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Stop Chase Debt Harassment

Creditors like Chase Bank cannot harass you over a debt. You have rights under the law, and we will stop the harassment once and for all.


If Chase Bank violated the law, you may be entitled to money damages and Chase Bank will pay our fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned-up credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation.

Who is Chase Bank?

Chase Bank is a national bank and the front for JPMorgan Chase & Co., which conducts business as “Chase Bank.” Chase Bank is based in New York City and JPMorgan Chase is one of the nation’s “Big Four” banks alongside Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo.Founded in 2000, Chase Bank now operates in 100+ countries. JPMorgan Chase is the U.S.’s largest bank and sixth-largest in the world by total assets; however, it is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has received an “F” rating along with over 2,200 BBB complaints in the past three years, most of which are for product/service problems (1,500+) and billing/collection problems (600+).JPMorgan Chase also has a well-documented criminal history; two of their recent scandals are as follows. According to the BBB: “On May 20, 2015, JPMorgan Chase & Co., along with four other major banks, agreed to plead guilty to felony charges of conspiring to manipulate the price of U.S. dollars and euros exchanged in the foreign currency exchange (FX) spot market.” This resulted in criminal fines exceeding $2.5 billion. Just two months later, in July 2015, the bank was targeted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and 47 Attorneys general for illegally “robo-signing” court documents and selling “zombie debts” (credit card debts which were not legally collectible due to discharge, settlement, expired time-limit, or other errors or inaccuracies) to third-party debt collectors, resulting in $136 million in penalties to benefit the states and the CFPB and $50 million in consumer refunds.

Chase Bank’s Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

Chase Bank (JPMorgan Chase) is located at 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017-2014. Chase Bank’s customer service number is 800-935-9935 and the main website is

Phone Numbers Used by Chase Bank

Chase Bank likely uses hundreds of different phone numbers to call consumers. Here are some phone numbers Chase Bank may be calling you from:

  • 210-586-0050
  • 800-355-5265
  • 800-366-1962
  • 800-454-9078
  • 800-848-9380
  • 866-564-2262
  • 866-881-6222
  • 877-470-9042
  • 877-691-8086
  • 888-609-7805

Chase Bank Lawsuits

If you want to know just how unhappy consumers are with Chase Bank, take a look at the number of complaints consumers have made online. Nowadays, most original creditors, credit card companies, etc. have arbitration clauses, which means that if you have a complaint against that company, you must file your claim in arbitration. Arbitration limits discovery, is not public, has a limited appellate process, and, most importantly, is funded primarily by the banks and big businesses. While it can be difficult to get a fair chance in arbitration, the good news is we have filed hundreds of credit harassment cases in arbitration, and we know how to aggressively fight these cases against the big banks and businesses even when arbitration is necessary.

Chase Bank Complaints

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects you from robocalls, which are those annoying, automated, recorded calls that computers make all day long. You can tell it’s a robocall because either no one responds on the other end of the line, or there is a delay when you pick up the phone before a live person responds. You can receive $500 per call if Chase Bank violates the TCPA. Have you received a message from this agency that sounds pre-recorded or cut-off at the beginning or end? These are tell-tale signs that the message is pre-recorded, and if you have these messages on your cell phone, you may have a TCPA case against the agency.

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) protects electronic payments that are deducted from bank accounts. If Chase Bank took unauthorized deductions from your bank account, you may have an EFTA claim against the agency. Chase Bank, like most collection agencies, wants to set up recurring payments from consumers; imagine how much money it can earn if hundreds, even thousands, of consumers electronically pay them $50 – $100 or more per month. If you agreed to this type of reoccurring payment, the agency must follow certain steps to comply with the EFTA. Did Chase Bank continue to take electronic payments after you told them to stop? Did they take more money from your checking account than you agreed to?  If so, we can discuss your rights and potential case under the EFTA.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) works to ensure that no information reported to your credit report is false. In essence, it gives you the right to dispute those inaccuracies that you find on your credit report. We’ve handled many cases in which a debt collection agency reported debt on a consumer’s credit report to obtain leverage over the consumer. If Chase Bank is on your credit report, they may tell you that they’ll remove the debt from your credit report if you pay it; this is commonly known as “pay for delete.” If the original creditor is on your report rather than the debt collector, and you pay off the debt, both entities should accurately report this on your credit report.

