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License Denied for Ex-Illinois Trooper Matt Mitchell

Matt Mitchell, the Illinois trooper who was convicted for killing two sisters in a 2007 accident on I-64, was recently denied an appeal to have his driver’s license reinstated. Illinois State Trooper Mitchell killed 13-year-old Kelli and her 18-year-old sister Jessica Uhl on November 23, 2007 when he crossed the median on I-64, crashing into their car. He was driving at 126 mph, speaking with his girlfriend on his cell phone and using his computer to send emails at the time.

Three years later, he pleaded guilty to 2 counts of reckless homicide and 2 counts of aggravated reckless driving. He received 20 months of probation and lost his license. This fatal accident was his third accident as a Illinois State Trooper. Just days after entering his guilty plea, he left the Illinois State Police.

On July 23, 2013, he appeared in My. Vernon for an appeals hearing and testified that he needed a driver’s license to care for his daughter, sustain himself and find employment. At the time, he stated, “I am not a risk-taker. I am not reckless. I am not a monster.”

Kim Schlau, mother of the two sisters, received a call from the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office to inform her that Mitchell had lost his appeal. This was Mitchell’s third request for a license. A spokesman for Secretary of State Jesse White said that Mitchel had not “satisfactorily accepted responsibility for his conduct.” Mitchell is allowed to apply for re-instatement of his license every 3 months.

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5 years ago
If I'm ever caught drunk driving in Illinois I will use the Trooper Matt Mitchell defense. This man should never be behind the wheel again.EVER!!!

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