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Worst Nursing Homes in Illinois According to the Illinois Department of Public Health

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Placing your loved one in a nursing home is never an easy decision to make. You want the best care for them, but you may be unsure as to what nursing homes are providing the care your loved one deserves, and which nursing homes are best avoided because of their poor care, negligence, and record for nursing home abuse.

While there are laws in place that are supposed to protect elderly nursing home residents from abuse and neglect including the Nursing Home Care Act, these laws are only effective if they are followed and enforced. Unfortunately, in the United States, and especially in Illinois, this isn’t always the case for every health care center.

Pennsylvania Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) led an inquiry into the Special Focus Facility (SFF) program which is run by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The SFF program works with nursing homes that have a record of substandard care by providing extra inspections at these facilities and working to improve the quality of care that these nursing homes provide to their residents.

On June 3, 2019, Casey and Toomey published a report titled, Families’ and Residents’ Rights to Know: Uncovering Poor Care in America’s Nursing Homes, which included all the nursing homes that the CMS deemed to have a record of consistent shortcomings and poor care. This is the first time that the list has been made public and is an eye-opening account of just how many nursing homes are falling short.

Because of Federal budget cuts in 2014, the available slots for nursing homes to be publicly identified as “substantial failures” was reduced in the SFF program to only 88, however, this number represents less than one percent of the nursing homes operating in the U.S. In reality, there are over 400-plus facilities that would also qualify for the SFF program as “candidates” because of their persistent record of poor care, but their names were not released until the investigation by Senators Casey and Toomey.

These candidate facilities were also kept from the online reference tool maintained by the CMS known as Nursing Home Compare. This list compares and contrasts nursing homes in the community to help loved ones make informed decisions about where to place their loved one(s). Special Focus Facilities are designated with a small yellow “caution” sign to warn that the nursing home is putting residents at risk for abuse or neglect, but the over 400 candidate nursing homes were kept from this important list, leaving family members in the dark about the dangers that could await their loved ones.

Senators Casey and Toomey faulted the CMS for failing to provide the public with adequate information about the SFF program, including the reasons for a nursing home to be included in the program, the length of time they have been in the program, whether the facility has made improvements, information on why specific facilities have been in and out of the program, and the length of time it takes to update the names of new SFF facilities.

The List of Illinois’ Worst Nursing Homes

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately 1.5 million people living in nursing homes across the U.S. These residents are being cared for in over 15,000 facilities, of which approximately three percent are included in the SFF program.

The report released by the Senators deemed 22 nursing homes as the worst nursing homes in Illinois as SFF candidates and participants. These facilities are as follows:

SFF Candidate Nursing Homes

  • 1. ACCOLADE HEALTHCARE OF PONTIAC 300 W Lowell Ave, Pontiac, IL 61764

Accolade Healthcare of Pontiac ranks as one of Illinois’ worst nursing homes in a recent inspection that took place in June 2023. In what can only be described as nursing home neglect, the nursing home residents were exposed to nutrition and dietary deficiencies. This nursing center was also cited for failure to provide and implement an infection prevention plan, along with receiving D scores for failure to acknowledge changes that would require updates to a resident’s care plan.

  • 2. ALDEN TERRACE OF MCHENRY REHAB, 803 Royal Dr., McHenry, IL 60050

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued citations to this nursing and rehab center for failing to provide appropriate treatment and care to nursing home residents.

  • 3. BURGIN MANOR, 900 E Scott St, Olney, IL 62450

Burgin Manor has consistently ranked as one of the worst nursing homes in Illinois, currently listed at dead-last in 52nd place out of the 52 nursing homes in Olney. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave it only one star based on health inspections, low staffing levels, low quality measures, and lack of adequate care for residents.

  • 4. CHAMPAIGN COUNTY NURSING HOME, 500 Art Bartell Rd, Urbana, IL 61802

Continued complaints about the Champaign County Nursing Home facilities keep it among the worst nursing homes. Family members advocating for their aging loved ones have stated that uncaring nursing staff along with staffing levels made them fearful for the care in this facility.

  • 5. CHAMPAIGN URBANA NURSING & REHAB, 302 Burwash Ave, Savoy, IL 61874

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) issued a violation to the Champaign Urbana Nursing & Rehab nursing home in the first quarter of 2022. The violation for this rehabilitation center was a fine in the amount of $25,000 for nursing home abuse for failure to prevent these actions on a resident.

  • 6. EDWARDSVILLE NSG & REHAB CTR 401 St Mary’s Dr., Edwardsville, IL 62025

Quality of life and care at this nursing home facility violates the Nursing Home Care Act. Edwardsville Nursing and Rehab Center was rated with a “J” in seriousness as per Medicare and Medicaid Services that cited this facility for failure to provide appropriate treatment and care according to each resident’s care plan. The rating of “J” means that residents are in immediate jeopardy of their health and safety.