Several states also have laws to provide its citizens an additional layer of protection. For example, if you live in California, Florida, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Wisconsin, you may be able to add a state-law claim to your federal law claim above.  North Carolina, for example, has one of the most consumer-friendly statutes in the country: if you live in NC and are harassed over a debt, you may receive $500 – $4,000 in damages per violation. We work with a local counsel in NC and our NC clients have received some great results in debt collection harassment cases. If you live in North Carolina and are being harassed by a debt collector, you have leverage to obtain a great settlement.

How can we Use the Law to Help You?

We will use state and federal laws to immediately stop Chase Bank’s debt collection. We will send a cease-and-desist letter to stop the harassment today, and if Chase Bank violates the FDCPA, EFTA, FCRA, or any state law, you may be entitled to money damages. For example, under the FDCPA, you may receive up to $1,000 in damages plus actual damages. The FDCPA also has a fee-shift provision, which means the debt collector will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. If you have a TCPA case against the agency, we will handle it based on a contingency fee and you won’t pay us a dime unless you win.


We have helped hundreds of consumers stop phone calls from Chase Bank and we know how to stop the harassment and get you money damages. Once again: you will not pay us a dime for our services. We will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or contingency fee, and the debt collector will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs.

What if Chase Bank is on My Credit Report?

Based on our experience, some debt collectors may credit-report, which means one may mark your credit report with the debt they are trying to collect. In addition to or instead of the debt collector, the original creditor may also be on your credit report in a separate entry, and it’s important to properly identify these entities because you will want both to update your credit report if or when you pay off the debt.


If Chase Bank is on your credit report, we can help you dispute it. Mistakes on your credit report can be very costly: along with causing you to pay higher interest rates, you may be denied credit, insurance, a rental home, a loan, or even a job because of these mistakes. Some mistakes may include someone else’s information on your credit report, inaccurate public records, stale collection accounts, or even being a victim of identity theft. If you have a mistake on your credit report, there is a process to dispute it, and my office will help you obtain your credit report and dispute any inaccurate information.


If a credit reporting agency violates its obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you may be entitled to statutory damages up to $1,000, and the credit reporting agency will be required to fix the error. The FCRA also has a fee-shift provision, which means the credit reporting agency will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. We have helped hundreds of consumers fix inaccurate information on their credit reports, and we’re ready to help you, too.

Complaints against Chase Bank

If you’re on this page, chances are you are just like the hundreds of consumers out there being harassed by Chase Bank. Here are some of the BBB reviews and complaints against Chase Bank:

  1. “This company is awful! They will continue to accept transactions after your account is overdrawn just so they can charge you more fees! Then they return the transaction! DO NOT do business with CHASE!”
  2. “PLEASE SHARE: Chase Bank steals from their own customers. For example, a check deposited on 9/30, clearing 10/2 has a 12 day hold on it. Why? In the 80s a 5 day hold was common but now 12 days is happening? What are you doing with MY money? Why don’t you possess enough honor to reverse the unjustified OD fees your business has caused? I sent a pic of the screenshot from the other bank account proving to them that the check cashed on 10/2. No acknowledgement of that pic. So shocked and sick at Chase as I have been with them approximately 10 years. They are not what they proclaim to be anymore. So sad.”
  3. “Chase bank has continuously charged both our business and personal accounts ridiculous fees, their representatives have given us contradicting information and yet they still stand by their policies which change depending on the person we speak to. The amount of money they have charged us in fees is flat out robbery. We are happily taking our banking accounts to their competitors.”

