Diversified Consultants

Debt collectors like Diversified Consultants cannot harass you over a debt. You have rights under the law, and we will stop the harassment once and for all.


If violated the law, you will get money damages and they will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned-up credit reports. You have nothing to lose!Call us today at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation.

Who is Diversified Consultants?

Diversified Consultants, Inc. is a first- and third-party debt collection agency based in Jacksonville, Florida, with additional locations in Kentucky and Oregon. Founded in 2009, the agency now employs nearly 1,000 people and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2013, but has received nearly 1,000 negative reviews and complaints via the BBB in the past three years, almost all of which are for billing/collection problems.

Diversified Consultants’ Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

Diversified Consultants is located at 10550 Deerwood Park Blvd. #309, Jacksonville, FL 32256; the main telephone number is 800-771-5361. The agency also has a “redundancy branch” location in Tualatin, Oregon, and a customer service location in Louisville, Kentucky: 7575 SW Mohawk St. Tualatin, OR 97062; and 5120 Interchange Way, Louisville, KY 40229. The main website is www.dcicollect.com/

Phone Numbers Used by Diversified Consultants

Like many debt collection agencies, Diversified Consultants may use many different phone numbers to contact debtors. For an advanced search, visit www.agrussconsumerlaw.com/ and click “Number Search” in the “Lookup” dropdown menu. Here are some phone numbers Diversified Consultants may be calling you from:

Diversified Consultants Lawsuits

If you want to know just how unhappy consumers are with Diversified Consultants, take a look at the lawsuits filed against the agency on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (“PACER”). PACER is the U.S.’s federal docket which lists federal complaints filed against a wide range of companies. A search for the agency will display over 750 lawsuits filed across the U.S., most of which involve violations of consumer rights and/or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Diversified Consultants Complaints

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law which applies to everyone in the United States. In other words, everyone is protected under the FDCPA, and this Act is a laundry list of what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things they must do while collecting debt. If is harassing you over a debt, you have rights under the FDCPA.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects you from robocalls, which are those annoying, automated, recorded calls that computers make all day long. You can tell it’s a robocall because either no one responds on the other end of the line, or there is a delay when you pick up the phone before a live person responds. You can receive $500 per call if violates the TCPA.Have you received a message from this agency that sounds pre-recorded or cut-off at the beginning or end? These are tell-tale signs that the message is pre-recorded, and if you have these messages on your cell phone, you may have a TCPA case against the agency.

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) protects electronic payments that are deducted from bank accounts. If took unauthorized deductions from your bank account, you may have an EFTA claim against the agency. , like most collection agencies, wants to set up recurring payments from consumers; imagine how much money it can earn if hundreds, even thousands, of consumers electronically pay them $50 - $100 or moreper month. If you agreed to this type of reoccurring payment, the agency must follow certain steps to comply with the EFTA. Did continue to take electronic payments after you told them to stop? Did they take more money from your checking account than you agreed to?  If so, we can discuss your rights and potential case under the EFTA.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) works to ensure that no information reported to your credit report is false. In essence, it gives you the right to dispute those inaccuracies that you find on your credit report. We’ve handled many cases in which a debt collection agency reported debt on a consumer’s credit report to obtain leverage over the consumer. If is on your credit report, they may tell you that they’ll remove the debt from your credit report if you pay it;this is commonly known as “pay for delete.”If the original creditor is on your report rather than the debt collector, and you pay off the debt, both entities should accurately report this on your credit report.

Several states also have laws to provide its citizens an additional layer of protection. For example, if you live in California, Florida, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Wisconsin, you may be able to add a state-law claim to your federal law claim above.  North Carolina, for example, has one of the most consumer-friendly statutes in the country: if you live in NC and are harassed over a debt, you may receive $500 - $4,000 in damages per violation. We work with a local counsel in NC and our NC clients have received some great results in debt collection harassment cases. If you live in North Carolina and are being harassed by a debt collector, you have leverage to obtain a great settlement.

How do we Use the Law to Help You?

We will use state and federal laws to immediately stop Diversified Consultants’s debt collection. We will send a cease-and-desist letter to stop the harassment today, and if violates the FDCPA, EFTA, FCRA, or any state law, you may be entitled to money damages. For example, under the FDCPA, you may receive up to $1,000 in damages plus actual damages. The FDCPA also has a fee-shift provision, which means the debt collector will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. If you have a TCPA case against the agency, we will handle it based on a contingency fee and you won’t pay us a dime unless you win.


We have helped hundreds of consumers stop phone calls from and we know how to stop the harassment and get you money damages. Once again: you will not pay us a dime for our services. We will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or contingency fee, and the debt collector will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs.

What if Diversified Consultants is on my Credit Report?

Based on our experience, some debt collectors may credit-report, which means one may mark your credit report with the debt they are trying to collect. In addition to or instead ofthe debt collector, the original creditor may also be on your credit report in a separate entry, and it’s important to properly identify these entities because you will want both to update your credit report if or when you pay off the debt.


