Clients' Representative / Family Member - Befekadu Retta

This is not my personal case per se. It is my family case that I brought to this Law Firm. Well, my family had a car accident. They were five of them together. It was a major accident unfortunately, but we all survived. Then after that of course they had to go to medical treatment. Then after we get together, my family they always count on me to find them a lawyer who could represent them for their cases.

I happened to work with many lawyers in Downtown and then Chicago area. But when I think of having a lawyer in Downtown or different location is the hassle of the crowdedness, the transportation and then going to that new area. Then I decided to do research around the neighborhood if I can find a lawyer in the neighborhood. This Law Firm, Agruss Law Firm happened to be lesser three miles from my family residence. I approached them, just the one phone call. They responded immediately and we end up to be with them.

The impression that I found from this law firm is. Number one, when I called them, I spoke to human person rather than going to answering machine or so different services. That's the one thing that you don't see these days. The second thing is location, it's close to my family's home. The third reason is the convenience of transportation to their offices, train, footstep buses are just in front of the door. Those are the things that made me to make a decision to come. Once I get here I found that his staff and the teamwork they have as the lawyers, it was just impressive.

Oh yes! The line of communication was very open phone, texting, emailing, whatever that you gave them to be contacted. I have given them all that information and they have been updating me and contacting me through that. If I have any questions immediately they respond to the maximum that I encounter with them was two hours for response and immediately they response of. To get this kind of Law Firm I'm very lucky. If anyone needs any legal issues, that would comes to my hear or if I comes conversation with my friends. Well, this Law Firm is always on my priority list and I thanks them for their service.

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