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Advanced Call Center Technologies is a collection agency that’s been in business since 1996. Advanced Call Center Technologies is headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Advanced Call Center Technologies has a host of numbers it places collection calls from. Advanced Call Center Technologies may be calling you from the following telephone numbers: 877-597-1385, 877-768-0444, 800-557-8133, 423-262-1920, 800-557-6515, 800-297-8713, 866-526-7793, 877-496-4170, 866-879-5172, 888-440-7822, 480-346-5120, 877-597-1386, 866-394-3792, 866-704-5580, 610-695-0500, 800-533-0231, 610-640-4900, 928-627-3073, 423-283-5000, 770-931-4040, 866-372-8643, 866-268-3371, 866-677-9392, 877-320-9563, 866-445-6548, 423-262-1474, 866-534-3753, 713-659-0993, 423-283-5092, 800-557-8113, 877-316-0371.

Is Advanced Call Center Technologies harassing you over a debt?

If Advanced Call Center Technologies has harassed you over a debt, whether they called you excessively, threatened you, made misrepresentations when trying to collect old debts, called you at work despite knowing you cannot receive these type of calls at work, disclosed your debt to a third party, tried to collect a debt from you that you did not owe, or left you a voicemail message without the proper disclosures, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, wants to help you, too.

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Submitted Comments

Howdy! I have screenshots and voice mail records demonstrating six different telephone numbers belonging to Advanced Call Center Technologies have called me at least 107 times since Jan. 23, 2015, an average of 2.97 calls a day, including weekends and holidays. At no point has Advanced identified itself, left voice mail explaining why it has called, or cite on whose behalf it has been calling. Any voice mail recordings resulting from the calls typically are 3-5 seconds of silence. The calls typically come in batches of about 20 before Advanced switches to a new unidentified number and begins another round of calling. I've identified the six numbers through online searches and confirmed they belong to Advance from multiple sites. In at least two instances, Advanced has called in excess of three times in a single day. There possibly are more such instances. Please note that these are calls to a single number. I'm beginning the process of tabulating Advanced's calls made to my Google Voice number and to another number I identify in documents as a work number. I'm aware that these continued calls and shady practices are in willful violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but perhaps I'm at a loss as to what my next step might be!

I keep getting calls from theses advanced Technologies. From lots of different numbers. I don't know which debt they are calling on as they will not give me an answer as to who they are. They just say it is a call center. Asked if they were a collection agency? She still would not identify. Advised that it is my right to know she hung up on me 866-268-3371!

Advanced Call Center continues to constantly call me throughout every day. They leave no voice mails identifying themselves or explaining the reason for the call. I have debt with JCPenney and have already spoken directly with them two months ago and set up a payment plan. Which makes this constant harrassment even more frustrating!

Act is harassing me. 37 calls in 14 days. What do you do. I am paying of JCP card a little at at a time, but, that was not good enough for the company and it was turned over to ACT. I keep a record of every call that comes in. I am on disability. I need to know about these junk debt collectors. ACT, uses robo calling, and has never mentioned the company name!

they harass my fiance non stop and and will not remove her number from their list. can contact me at to settle this with me please help. thanks