If Diversified Consultants is on your credit report, we can help you dispute it. Mistakes on your credit report can be very costly: along with causing you to pay higher interest rates, you may be denied credit, insurance, a rental home, a loan, or even a job because of these mistakes. Some mistakes may include someone else’s information on your credit report, inaccurate public records, stale collection accounts, or even being a victim of identity theft. If you have a mistake on your credit report, there is a process to dispute it, and my office will help you obtain your credit report and dispute any inaccurate information.


If a credit reporting agency violates its obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you may be entitled to statutory damages up to $1,000, and the credit reporting agency will be required to fix the error. The FCRA also has a fee-shift provision, which means the credit reporting agency will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. We have helped hundreds of consumers fix inaccurate information on their credit reports, and we’re ready to help you, too.

Complaints against Diversified Consultants

If you’re on this page, chances are you are just like the hundreds of consumers out there being harassed by Diversified Consultants. Here are some of the BBB reviews and complaints against :

  1. These people are ridiculous. I have told them the information they have is incorrect and I have asked them repeatedly to send me documentation and they get nasty on the phone when I do which tells me they are just trying to illegitimately get money and/or my information. I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling me to no avail.”
  1. When you call to collect a debt, you must announce who you are, this company refused to identify themselves as a debt collecting company. Very rude and unprofessional. I did audio tape the conversation.”
  2. These people call daily for an account that doesn't exist. Had AT&T for over 11 years and they are trying to collect a "past due balance", which we've never had a past due balance since our balance has always been automatically deducted. The woman could not give me any information except my phone number that was associated. Sorry, but you would have a referred account number, not my phone number. Called AT&T and they say that this is a SCAM and to not pay it.”

Based on over 300 reviews on Google, receives a 1.4-out-of-5 rating. Here are some of the reviews on Google:

  1. I got a phone call from this company that I owe Sprint a phone bill back-balance. I called Sprint. The account was actually another woman’s. So they somehow got mine and this woman’s information. These people will dig deep when they call you so be careful what you say to them. They will try to "verify" your name, address, email, SSN, when they really just want to make sure they have all the right information. I reported them.”
  2. This place will call you all morning in 10 minute intervals. After you request your number be removed because who they are looking for does not have your number, they still keep calling. They give you attitude when requesting your number be removed, provide no information on who they are or why they are calling.”
  3. They are rude. This company put a debt on my credit report which is not mine. Since I am disputing, they are putting the onus on me to prove that I do not owe. I tell them that the debt is not mine as I was stationed in another state and they tell me to call their compliance people. They give you the runaround in hopes that you pay them to go away. Unethical company.”

Cases We’ve Handled against Diversified Consultants

I think you’ll agree when we say that threats and harassment from collection agencies can be pretty intimidating. However, we can stop the harassment and get you money damages under the law, and the collection agency will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. Here is one case we’ve handled against :

  1. Shinita B. v. Diversified Consultants, Inc. – In July 2018, Shinita of Gadsden County, Florida, filed a claim against for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA). Complaints consisted of frequent harassing phone calls, including after the plaintiff requested that the calls stop, and ignoring the plaintiff’s lawful dispute of the alleged debt.
  2. Jane C.v. Diversified Consultants, Inc. – In March 2018, Jane of Orange County, California, filed a claim against for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (RFDCPA). Complaints consisted of frequent harassing phone calls, including after the plaintiff requested that the calls stop, as well asfailing to provide written verification of the alleged debt.
  3. Dina B.v. Diversified Consultants, Inc. – In November 2017, Dina of Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, filed a claim against for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA). Complaints consisted of unlawfully withdrawing funds from the plaintiff’s bank account without the plaintiff’s authorization.

What Our Clients Say about Us

Agruss Law Firm has over 900 outstanding client reviews through Yotpo, an A+ BBB rating, and over 125 five-star reviews on Google. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

“Michael Agruss handled two settlements for me with great results and he handled them quickly. He also settled my sister’s case quickly and now her debt is clear. I highly recommend Michael.”

“Agruss Law Firm was very helpful, they helped me solved my case regarding the unwanted calls. I would highly recommend them. Thank you very much Mike Agruss!

Agruss Law Firm was very helpful to me and my veteran father! We were harassed daily and even called names for a loan that was worthless! Agruss stepped in and not only did they stop harassing, they stopped calling all together!! He even settled it so I was paid back for the problems they caused!”

Can Diversified Consultants Sue Me?

Although anyone can sue anyone for any reason, we have not seen sue consumers, and it’s likely that the agencydoes not sue because they don’t always own the debt they are attempting to collect, and would alsoneed to hire a lawyer, or use in-house counsel, to file a lawsuit. It’s also likely thatthe agency collects debt throughout the country, and it would be quite difficult to have lawyers, or a law firm, licensed in every state. However, there are collection agencies that do sue consumers; for example, Midland Credit Management is one of the largest junk-debt buyers, and it also collects and sues on debt. Still, it is less likely for a debt collector to sue you than for an original creditor to hire a lawyer or collection firm to sue you. If has threatened to sue you, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible.

Can Diversified Consultants Garnish my Wages?

