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Truck drivers are often blamed for causing accidents, as they are the ones in charge of cumbersome vehicles and the lives of those around them. However, there is also the chance that there is a mechanical issue with the vehicle. Tire defects are the most common reason truck accidents happen, as this causes 30% of truck accidents. This issue can be blamed on the trucking company, the inspectors, or the mechanics that maintain the truck. Regardless, your attorney will obtain a settlement from the truck company’s insurer when you are in a truck accident. However, if the truck driver is not at fault, this can change your claim’s evidence and the award amount. 

After a harrowing truck accident, you should seek compensation for your damages. You can work with a proven team of truck accident lawyers that will work hard to obtain a settlement. Call Mike Agruss Law today for a free consultation. 

How Truck Accidents Happen Because of Negligent Maintenance

Trucks require regular maintenance to make sure they are performing at legal standards. Many federal laws require big commercial vehicles to be regularly inspected.

Tire Blowouts

This happens when a truck’s tire suddenly bursts while the truck is driving on the highway. It occurs most often when the truck is going at high speed. This can force a truck to topple over or fly out of control. When the tire explodes, the truck veers off from the course and makes it crash drive into other lanes. 

Steering Column Issues

When a steering wheel isn’t entirely on center, it can cause a truck to crash. Steering column problems cause fluid leaks, steering wheel shaking, and screeching. A misaligned steering wheel column is dangerous, as it can freeze up or cause a truck driver to turn inappropriately. 

Broken Signal Lights

When a truck driver’s lights are broken, it prevents both the trucker and other drivers from anticipating where the truck will be. Broken headlights stop the truck driver from adequately seeing the road ahead of them. This can cause them to run into other cars, wildlife, and road obstacles. If their tail lights are not working, vehicles behind the truck will not know if the truck is slowing down or stopping. Additionally, when the truck’s turn signals are not functioning, other cars can’t tell if the truck is switching lanes. 

Trailer Hitch Malfunctions

This is an incredibly hazardous issue where the hitch of the truck’s trailer isn’t properly maintained. This can cause the trailer to move in dangerous directions or fall off of the truck, leaving the trailer to fly into traffic uncontrollably.

Faulty Brakes

Typically, drivers can tell when their brakes need to be checked once they hear their brakes straining at every stop. However, this may not always be the case with trucks, especially since it can be challenging to listen to this over the truck’s engine. When the brakes are faulty, the truck will not be able to slow down or stop. This can be highly dangerous, as the truck can plow through the traffic ahead of them without reducing speed. Trucks carry bulk goods in the tons, and that makes them hefty vehicles. They can be moving at an incredibly high velocity and cause a lot of damage to everything nearby them.

Unsecured Cargo 

Sometimes truck cargo loaders make a mistake and don’t properly secure the cargo on the truck. For example, if they forgot to tie down parts of the cargo or the belts weren’t adequately fastened, debris can come flying off the truck and create road obstacles for other drivers. This can be a distraction in traffic, causing other cars to slow down or create accidents as vehicles drive over or avoid the damaged goods. Unsecured cargo can also become projectile devices that are airborne and hit vehicles at surprising speeds. This not only causes property damage but can also injure drivers. 

How to Prove Negligent Maintenance

Your attorney can use both the evidence at the crash scene and electronic data found on the truck itself. The certified inspector analyzes the truck before it is taken to a mechanic and submits this report to the state trooper. Your lawyer can request this information to help your claim. Additionally, the truck’s black box contains information on the truck, such as its speed, when it braked, and other valuable data. This evidence can prove the negligent maintenance of the trucking company’s mechanics and inspectors. 

How Attorneys Reveal Negligent Maintenance

If you would like to get started on your truck accident claim, you can recruit the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can prove who is at fault for your injuries. Contact Mike Agruss Law now for a free consultation.

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