Based on 6 reviews on Yelp, Chase Bank receives a 1.5-out-of-5 rating. Here are two of the reviews on Yelp:

  1. “WARNING TO ANYONE WHO HAS A CHASE VISA CARD – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  – Read the fine print on your next statement.  If you miss paying your bill in full – by even $0.01 – you will be assessed a finance charge based upon the HIGHEST average daily balance on your account. This is bad news for anyone who uses their credit card for travel, for major purchases, or high ticket items. Instead of appreciating the card holder who uses the card frequently, this detail from the small print is a TRULY EGREGIOUS slap in the face, not to mention written in obscure language and hard to understand until you call the ersatz customer service line…SWITCH IF YOU CAN – MASTERCARD IS GETTING MY BUSINESS ONCE I PAY MY FINAL STATEMENT.”
  2. “It has taken weeks, WEEKS for [Chase Bank] to fix a mistake THEY made! And it’s still NOT fixed. I wrote a check for $400 and they posted it at $4.00! I called SO many times before some telephone tough guy said “I’ll take care of it.” I had 2 CHASE cards, both of which are now cut up into little pieces.  DO NOT use this bank or its credit services!!!!!!!!!!”

Cases We’ve Handled Against Chase Bank


Threats and harassment from collection agencies can be pretty intimidating. However, we can stop the harassment and get you money damages under the law, and the collection agency will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. Here are some cases we’ve handled against Chase Bank:

  1. Marissa L. v. JPMorgan Chase Bank – In July 2017, Marissa L. of Chicago pursued a claim against JPMorgan Chase Bank for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Among the numerous allegations were harassing phone calls and robocalls from several numbers, including to the plaintiff’s cell phone and after the plaintiff requested that the calls stop. The case was settled in October 2017 and Marissa was happy with the outcome.
  2. Gaylene P. v. Chase Bank – In October 2014, Gaylene of Pasco County, Florida, pursued a claim against Chase Bank for violations of the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA). Complaints included harassing phone calls, up to three to four times per day, and unlawfully attempting to collect an illegitimate/uncollectible debt. The case was settled in November 2014 and Gaylene was pleased with the results.
  3. Christen G. v. JPMorgan Chase Bank – In March 2014, Christen of Ohio pursued a claim against JPMorgan Chase Bank for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Complaints included incessant harassing phone calls, including robocalls and calls at all hours of the day and night; in addition, the plaintiff had never been a Chase Bank customer before the harassment began. The case was settled in September 2014 and Christen was happy with the results.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mike Agruss Law, has over 900 outstanding client reviews through Yotpo, an A+ BBB rating, and over 125 five-star reviews on Google. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

“Michael Agruss handled two settlements for me with great results and he handled them quickly. He also settled my sister’s case quickly and now her debt is clear. I highly recommend Michael.”

“Mike Agruss Law was very helpful, they helped me solved my case regarding the unwanted calls. I would highly recommend them. Thank you very much Mike Agruss!”

“Mike Agruss Law was very helpful to me and my veteran father! We were harassed daily and even called names for a loan that was worthless! Agruss stepped in and not only did they stop harassing, they stopped calling all together!! He even settled it so I was paid back for the problems they caused!”

Can Chase Bank Sue Me?

Yes, Chase Bank can sue you. Chase Bank can hire a lawyer to file a breach of contract lawsuit against you for the underlying debt, fees, and costs. If you’ve been sued by Chase Bank, do not ignore the lawsuit; you may have defenses. If you ignore the lawsuit, default will be entered and Chase Bank may seek to garnish your wages. If you receive notice of a lawsuit, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible, even if you intend to represent yourself pro se. If Chase Bank has threatened to sue you, contact Mike Agruss Law as soon as possible; we’re here to help.

Can Chase Bank Garnish My Wages?

Yes, if Chase Bank has a judgment entered against you. If Chase Bank is currently garnishing your wages or threatening to do so, contact our office as soon as possible.