No, unless they have a judgment. If has not sued you, then the agency cannot get a judgment. Barring limited situations (usually involving debts owed to the government for student loans, taxes, etc.), a company must have a judgment in order to garnish someone’s wages. In short, we have not seen this agency file a lawsuit against a consumer, so the agency cannot garnish your wages, minus the exceptions listed above. If has threatened to garnish your wages, contact our office right away.

Diversified Consultants Settlement

If you want to settle a debt with, ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Do I really owe this debt?
  2. Is this debt within the statute of limitations?
  3. Is this debt on my credit report?
  4. If I pay this debt, will remove it from my credit report?
  5. If I pay this debt, will the original creditor remove it from my credit report?
  6. If I pay this debt, will I receive confirmation in writing from for the payment and settlement terms?

These are not the only things to consider when dealing with debt collectors. We are here to help you answer the questions above, and much more. Whether it’s harassment, settlement, pay-for-delete, or any other legal issue with , we at Agruss Law Firm are here to help you.

Share your Complaints against Diversified Consultants Below

We encourage you to post your complaints about Diversified Consultants. Sharing your complaints against this agency can help other consumers understand what to do when this company starts calling. Sharing your experience may help someone else!


If you are being harassed by over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages – up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500 - $1,500 for illegal robocalls. Under state and federal laws, we will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or contingency fee, which means the debt-collector pays your attorneys’ fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases, and we’re prepared to help you, too. Contact Agruss Law Firm at 888-572-0176 to stop the harassment once and for all.

Phone Numbers Used By Diversified Consultants

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Submitted Comments

I receive several calls a day from Diversified all from different phone numbers. I call on my work phone to see who is trying to call me. I don't believe I have any debt that should be collected by them but I don't answer. I block the number every time but they call from a new number. My husband has a collection that is owed to Sprint from before we were married in 2016. I have wondered if they are trying to collect that. Are they breaking the law by calling me?!

You keep billing me for a debt that was paid years ago. Oh, sorry, I thought I was online with Diversified Consultants!

I am getting letters from some company claiming I owe a debt I cannot possibly owe. I had a demand letter sent to them to prove the debt valid and they sent me back a totally vague and nearly unreadable photocopy of documents that still does not prove anything, and they are claiming a company called EOS has tried to collect this from me, and I never heard of them, nor have I ever heard of this debt from AT&T they say I owe it to. It's not possible because my phone was on my friend's family plan for 5 years, and after that for the last 2 years it's been prepaid via my debit card. The last company claiming I owe this debt is Diversified Consultants. I am pretty sure they are scammers. What should I do? Well, I cannot owe this debt, my phone was on someone else's family plan with AT&T from 2010 until two years ago, when I got my own plan, and it's pre-paid automatically via my debit card. DCI will not tell me when this debt was incurred!

original was sprint for 77dollars that was years ago it has been taken off 3 times and its been put back on credit report for 2018, like its a new debt!

They have harassed me since possibly 2013 I've noticed they are now offering home security of homes in & around my community. I have medical & identify information submitted to Louisiana & federal government. They harassed me & my children for numerous years. I have data & info to prove it!

I had an account w/ At&t go to collections and I received several calls. I asked if they would completely remove this account from my credit and was told no. After a few months I got another call and the representative told me if I paid the settlement It would be removed and I quote "like medical bills once you pay it its removed" So I agreed and paid it. For the past two years Ive contacted this company for them to have the account removed, they blamed the credit bureaus saying they were not doing their job then advised I dispute it, I did and it did NOTHING the credit bureaus said DCI responded with the debt was correct so I contacted DCI multiple times then they started playing word games saying it was updated accordingly, I explained It wasn't I was promised it would be removed, they said that's all they can do. I informed them I would of never paid the 300+ to have it stay in a negative collection reporting negatively and the only reason I paid was b/c I was assured it would be removed. I've continuously filed complaints and looked for this company on the better business bureau and have been unable to find them but I have found several people complaining about a similar situations. There needs to be an investigation or a class action lawsuit! These people are horrible!

Diversified Consultants have been calling me excessively about a debt. They call me several times a day. Sometimes I work nights and they call me during the day waking me up. It got to the point to where I don't even answer my phone anymore!

They will not stop calling me. I want them out of my life. They harass me non-stop. I'm done with these mother effers!

It is now around 12 noon on tuesday and this company already called me around 5 times today alone!

These people have been harassing me for forever all the phone calls and their never clear on why they are calling. Just receive a voicemail from someone claiming to be Processor Blake Harris with Harris county stating I need to be home for a citation their about to send between 2-4 o'clock or their going to show up at my place of employment. Really, these people are insane. No reason what their harassing me about no phone number left or anything. They use my maiden name which I haven't use in 17 years so what their talking about I have no clue. They are about to get themselves sued for harassment and distress.

I have a phone that you are trying to collect for I have no knowledge of this phone bill I've had the same phone for 6 year's I need someone to call ASAP so we can get this taken care of. Thank you!

h How can I be assuered that I am How can I be assured that I am exchanging my personal information with a legitimate person that is recording phone conversion? How can I protect my confidential information and stop harassment VIA phone calls!

h How can I be assuered that I am How can I be assured that I am exchanging my personal information with a legitimate person that is recording phone conversion? How can I protect my confidential information and stop harassment VIA phone calls!