  • 7. ELEVATE CARE WAUKEGAN, 2222 14th St, Waukegan, IL 60085

The inspection reports for this Waukegan health care center fall drastically short of requirements set by the Nursing Home Care Act. Elevate Care Waukegan nursing home, while not the worst nursing care facility in this list of worst nursing homes in Illinois, has received ratings ranging from “C” to “F” for a variety of issues. The latest inspection, conducted in December 2023, named 12 deficiencies and one infection.

  • 8. GARDENVIEW MANOR, 14792 Catlin Tilton Rd, Danville, IL 61834

In the same Illinois Department of Public Health report on nursing home abuse in area nursing homes for December 2022 as listed above, Gardenview Manor failed to recognize changes in the condition of a resident. It also failed to provide a timely medical evaluation, intervention, and issuance of care, resulting in a $25,000 fine.

  • 9. GENERATIONS AT MCKINLEY COURT, 500 W McKinley Ave, Decatur, IL 62526

Generations at McKinley Court is a skilled nursing facility that failed to provide supervision and assistance, which led to a resident being injured in a fall. It was fined by authorities for engaging in nursing home neglect.

  • 10. GENERATIONS AT MCKINLEY PLACE, 2530 N Monroe St, Decatur, IL 62526

Another of the Generations brand, Generations at McKinley Place is also among the worst nursing homes in Illinois. Health inspection reports revealed that the employees in this nursing center failed to put plans in place to prevent falls, did not assist residents with their hygiene care, and many other grievances. It is important to note that most infractions put the majority of the residents in danger.

  • 11. GREENTREE OF BRADLEY REHAB, 650 Kinzie Ave., Bradley IL 60915

This nursing home failed to monitor the proper use of medication for the residents, resulting in a fine in the second quarter of 2019.

  • 12. HELIA HEALTHCARE OF BELLEVILLE, 101 S Belt E W, Belleville, IL 62220

Helia Healthcare of Belleville is a skilled nursing facility that received a fine in the first quarter of 2022 for failing to adequately monitor while weaning a resident off a ventilator.

  • 13. HELIA HEALTHCARE OF CHAMPAIGN 1915 S Mattis Ave, Champaign, IL 61821

Another of Helia Healthcare’s nursing homes, this nursing center was closed after numerous violations under Illinois law.

  • 14. LANDMARK OF RICHTON PARK, 22660 S Cicero Ave, Richton Park, IL 60471

Landmark of Richton Park nursing center put residents in immediate jeopardy and caused actual harm. With too little staff, it has such low ratings by families as well as nurses. It should be noted that this nursing facility generates plenty of revenue while being among the worst nursing homes.

  • 15. SWANSEA REHAB HEALTH CARE, 1405 N 2nd St, Swansea, IL 62226

As of 2022, Swansea Rehabilitation and Health Care Center was facing charges for negligent actions in the care of a resident. The resident had a large pressure ulcer and a sheer wound, and the lawsuit stated that these wounds went untreated by the nursing home for weeks.

  • 16. SOUTH ELGIN REHAB & HCC, 746 W Spring St, South Elgin, IL 60177

South Elgin Rehab has low response rates to residents by the nurses and continues to aim below the bar for treating the elderly with care. While it has addressed some of the violations it has incurred, this facility received a “D” for failing to ensure that doctors meet with the residents face to face during required visits.

  • 17. WEST SUBURBAN NURSING & REHAB CENTER 311 Edgewater Dr., Bloomingdale, IL 60108

West Suburban Nursing and Rehab Center was issued citations by the Illinois Department of Public Health in 2023 for failing to verify that nurses were properly trained to provide care to the residents. Additionally, it faced other citations including but not limited to failure to provide enough food, not maintaining the facilities to be safe of hazards, and not honoring resident requests.

  • 18. WILLOW CREST NURSING PAVILION, 515 N Main St, Sandwich, IL 60548

Willow Crest in Sandwich, Illinois, was fined in 2018 by the IDPH for a variety of violations that included failing to assess resident meals and fluid intake as well as failing to manage bowel movements according to protocol.

SFF Nursing Homes

  • 1. APERION CARE BLOOMINGTON, 1509 N Calhoun St, Bloomington, IL 61701

Aperion Care nursing homes have been in hot water for some time. This Bloomington location was put on the federal watch list because it failed substantially to provide residents with the required standards for care. It faced citations for giving residents unnecessary medications, uncontrolled pests, and failing to inspect beds and bed rails.

  • 2. APERION CARE CAPITOL, 555 W Carpenter St, Springfield, IL 62702

The IDPH fined Aperion Care Capitol nursing home when the staff failed to finish the admissions process for a new resident. The resident suffered from bacterial meningitis, and due to their negligence, did not receive any care while she was in this facility for the first 42 hours.

  • 3. FRANKLIN GROVE LIVING AND REHAB, 502 N State St, Franklin Grove, IL 61031

The most recent report from the IDPH issued in January 2024 found that Franklin Grove Living and Rehab failed to provide proper pressure ulcer care and prevent new ones from developing. It also did not adequately ensure the nursing home was free from accident hazards or provide enough supervision of the residents to prevent potential accidents.

