide purchasing assest, i don't even know what it is they got a judgement against in2009 i did not get the summons. just about a the time it was due to expired the judge extended it another 10 years. the original debt the said was 1924.00 because the Garnished my bank account they will only accept 2500. they already have 276 of the money i am service connect veteran i live on a limited income. this has effect my credit, and i am about ready to file bankrupcty just to get rid of these people. I am afraid they will go after the home i was living in, my stepson is now living there. the name the original judgment is lavonne heath, but i remarried my name is now Lavonne addison. in the court papers a lawyer i was gonna file bankruptcy, but fired, supposedly represented me. I did not hire him, i really never liked the guy his name is wayne giffford. and he is known for being a bad apple. No one in the county would help me sue this guy for false representation!

Hi your law firm came up on google when I entered midland credit management. They are constantly calling my cell phone and not leaving messages. I picked up one day when I was at work and said"stop calling my phone" and hung up because I was in the middle of working. unfortunately, thats all i know since I haven't received a bill from there. I don't want to speak with them directly without knowing what they are trying to collect on because I know its easy for them to bully people into saying the wrong thing and agreeing to a debt that is not even theirs!

I saw Youtube re DynamicRecovery Solutions. They have called me multiple times. What can I do about it? Can I do something via computer or mail? There is a lot of complaints on the internet of others with the same situation which is: They call, say I have a debt (in my case on voice mail) and please call to settle. I am on DO NOT Call list and there is no company trying to collect from me. Dynamic Recovery Solutions uses many numbers and has done this often to many people. This is how I found your video about them. and when I try to call back, I get a message to hold with music. Before I begin to give information, what options do I have with your firm? Dynamic Recovery Solutions is in Greenvile, SC!

I'm not quite sure yet that's what my questions are dor For* I recently purchased a car April 2013 and my interest rate is 26% my car note is 708.00 a month I have paid that plus extra 26% of what I financed 26k is close to 7,000 I have basically paid more than the 7,000 but I'm still not seeing any change in my principle I just realized that my maturity date is until 2019 so I got a 72 month loan is I add up 708.00 times 72 months I'm paying over 51k. I should total only pay a little over 33k if I financed 26k and I have 7k in interests but it looks like I'm going to be paying double. I'm not sure how I got in touch with you I was trying to have a live chat with a santander rep to see what's going on and you popped up on my screen can I legally do anything about this. I agreed to 26% of the 26k financed my total that I pay for the car shouldn't be 51k I don't understand that!

Do you service the Dallas/Fort Worth area? debt collector constantly calling, now has called another family member on my same cell phone plan. calling me during work when i can't answer!

Although I have sent a letter to Dynamic Solutions to cease and desist from call me they have continued to call. I was wondering whether they are liable since the violated my request. If they did what is my course of action and will it cost me anything? I believe they are trying to collect a debt that is no longer valid and I send them a DV letter and they ignored it. Since I have a program on my phone the sends me an email every time some one calls I can verify that they called!

I am trying to help my son and daughter-in-law. My daughter-in-law received a court summons last week by a firm in Naperville representing Portfolio Recovery Associates. My son and his wife sought out a debt settlement company a few years ago and since then have carried no debt. Evidently the settlement company is not helping with any of these cases and from what I've recently read, were not reputable. My son and his wife made an appointment to see a bankruptcy attorney, but I believe something else could be done in lieu of bankruptcy. Mr. Agruss's past experiences with Portfolio Recovery Assoc. intrigued me.....\r\n[7/1/2014 3:39:35 PM CDT] Jaclyn: We may be able to help you with that. Do you mind explaining the situation in a bit more detail? I don't have their paperwork in front of me, Jaclyn, but from what I gather, they had fallen behind on a BOA credit card and sought out help from a debt settlement agency with corp. offices in Texas. My son and his wife had money transferred from a checking account to this debt settlement company, but evidently there were issues with this company. They have not received calls or letters from creditors to my knowledge, but last week my daughter-in-law received a court summons for July 22. The amount being sought is over $8600 based on an original amount of approx. $5000. I don't want them to take the easy route out because I believe they could negotiate the amount down based on the circumstances. I wish I had more information to offer. My son and his wife are both at work right now. My wife and I have never been involved in anything like this, so we are just trying to help in any way we can!

I recently had a discussion with a company called payment America systems. They called my wife about a dr. Bill threatening her with a warrant. My wife was upset so I called this lady. She didn't know who I was nor did she appear to care she told me everything to do with this debt. How much it was and that my wife was getting sued. She was served papers by a private service to appear in court on 7/22!

are you plaintiff focused? I am a company looking to collect a debt...yes but again, I want to collect a debt, not stop a debt collector-- I entered into a contract to sell a product; the buyer was to pay for the product over the course of ~15 months. He has stopped paying. Remaining owed to me is approximately $10K!