Hello. Back in December i had a collection show up on my credit report. I disputed it with the collection company that placed it there plus the credit agencies. It was found to be fraud. Everything was removed from my reports in January. Now a new collecting company called diversified had placed a collection for the same thing back on my reports. How can i get them to stop the collection and hand it removed once again? I do have the fraud avidavid that was emailed originally to me to fill out and send to the original collection agency plus their e mails with them. And the letter from the credit agency starting that indeed it was fraud. Thank you!

Good evening. I am having a problem with a debt from Divirsified Consultants Ok, give me a couple minutes to type it out please A while back I was put on a Comast account, but then it was cancelled since I now have AT&T. However, Comcast called me because they said I owed them money. I did not have enough money to pay them, and after a while of getting letters in the mail and phone calls, I spoke with them and they said the balance would be cancelled and that I do not have to worry about it anymore. However, apparently Divirsified has now picked up what was supposed to be cancelled, and they want me to pay it!

Diversified has called my brother a couple of times, got to the point that he told them its a wring number. What can I do? well I have not got any mail from them, nor do I know who they are. Somehow they got my brothers phone number and call him looking for me. soo many scammers I do not know whom to trust. my last name is Gomez Mcallen TX i found this site with complaints about that company I really dont know who they are. This is the second time my brother mentions that company name to me he just said wrong number he got a call about 20 min ago from them sure ok thank you!

my friend has been receiving phone calls from diversified consultants and they have been asking for me. ..I want to know how they got her phone number and why they are asking for me. There is a person who antagonizes me during the holidays and I want to know if its possible that they contacted diversified consultants and gave them some screwy information. Not any that I'm comfortable giving out.. ..if I miss the phone call I just won't worry about it. Thank you though. Do you have any idea what time they might call!

I keep getting phone calls from this company up to 3 times a day. They are asking for someone I don't even know and when I try to speak to an agent the phone just hangs up. It's an animated voice machine that calls. When I try calling back it just hangs up. I have no idea how you guys even got my number. Just please make sure you take the number off your list. That is all. Please make sure you get that machine to stop calling me. It keeps asking for a name I barely even understand. Like an Chinese name or something. the phone number you keep calling is 917-312-2225!

can you remove my phone number from your calling list. I do not have any case why you are calling me!

I googled a phone number that had just called me and i ignored - it lead me to your page. not that I'm aware of - I have no former knowledge of your law firm or "Diversified Consultants". not recently - and I don't recall ever contacting your firm!

I just last night hooked up a new phone number and you called today and would not talk, so I googled the number. this is the first phone call placed to me on a brand new phone number. like I said, I never called, you woke me up and then wouldn't talk, but sat on the phone in silence. The last cell number I got had previously been owned by a troubled young man with legal issues, I received about 300 hours of telephone calls over a 3 week period that cost me hundreds of dollars looking for him that did not get the point that I only got a new phone number and didn't need the problems included with the number. I only want to know if this phone number is related to another past issue of some criminal or person in debt, because then I will have it changed. I owe nobody anything nor have any illegal issues what-so-ever and want this resolved before becoming a problem. tell the person to NEVER call me and sit on the phone not talking EVER again, I am tired, I have been working ALL NIGHT LONG and slept 2 hours and some stupid calls me, wakes me up and will not even talk.

yes i just got a phone call right now. i cant make a payment tthrew here!

Being hArassed. They won't give out info. I am going through much FRAUD at the moment also Identity theft. Please STOP calling! If that important send mail...... Thank you. Ms Sri Johnston!

I have a google voice account and I received an email from you firm. I don't have any business with you so I am a little confused!

I keep getting phone calls and I would like them to stop. I am not the person they are trying to contact. I just got a new phone number that apparently someone with debt had before me. are you trying to collect debt for a lidia alvarez!

Please stop calling me I'm only 12 I don't care about any of this you have called me over 7 times now

I was just trying to find out about diversified consultants and see if anyone else out there gets numerous calls a day from them the way I do. I'm sorry but I didn't even get a chance to look at the website I'm on before the chat popped up. What does the lawyer specialize in!

I actually just watched the you tube video on the diversified consultants. I was on line trying to find out some info on them because they call every night of the week usually around 7:30 and never leave a message. I am not sure exactly what they are trying to contact me for, they use a switch board so the number is always a couple digits from the last time. If they would leave a message I would gladly call them back. But I want to be prepared to speak to them. I assume it is the debt that I am arguing with T Mobile on, seeing they are a wireless collection agency!

i keep getting calls 3 to 5 times a day from Diversified Consultants. blocked their number called cops to no avail. can i recieve a call? typing on xbox is slow. This is in regards to a Verizon bill. I have been threatened and swore at and the last call they started threatening my SSI check!

I have a debt with you guys from AT&T. i have been getting calls from you guys, from the 201-942-4126. but i'd like to know, after i make the payment how long will it take for you guys to remove that collection mark on my credit!

