Client Testimonial - Michael Rogers

My name is Michael Rogers and I was involved in a car accident in October of last year. I was making a left turn on green and the car blew the red light, their red light and broadsided me and very narrowly missed a direct impact on my driver's side door. Luckily they hit the passenger's side door. It was really, really quite terrifying. My friend actually saw a advertisement and it was local and in the neighborhood. I live here in a neighborhood and didn't want to have to be traveling all over the place and downtown especially, so I decided to stay local. It just seemed like a good fit and it just seemed like I wouldn't be treated just as a number or a case and after initially reaching out to them, I did that. They kind of reaffirmed that feeling that I had, so it just felt right.

I made a phone call and I spoke with, I believe it was Jackie, the paralegal here, and she was very warm, very concerned, and one for my wellbeing. And felt confident that she could help me with the situation. And again, I had never been through anything like this, so I never really knew what to expect. But they made it painless and seamless. The lines of communication were always open. I could always reach them via text, via phone call after hours, their answering service but everybody here was always a text away and that made me feel good. I never felt like I was having to chase them down for an answer. And more often than not they would answer my question before I'd even ask it. And if I didn't, if it wasn't clearer, they would explain it to me and they were just very helpful.

Well, I wasn't again sure what to expect, but at the end of the day when the settlement was reached, I was pleasantly surprised. They put people first. They do. I feel like that, I truly feel that. It's I feel like they're there for you. The way they, I felt like they just went above and beyond to make it seem like, or just felt, like I said, seamless and no bumps, no hiccups, nothing. I would recommend them a 100% to anybody that was in the same situation.

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