I've been paying back a payday loan. Allied has been harassing me, calling my place of employment, threatening to "locate me", sending a "compliance officer of the court" , I called them and Michael Archie the person I spoke to yelled and screamed at me, telling me I stole money, I mean he was abusive and nuts. I only owe 152 dollars more, and they are going to take it on my next payday. it cannot be legal for this man to yell and scream at me. this isn't legal is it? for someone to yell and scream at me? they called my job and threatened to show up to locate me. they said "an officer of the court". Michael Archie is the person who was yelling at me, and he hung up on me once!

Chase calls me each month when I am 2 days late on the car payment. They call non stop. I do not answer and they leave no messages. I answered once and told them I will schedule payment once I get paid. I have been in a hardship lately and cannot pay on time. What can I do!

Well my fiance actually used Michael last year to sue a company for harassing him over the phone and so I wanted to see if you could help. I was called earlier today on 3 seperate occasions by STL Warranty under This bogus number. Oh okay. Totally. So like I said, I was called on 3 seperate times all today. The first call, the man was very nice and I told him I wasn't interested. Then he said that he really liked my voice and that I sounded very kind. I laughed said thanks and told him to have a good day. Then I hung up. I then received 2 more calls from the same number but no one answered. I spent about a minute talking each time saying hello and who is this. THEN I get a call about an hour ago from a different number and it's the same creep and he's calling from his personal phone at home! Well I'm pretty sure other people from the same company have called before, but my main concern is this man abusing his power and saving my number!

I believe I have a Rosenthal Act claim. I fell behind in car payments and the creditor sent a repo truck to my wife's house (she lives with her sister and her sister's husband) to demand the collateral back. The loan is mine not hers!

Hi Margaret. I have dealt with Michael in the past. I have a quick and important question. I may need to have a brief conversation but here goes. Does your firm either engage in or know a legitimate company that engages in Credit Restoration (Not Repair)?. I know Michael has expanded but I am not sure into what areas.. I am aware I can do the work...but I am not really well...and it is taxing.. I have a very low score. Ford didn't draft one payment last year and that screwed me up. More important there a lot of old Medical bills. I have been led to believe that if the bureaus cannot produce a document where I agreed to a debt they can be forced to remove it. I am not looking for much credit...but I do need to lease or buy a car later in the year. I would like to begin to raise my score. If that can be done. Las Vegas, now. When I dealt with Michael I lived in Southern California. no....we should probably keep it general until and unless we create an attorney - client relationship. Unless I am covered by my previous association with Mr. Agruss!

Hello, I have a couple quick questions concerning harassment by Portfolio Recovery... The video on said that this firm would stop the harassing calls for free, is this correct? I started receiving calls from Portfolio about 3 years ago, concerning some very old debt which they claimed had ballooned to a large amount of money (don't know the exact amount offhand). They threatened legal action and mentioned garnishing wages and re-possession of my family's mini-van. I checked online and found out they were violating laws in place to protect consumers, which I told them, and they broke off contact. however, they've now started calling again, all the time, at my workplace - and it's getting out of hand. They have too many numbers to block, and I just want to put an end to it!

I googled a phone number that keeps calling me and you guys popped up. According to you guys i am being harassed. The calls started once a day a while ago. They have called me 3 times already today which is why I googled it. That might work. Could they speak to my wife on my behalf? She is a CPA and understands lawyers much better and she is off of work tomorrow because its the 16th. Excellent. How about you give the correct person my email and I will talk to her about it tonight and pass along the information. The lawyer can email me.

Yes. Do you handle cases from South Carolina? I have just had a collection from Enhanced Recovery place on two of my credit files. I have never recieved any other communication with them. I was never sent a dunning letter, nor given the chance to ask for validation!

Hello - I was receiving debt collection calls from Navient to my work number multiple times. What are my options and will it cost me anything? I have a student loan with Sallie Mae. The original loan was for $10,000. I had been paying the loan off, and at some point was only paying off the principle of the loan with no interest for years, and the amount of the loan is now $11,400. I requested lower monthly payments and they refused to work with me, so I just defaulted on my loan. They transferred the loan to Navient, and they called my cell phone non stop for over 3 months. They also called my place of employment at least 3 times!