Are you a bot, or a real person? What is 2 + two? I have a debt with a debt collector listed on your website and want to resolve the matter, but I don't want to deal with their reps. Basically, I owe Diversified Consultants ( http://www.agrusslawfirm.com/diversified-consultants/ ) about $300 and was wondering if Agruss could deal with them, maybe even get the amount reduced, and how much Agruss would charge. Correction: I owe Diversified $403, but I'm a little put off by online reviews which state that they harass customers. I'd like to use a mediator, so to speak, so that I could just pay the amount and have it cleared, or marked as Paid in Full, on my credit report!

this company is harrasing me. It all started when I cancelled my Dish network on April 19th. They told me they would send out the packaging box with final bill. Well After April 19th Dish started calling me telling me I was late on my bill. I told them I have canceled. They told me it showed that I wanted to cancel but it didnt happen happen and once again they would ship the box out and then my final bill which they told me not to pay until I recieve my final bill. Which they have noted. Then by the first of the month I recieve a email showing I owe like $200 and I may be refered to collections. I called Dish and they said we show you canceled but nothing has been sent to you yet. So once again they said they would ship the box and send a final bill. I said what about the email. He said don't worry, that he would note what happened. So finally I go the box last week then the bill. I have packaged the box and was going to pay the bill this week which is $100, even though I was told it would be about $80. Well today I get a call from diversified Credit in Florida saying I owe this bill. I was shocked. I told him what happened and he said it noted that I should wait for final bill, but it did not matter. I told him that is not right and I should speak to somenone else. He then said " Don't you have anything better to do with your life than worry about Dish Network. Are you not a man." I couldn't believe it. I said this conversation is over and he continued to harass me. I hung up. Now they are calling my work number. How they got ahold of it I dont know. I looked up the number and it was a 801 number. Called the number back and that is how I found out who they where!

I am contacting you about my att account. I got a call from diversified consultants about my att bil. I have a new phone number!

I just found this page http://www.agrusslawfirm.com/diversified-consultants/ through google because I've been getting harassing phone calls from Diversified Consultants. I was trying to find a list of their phone numbers so I could add them to my phone block list but if I can take legal action, that would be nice too. Potentially. Is there any risk in having my case looked at? How much harassment does there have to be before I have a case? I'm fortunate enough to be living debt-free. My name is Amanda and the first time they called they were asking for someone named Gina Ryder. I have no idea who that is but I've had this number for 5 years and don't want to change it. When I got the number, Sprint told me it hadn't been used before so I don't know how they got my number or why they think I'm Gina. But I've gotten three calls from them over the last three business days: first around noon, another around 3:30p, and just now about ten minutes ago. I work as a Flagger and have to keep my phone on loud at all times to receive dispatch. Sometimes I work dayshift, sometimes nightshift, so I sleep at odd times. Any phone call that is not directly work-related can wake me up and really screw up my sleep schedule and the following work shift. Family only has a two-hour window where they can call or text me so they don't accidentally wake me. I am able to block a max of 50 phone numbers through Sprint. I blocked the numbers that called me the first two times; the numbers only had the last two digits different. This time they called me from a number with the last three digits differing; I haven't yet added it to my block list. I was looking for some list of phone numbers they have in the hopes I could block enough of them to prevent them from calling me but it looks like they have a lot of numbers. I have also submitted a complaint to donotcall.gov for each instance where they called me. First time they called is the only time I picked up. When I told them there was no one here by the name of Gina Ryder, I asked who was calling and there was silence for a long time. Then I said hello a couple times and the line went dead. The other two calls I've hit the hang-up button on without picking up!

I want to file charges of daily calls from a debt collector stating they are looking for Milisa Goldman they have usd different numbers on different days everyday for the past three months, I have told them I would sue if the did not cease and desist, but everyday Calls keep coming. This complaint is against Diversified Consultants, and they want Milisa Goldman about a debt, I have told them many times that there is no Milisa Goldman at this phone, and never was. I have told them about 10 times in at least three months to stop calling this number, but call anyway, I even threatened to sue if they don't stop!

Wife just call private name private number said diversified collections, so they wanted to verify her, she said not verifying anything until they verify what about. lady other end refused, so then my wife asked for phone number to call back they hung up? wondering what to do. been googling to see if legitate collections and such basically that's whole phone call rang about 15 minutes ago. Asked for my wife (Deborah), I said may I ask whos calling, she said Diversified collections then gave to my wife, and she got on phone lady on other end was trying to verify address, my wife refused to verify until told what was call about. lady other end refused, said is for your protection, so my wife then said, well give me phone number and extension to call back, lady other end disconnected. we do have credit issues, we are tackling them slowly but surely, and judging from website googles, thinking it might be old att bill, but that was low on our credit priorities!

i need to pay an acct off, it was just trasferred. CBE Group said it was sent to your office!

i need to pay an acct off, it was just trasferred. CBE Group said it was sent to your office!