Legal Rights and Options for Nursing Home Residents and Their Families

When a loved one needs to move into a nursing home, the laws are in place to protect them and give them the care they need. Unfortunately, the nursing home you may have chosen for your loved one may not be upholding the standard of care as named by the laws in Illinois.

Here is a quick look at some of the rights that are protected by the Nursing Home Care Act.

Right to Basic Human Needs

Residents in nursing homes have the right to have their basic human needs met. They should be treated with dignity and respect as well. These basic elements include food, water, medication, personal hygiene, and toileting.

Right to Manage Your Own Finances

The nursing home must give you access to any money that it holds on your behalf. It needs to get permission to spend any money belonging to residents. For amounts exceeding $100, the money needs to be secured in an interest-bearing account.

Right to Your Personal Property

All residents in a nursing home have the right to their own personal property, such as their clothes, unless there is a specified medical reason documented by a physician. All valuables must be provided proper security to protect them from theft or loss.

Right to See Your Own Doctor

Those in nursing homes also are granted the right to use their own doctor, look at their medical records, and be vocal in their own medical care. Additionally, you have the right to be free from restraints, either physical or chemical in nature, and you cannot be administered any unnecessary drugs.

Right to Be Free from Abuse and Neglect

Every resident of a nursing home deserves a safe space where they can live without being neglected or abused. If any staff member sees neglect or abuse, they are required to report it or face consequences.

Unfortunately, many people in nursing homes do not know these rights. They also may be fearful of speaking up as they may believe they will face repercussions for telling family members or doctors about negligent care in these homes. Any nursing home facility that violates the rights of residents should face consequences under the law.

If your loved one has had their rights violated, you can seek help by filing a grievance with the home. Often though, they may not care and may only be lining their pockets with profits while the residents living there aren’t having their needs fulfilled. In those circumstances, it is always best to contact the Illinois Department of Public Health.

However, if negligent behaviors have caused your aging relative to suffer in pain from injuries or inactions have led to the worsening of their health, it may be best to go a step further and file a lawsuit.

How to Take Action Against the Worst Nursing Homes

In nursing home neglect and abuse cases, you must prove physical, financial, and emotional losses on behalf of your loved one who endured these injuries. It can be overwhelming, but with the help of our law firm, you will have a powerful advocate who will stand up for your loved one’s legal rights.

You’ll need to present medical records of the injuries along with bills and receipts. You should also prepare photos and videos as evidence, journals that detail the injuries or experiences, insurance claim documents, and any other relevant items that can help show the nursing home was negligent in their care of your relative.

Your loved one wasn’t always old, and once had a life full of accomplishments. We will help you uphold their dignity by fighting for the compensation they deserve at the hands of negligent caretakers at these nursing home facilities.

In order to prove this, we will need to show that the nursing home was responsible for providing a duty of care, and that they breached it by their actions or inactions. This breach needs to be linked to their injuries and the financial costs of those injuries to be valid for a personal injury case.

Types of Compensation Available for Those Who Suffer at the Hands of Nursing Homes

When your case meets these metrics, you can pursue compensation from the nursing rehab facility. The compensation awarded will depend on the specifics of the case. Generally, there will be medical expenses provided in this compensation for the injuries your loved one incurred. If financial abuse was a factor, restitution will be ordered by the court.

Pain and suffering along with mental anguish are among the non-economic damages most commonly pursued in these types of cases. In the event that the poor treatment of your relative led to their passing, you can also seek compensation through a wrongful death claim and fight to hold the nursing center accountable.

If you are considering a nursing home for a loved one, it is important to be informed of those nursing homes that pose a risk to the health and safety of those you hold most dear. If your loved one is already residing in one of the above facilities, this information can help you to be extra vigilant during their stay there.

If you believe a loved one has been abused or neglected at a long-term care facility, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation. We are here to help fight nursing home abuse in any way that we can. The elderly deserve our compassion and respect for their contributions they’ve made over the course of their lives. Some have served our country while others have made their mark by being treasured members of their local communities. Regardless of accomplishments, the aging population deserves our respect. When people age and are unable to care for themselves on their own, a nursing home should be a place where they get that care and respect. Sadly, so many of the nursing homes in Chicago and throughout Illinois are far below par. We will stand up for you and your loved ones while working to ensure these behaviors are stopped to protect other families from the same situation.

Helping our clients is about counseling, advocating, and ultimately solving problems. With years of experience successfully representing the people, not the powerful, we will take care of the insurance adjusters, your medical bills, your property damage, and your lost wages, and monitor your treatment so you can focus on healing and getting your life back to normal. Our unique formula has earned us over 1,000 outstanding client reviews on our website, an A+ BBB rating, and over 135 five-star reviews on Google. Call 888-572-0176, e-mail us at [email protected] or schedule a meeting with us here. We’re here 24/7.

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