I just saw a video about Bay Area Credit Service and that you can stop these people from calling me, It said on the video that I won't have to pay anything which I feel suspicious. So I was wondering if you could clarify the same?. I want to first understand what is the procedure to file a case against them. I first need to let you know that I am a student and I dont know if I can afford to pay your fees. So I do not want to waste your time. Because whats the point if I pay the same amount these Bay area credit people are asking me. Do you have an idea how much usually these cases cost? I dont know if you are connected with Bay area haha. Its written that this information does not constitute attorney- client relationship. Plus knowing my last name isnt really relevant right now. I am a broke college student who is being harrassed by these idiotic third party debt collectors. I dont even owe any debt to them. If I can get this to stop by paying really really less, then only I am in. Else I dont think I can afford to pay your fees!

Samantha knows a lady that helped me I think do you mind asking her to give my name and contact info to Samantha to give her associate my name and contact info I can find her info ;:james Michael levister 919703 8521 very important, can you look in your data base to find the answer im not sure I may be, around 3 or 4 years ago!


Hi, my name is Caitlin Clarke - I had someone call my mothers phone asking for me....what are the details on this collection? I am asking you for the details. I didn't even receive the missed call, my mother did regarding me, and they would not give her any details seeing it wasnt me.. Why would you do that. I am asking you to stop calling, I don't need your services, so please take the number 708-595-4027 off your calling list, when you do please confirm this with me so I have a document of this conversation!

I was serching information regarding harrassing calls from "Sallie Mae" 317-550-5589. I came across your law firm while I was doing a search as I get calls several times a day for the past couple weeks from this number. I hate to ask and I have searched around to make sure this is legitimate, but as I am sure you understand in this type of situation I am leary of giving out personal information online. Is it possible to leave an email address for initial contact!

I just spoke with Michael and I was suppose to be sending this website to him. My name is Leslie Barrett, I will also sent it to his email.

Hi Tiffany, im having an issue with a creditor and would like to receive some info on how Agruss law firm may be able to assist me. Im having problems with Prestige financial.. their harrasing me daily although im current on my auto loan, the tell lies when relaying account info, im being charged and harrased about fees I have no knowledge of.. and the constantly try to intimidate and make threats in an attempt to get payments. If you can just add that they are threatening repossession of the vehicle for my refusal to pay the fees.. as I mentionef earlier I am current on my monthly installment.. not sure if they are able to repossess!

Hi Veronica. Your firm handled a prior harassment case for me last year. I filed a ch 7 bankruptcy in April 09,2015. I owed back due rent on 3 mos which I put on my bk.The landlord's realtor attempted to collect a debt via phone today even though I am current with May 2015's rent. Sure,the landlord's realtor who is a friend of her's attempted to call us today even after his client received a notice to appear at our 341 meeting of creditors 5/18/15 and after receiving payment for May 2015's rent this past Monday!

I am getting calls on my cell phone from AcceptanceNow about someone called Jose Cruz witch is not my name. They keep calling after I have told them that I am not Jose. Recently they claimed that Jose had committed a Felony on a voice mail. Can your firm assist me? The cell phone that they are calling is 913 # and they seem to be the only ones calling me on that phone which I have had since 2008 and no one but me has used it!

Hi, I've been getting harassed by a guy names Mark Farmer from ARA, Inc. He says I owe him $23,000+. He's been calling me and my parent (in their 70's). This debt doesn't appear on my credit rating. he continues to call using machines. The debt he claims is from Discovery Financial Services. I might have had a card in the 90's , but this debt is not real, and he has my personal details. I saw that you people had successfully deal with him before. Just that I'm trying to get him off my back. I'm trying to use this as proof of an existing problem, in case he sends me a summons. (I'd rather just get him to stop, especially my for my parents)!

question is there any place that will or could help me pay off gc service in sacramento country, i got three tic,with them total up to driven with out licence one accident that wasnt my fault and it didnt get filled and filler to show up to court cause didnt get notice!

Looking to understand if someone is breaking the rules with autodialers. My business is being called (insurance) the marketer says the calls are legal because my business is posted on the internet. Really just trying to understand what is allowed and what isn't. I'm hearing business to business is legal and there's really not much someone can do about it if I post my phone number on the internet!

I feel like I'm being harassed but I'm not sure. I'm in the military and a collection agency found me while I was at RTC BASIC training trying to collect money from me!

I'm searching your database for phone numbers that keep calling me! Your site is wonderful and when I am home this evening I plan to print out the list of numbers. I keep getting harassed by a debt collector and I am ready to put an end to it. Unfortunately I don't have the time now, but will be happy to when we talk or I can submit the information online. I have to finish work now, as I am at an appointment!