Harassing phone calls throughout my work day and evening. When I answer all I was asked was if this is who I am. Then when I called back I get nothing but a recording and a long hold time. WHATEVER or WHOMEVER they are suppose to be collecting for I have no idea until I googled the number and I see other reviews about complaints as this is a collection agency for Sprint. However, I have been a Sprint customer for over 10 years and currently still am so I don't know why this place would be contacting me for any collections. Filing a complaint to cease the harassing phone calls that never leave a message as to what this call is in regards to.

+1 (877) 770-1039 Number constantly calling calling my new job changed my address to work address even though I don't live there Don't owe the debts they claim. Threatening my wages I'm disabled

I have received calls randomly for the last 20 months. I have received 18 calls in the last month. I am NOT the person you are calling for, nor have I ever heard of this person you are calling for. I have asked (via phone and email) repeatedly to have my number removed. I'm tired of being harassed... especially while I'm at work.

I am receiving calls on my cell phone for the person that had the phone before me. I had gotten the phone I June 2015 after a few weeks I started receiving calls.

had this call come in from 651-829-2401 saying a debt collector but all my debts are cleared and written off,not on my credit report

The following number 651-829-2439 has been calling me daily for over two weeks. They never leave a voicemail, and when I have spoken to them, they are actually looking for my fiance Brittany King. They tell me she needs to call them on a personal business matter. How do I make these calls stop?

They call me and call me. They leave no voice mail message whatsoever. When I called one of the many Wichita, Kansas numbers they use, it comes up as "Thank you for calling Diversified Consultants". When they do call me and I am able to answer, if I answer in Portugese (my mother is from Brazil), there is no response on their end, no machine, no person, no hang-up, just dead air.

These people keep calling asking for another person. I have told them I am not that person, but they keep calling anyway. At 70, I don't have patience to be nice to them as I have told them not to call me anymore. I do not owe a collection and I pay my bills. If I did owe them, I would pay them, but as it is not me that are asking for and me they are harassing, want them to quit! Thank you.

Please stop calling me

Negative credit reporting.

They call every day, this morning @8:15AM, diversified consultants

800-604-0064 has been calling my phone almost every day for a month now. My call logs are full of that number none stop.

I received a call this morning saying I owe Verizon Wireless $500+ I was unaware of. The rep explained that my contract was up January 2015. I continued to use the service because Verizon customer service explained that my plan goes month to month after the contract was up. Rather than sign a new contract and get a new phone I preferred to use my old phone and continue without contract. In October 2015 I found that I could save money moving to prepaid. I called Verizon and they very easily switched me over. Diversified Consulting is now claiming Verizon has charged me $350 for an "early termination fee." The rep says because I continued to use the service after the contract was up that I "automatically" started a new contact and "you no longer need to sign or acknowledge anything" to be put back into contract. However, Verizon never informed me of such things when I transferred to prepaid nor did they even mention I was going to owe any sort of monies.

I used to have a tmobile. I closed my account with them also return my phone with them but now they were harassing me with the debt collectors it's called diversified consultants.

I was 16 years old and somehow my name and social security number was used to gain cable services in a home.

I am getting calls from diversified consultants three to four times daily. They never leave a message to inform me what it is regarding. The consistent calls with no message asking me to return the calls is excessive and unprofessional

They call repeat lyrics throughout the day and night, not leaving a message, when my wife answered the got ugly and wouldn't even leave a message with her

Hi Robert, I'm very familiar with Diversified Consultants and how annoying their calls are. How you told Diversified Consultants to stop calling. Either way, I'll help you stop the calls. You may have a case under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and/or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We'll discuss your rights and options further on the phone. Thanks, Mike.

I really don't know who Diversified Consultant is. But they have been sending me letters saying i owe At&T $159.00. I had pre-paid phone services with AT&T in Auburndale, Florida where i paid my bill every month. I longer have phone services with AT&T and ask ed them did i owe them any money and they said no. But these people keep writing me saying i owe AT&T money and now they're on my report. Is there any way i can stop these people from ruinning my life!! I don't even where they got that information. Thanks!

I have been repeatedly harassed by diversified consultants even after repetedly stateing not to.call me anymore and calles after hours latest at 8:49pm hoe can they do that and then they hang up

I'm not sure, I think it's dealing with Verizon wireless and the firm indicating that I owe them funds that I don't owe.

I received a call from this number on my home phone. I answered it on the second ring, and the person hung up at the sound of my voice. I called them back, using my cell phone, and the person who answered refused to give me any information about who they were or why they called my home. I gave no information back, and when they were not forthcoming, I hung up on them.

They call at at inappropriate times in the morning for months now.

Exactly, Amy. At&t doesn't follow through will the programs they develop. These company's should support and stand firm on what they consider the statement "valued customers" or stop lying

I keep receiving calls both at home and at work.I am being told that I have an outstanding debt of which I have not acknowledged. I have instructed Diversified consultants that I want proof of the debt and to contact via mail only. I have told them repeatedly tono longer contact me via work. I am being harassed by this company. Please help make this stop.

I've been getting called from 601.974.3714 & it rings 2-3 times then they hang up! My wife's phone has been getting blown up by the same #! I called the # back from my work phone & got the Diversified Consultants message! I googled them & found out what they do. I have no debt they should be calling me about. But it is very annoying as others have stated.

