Client Testimonial - Marilyn Holloway

Back in 2017, May of 2017, I was involved in a car accident and it was the other person's fault. I needed an attorney because I got kind of hurt pretty bad. I started going through the Yellow Pages, I asked friends, do they know anybody? But I ended up going through the Yellow Pages, doing my research, calling the Better Business Bureau, and I ended up with Michael Agruss Law Firm.

My first impression really started with Jackie because she was really the contact person because they had to get all the medical records and everything together and I had to get documentation. The first impression was Jackie and her hospitality.

Now this is where it all begins, once you get all the documents in. My attorney, Ms. Taylor, she is a quiet force to be reckoned with. When you think of attorneys, you think of somebody that's going to talk, talk, talk. She's not that one. I thought like, "Why she ain't talking?" But I soon, later down the line know that she was a force of really working on my behalf.

My case was surely the other person's fault, but later you find out the person don't have insurance, so we ran into a little snag right there. It appeared to be very dim. The odds was against me because they was trying to find out everything not to pay up. But Ms. Taylor like a superhero, she came in and did what she did. She promised me she would do the best and she gave me her best and we won our case.

I felt very taken care of. Jackie is just the epitome of hospitality. Ms. Taylor, she took care of me, she assured me she had my best interests at heart. Michael, by him being the owner, he comes to seal the deal, let you know, "I do see and I'm on top of every case that comes through my door." That's good to know that the top person of the law firm is that involved in this case.

The best thing is that I feel like they did the best in my best interest and got, did the best that they had to work with and got the top dollar, yeah, for my case. I would definitely recommend Agruss Law Firm to family and friends.

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