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My name is James Parr. I go by Jim. I'm an attorney here at Agruss Law Firm, and I have been here since 2016.

What do I like most about personal injury cases? Someone who has just been injured is often overwhelmed and their life has just been turned upside down. Their focus should be on getting treated for their injuries and getting their life back to normal. At Agruss Law Firm, we are able to give our clients some peace of mind that we're taking care of the rest. We're dealing with the insurance company and the other legal aspects of their case.

What's great is that most consumer rights laws are federal statutes. This allows us to help people across the country. Consumer rights issues affect nearly everyone in one way or another. Most of us have received unwanted robocalls. Many of us have had inaccurate information on our credit reports. Many people have had tough times financially and they're being harassed by their creditors and debt collectors for payment. Even if someone owes a debt, creditors and debt collectors still have to follow certain rules when they're attempting to collect these debts, and those rules are often violated and we are here to help.

The plaintiff's work that we do means that we represent regular people; regular people to go against big corporations, banks, debt collection agencies, and insurance companies. Most of these places have armies of lawyers at their disposal, and regular people often don't have the money to hire an attorney. Here at Agruss Law Firm, we represent clients on what's known as a contingency, which in simple terms means that we only get paid if our clients get paid. This sort of arrangement is often referred to as giving regular people the key to the courtroom.

Most animals are pretty cool, but I have to say that my favorite animal is Chance the Snapper. You might have to Google that one. The app I use most is Words with Friends. Yes, people still play that.
There are so many great restaurants here in Chicago with all different types of cuisine, but I'm going to have to say that my favorite food is pizza. It's hard to go wrong with pizza.
I try to go on a snowboarding trip once a year. Really, anywhere where I can relax and have fun. Weekends are for hopefully doing something fun, hopefully relax, and hopefully not too much work. But being a lawyer, sometimes that goes with the territory.

Working at Agruss Law Firm, it's great. Honestly, we all work very well together. The high level of teamwork allows us to effectively and efficiently work on our client's cases. Although Mike is the boss, he is involved with every case that we sign up.

We are listening.

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