I continue to get calls from this company, diversified consultants and have no idea what they are talking about in terms of a debt. They have even stated that a claim has been filed against me in my county.

I was called by Diversified Consultants for a $52.00 balance owed to SafeTouch Security (a company that has my credit card on file so they could pay themselves the $52.00 at any time). They called me 4 different times/days prior to 8:00 a.m. - SafeTouch had my cell phone number for the account, and it is a Florida area code, but I live in Colorado and have lived in CO for nearly 2 years. When they call they never leave a message and when you answer the phone, their is nobody there but the line is still open then they hang up. The only way I knew who it was, is I called the number back and they then looked me up and told me what it was about. When I told them they can't hangup on people in order to get them to call back in like that and that it was before 8 a.m. my time and that I new they were breaking the law they hung up on me. I called SafeTouch and they told me I was not actually in collections and DCI is an affiliate of SafeTouch (both are Jacksonville companies). I told them they need to fix their collection practice because they were intentionally being misleading to get people to think they are in collections to pay.

I just received my first call from Diversified Consultants and after reading just a few comments I'm dreading what the next couple of days will bring. I know exactly why they are calling but I refuse to pay the debt. I had cell service with AT&T for over 20 years and was also working for AT&T. My job was relocated to Atlanta and I was laid off. My new job is located not too far from the AT&T building but I get no service at all including cell calls and text messages. My cell is my main contact with my family and my elderly mother so I couldn't continue with their service. For some reason, Verizon Wireless works perfectly. Unfortunately when I canceled my service I had early termination fees and balances on purchased phones. I told AT&T exactly why I was canceling and gave them the exact address of where the issues were happening but no response. Again I have no intention of paying the debt since I had no choice but to cancel the service and had to purchase new phones.

(215) 372-1697 Philadelphia, PA Add this number they call from. I have 0 debt and perfect credit. and they call before 8am every morning. Block them please

not sure. this company has been calling my mothers house (817-447-xxx) asking for me..

ATT has charged me bill of $57 which i dont owe and that went to collection which has created a huge impact on my credit hisotry. when i called the customer care they said they have charged it mistakely and they are removing that charge from my credit report. but i want to understand how can they compensate it

I recently checked my credit file and saw this company listed with a $770 debt that I know nothing about. I want it off my credit report. Ive been getting daily , twice a day calls from the phone number listed with a 704 prefix. they never say who they are or leave a message. I just realized that the phone number was theirs when I googled them.

Harassed by DCI. Payed off the debit. Now I want DCI to delete the record from my credit history to increase my credit scores.

My sprint account was hacked by a person named Jennifer who opened a secondary account under the family plan with sprint I called they caccelrf it but told Mr I had to pay for usage my bill 150 plus late fee plus her bill I made my payment and after 12 years in December they disconnected service at that time I owed for December bill and part of November now I owe $745.25 they charged me her bill mine and disconnect fee Even though they were willing to settle once I agreed they decided to send to collections DCI is the company from hell call anytime rude and they will hang up Michael Anna is whose handling my case any help is appreciated.

DIVERSIFIED CONSULTANTS INC has been calling me several times trying to collect a debt I have with Direct TV. They has been calling so much that I block thier number on my cell. What can I do to stop them?

Diversified Consultants is calling me non stop from local 719 area code number in Colorado stating I owe a sprint bill, which I do not. When I asked for account info they gave me old land line numbers from over 15 years ago saying I owe for an old land line and stating it was just sent to collections this year!? This is false I am being harassed! We have no outstanding debt with any phone company ever.

I had an account with Verizon. I ended my contract 2 months early with them. Diversified Consultants started robocalling me at work Monday through Saturday at exactly 803am every morning starting in July. They got my workplace phone number by calling the executive secretary. I finally emailed Diversified a cease and desist demand to stop calling my workplace. I included my name and street address on this. I received an email from a woman at DCI who said they needed my work number. I continued to receive calls at work from them until I emailed them on September 22 and told them that despite the previous email they continued to call me and I intended to call the BBB, FTC, and take legal action. They have really angered me. Enough is enough!

I am a lawyer. I don't do Fair Collection Cases but I think this is a violation. Collection agency is Diversified Consultants of Jacksonville Florida. I recently closed an internet service provider account with Comcast. Comcast just sent the closing bill. It is not due. Comcast has my cell number. The Diversified debt collectors for some reason did a skip trace on me and started randomly calling my adult children looking for me. I believe this is illegal. If you are interested, call me or send an email. Why don't you guys start a nationwide class action. Diversified seems like a bad actor.

Hi Stephen, Diversified Consultants is notorious for calling people excessively. Have your received a letter from Diversified Consultants? Have you checked your credit report to see if Diversified Consultants is on it? Please call me at 888-572-0176 so we can discuss your rights. I can stop the calls from Diversified Consultants. We can also discuss your rights under the law to see if you are entitled to any money damages. Thanks, Mike

Hi Stef, Unfortunately, your situation is far too common. About 20% of my clients are being harassed over debt they do not owe. It sounds like you are experiencing the same thing. If you haven't done so already, you should answer the phone calls from Diversified Consultants, tell them you are not the debtor, and tell Diversified Consultants to stop calling. Whether you owe the debt or not, you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If Diversified is calling your cell phone, you also have rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. I will contact you so we can discuss this further. I will help you stop the harassment like I've done for so many of my other clients being harassed by Diversified Consultants. Thanks, Mike.

They have called me several times asking for another person and I've told them they have the wrong number but continue to call.

Hi David, I'm sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with Diversified Consultants. I have helped several people harassed by Diversified Consultants. Diversified Consultants collects on a lot of phone service provider accounts. In fact, I'm currently helping a consumer harassed by Diversified on an old Sprint cell phone bill. In this case, Diversified called my client 150 times in an attempt to collect a disputed debt. I will contact you so we can further discuss your situation with Diversified. Thanks, Mike.

The following summarizes my complaints against Diversified Consultants Inc. ( aka in Texas as Diversified Controls International of Florida ). Who have demanded payment for a bill that I do NOT owe and the primary culprit AT&T. Diversified Consultants, Inc./ ( *in the state of Texas ) : *Diversified Controls International of Florida PO Box 1391 Southgate, MI 48195 March 13, 2015 To whom this may concern; Save your time and energy. I will NEVER pay for an illegal billing! I owe AT&T nothing,...AT&T owes me credit for January's paid for and unused service after January 19, 2015. I'm sure the following means nothing to you people. When in fact your company has as many of complaints as AT&T for harassment and disreputable business practices. If you choose to continue to "hound" me over this illegal billing I will add your "outfit" to my list for litigation. You've picked the wrong person to "mess" with. My final response to AT&T's nefarious attempts to gouge me for money: AT&T PO Box 90245 Arlington, TX 76004 March, 10, 2015 To: AT&T Collections and Credit I cancelled my land line and Internet service on January 19, 2015 due to years of AT&T's relentless, aggressive telemarketing harassment. E.g., 2-3 calls a day 7 days a week as early as 8:30am with AT&T ignoring my numerous requests to cease these calls. Nevertheless, I received a threatening letter dated February 13, 2015 stating I had ignored their previous attempts to collect payment. When in fact up to that point I had received zero notices from AT&T regarding this billing. In order to correct this discrepancy I contacted AT&T the same day and spent more than 1 1/2 hours being recycled through live representatives and automated voices. Ultimately ending back to “Square one (1)” with the automated message system of my initial call 5 times! Finally, I was told by a live AT&T live representative to disregard the collection letter and that my December 29,, 2014 payment of $129.70 was good through January 2015. Nevertheless, yesterday March 9, 2015 I received another debt letter from AT&T for the same terminated account. In another attempt to resolve this issue I again experienced the same "***-around" by being transferred to one representative or automated messages to another without any positive results. This time I was *told that the charges of $109.36 were for services rendered in January. When in fact I had paid for January 2015 when I made my December 29, 2014 payment to AT&T. A total *contradiction of what I was told last month by a live representative when I contacted AT&T concerning this erroneous billing. Furthermore, the A&T Final Bill Video on your website states customer payments are made for services one month in advance as well. By researching consumer complaints against AT&T there are literally thousands of similar issues documenting disreputable billing practices. Not to mention the numerous nationwide Class Action Law Suits as a consequence of AT&T’s illegal and unscrupulous business policies. I have already filled formal complaints with the Consumers Union and the Federal Trade Commission, and I am seriously considering litigation based on AT&T’s disreputable business practices and undue harassment. Please note I will not pay this bill. I owe AT&T nothing on this closed account. In addition, since I paid $ 129.70 in advance on December 29, 2014 for a full month service through January 2015, I expect credit for the unused portion after Jan. 19. Sincerely, David L. Lyle To DCI: Continued,...Therefore consider this letter your final warning. Regarding this illegitimate collection attempt: If I receive one ( 1 ) more notice from DC Inc., DCI of Florida or whatever you miscreants are calling yourselves today, I will include your company in my pending litigation. Have a nice day! Sincerely, David L. Lyle Former AT&T account # 281-516-3877 024 7 Agency reference # 31308425 11819 Westlock Dr. Tomball, TX 77377-7916 832-334-2036 E-mail: [email protected] Sent from my iPad

Hi Carla, I have helped several people being harassed by Diversified Consultants. I understand your frustration and hesitance. Diversified should have sent you something in writing. Did you receive anything in the mail from Diversified? Diversified should not be calling your cousin or other family members. I can help stop those calls immediately. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Please call (888-572-0176) me so we can further discuss your problems with Diversified Consultants. Thanks, Mike

I am being harrassed by this company for an AT&T bill $258.57 the original amount was the amount owed of the last bill. Then the month following,,,it had increased to $709.44. They called my cousin and made many nasty calls to another family member. I am not comfortable giving them my payment information to pay the bill because I do not trust them. I don't know what to do...please help! I don't know how to manage this account.

from Dec. 10th to Jan. 19th J have received 40 calls from Diversified Consultants Inc. and I do not owe any money to them or the companies they represent.