Chase Bank Settlement

If you want to settle a debt with Chase Bank, ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Do I really owe this debt?
  2. Is this debt within the statute of limitations?
  3. Is this debt on my credit report?
  4. If I pay this debt, will Chase Bank remove it from my credit report?
  5. If I pay this debt, will the third-party debt collector remove it from my credit report?
  6. If I pay this debt, will I receive written confirmation from Chase Bank confirming the payment and settlement terms?

These are not the only things to consider when dealing with debt collectors. We are here to help you answer the questions above, and much more. Whether it’s harassment, settlement, pay-for-delete, or any other legal issue with Chase Bank, we at Mike Agruss Law are here to help you.

Share Your Complaints Against Chase Bank Below

We encourage you to post your complaints about Chase Bank. Sharing your complaints against this agency can help other consumers understand what to do when this company starts calling. Sharing your experience may help someone else!


If you are being harassed by Chase Bank over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages – up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500 – $1,500 for illegal robocalls. Under state and federal laws, we will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or contingency fee, which means the debt-collector pays your attorneys’ fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases, and we’re prepared to help you, too. Contact Mike Agruss Law at 888–572-0176 to stop the harassment once and for all.

Submitted Comments

10 years ago
I received a strange call from Chase online banking confirming my attempt to start a online banking account, along with a 8 digit access code and this phone # 866-355-3744. The phone number appears on your list as debt agency for J P Morgan Chase. I made the mistake of calling this number and speaking to three different persons and confirming sensitive identity questions with them, and in the end I asked them if they knew whose number this was. They said it is not a Chase number and that I should get a new credit card.
7 years ago
I have sent Chase several letters disputing the debt. They continue to call me without verifying the debt.
7 years ago
Chase bank is calling my mother.s house phone and my cell phone multiple times per day. I would like it to stop and be reimbursed for the abuse. Is this possible? I opened a checking account with them and authorized a monthly check withdrawl of $30,00 for ny son;s dental insurance. A check bounced and they put it through again (the same check). Each time it was submitted, they charged the account $35.00. I deposited $100 to cover it and left $50.00 in the savings account. I told them tokeep it and close the account. They wanted more money to close it so I walked out. My mother is 95 years old and has had a massive stroke. I have asked them to stop calling but they persist. They have had more than enough compensation for this check. They are taking advantage of the situation!
7 years ago
We are getting a multitude of phone calls from Chase regarding our mortgage. When we refinanced, They promised our payment due date could be on the 15th (?). We asked this because of the date his SS comes in. But when the refi was completed, our payments were due on the 1st instead. So now they call us a lot for payment, because we pay it around the 20th. They called 6 times last week. And occasionally, they call 2-3 times a day sometimes. Your website says this: If Chase has done anyone of the following, contact Mike Agruss Law, for a free case evaluation. Called you after you told them to stop calling you!
7 years ago
my mother has requested a release of funds from a foreclosure that is over 4 years old, and we are waiting for the funds to pay off some debts, but the calls are getting out of hand. we have some payday loans and a couple of doctor bills that we are pushing off paying until the settlement comes thru. The response time for anyone wanting claims on the funds was 3/14 and I am not sure how long it will take for the judge to make a final decision, and NO ONE will answer that for me. It is a substancial amount, over $15,000. I do have chase harassing me with a payment they made in error for a pay day loan, and they say I owe them funds to, but it was their mistake!
4 years ago
Hi, I was behind on my payments and then enrolled in a debt program. Chase agreed to the debt program agreement. Although I have held up my part of the debt program they call me every other day sometimes 3-5 times a day. When I do answer they are insisting that I pay more money and threatening to close my account. I’m fine with them closing the account I’m just not ok with the harassing phone calls during work hours. I’ve noticed several operators to not call me during work hours. And yet I continually receive phone calls back to back interfering with my work. I need help!
3 years ago
Been on a DMP for almost 4 years, due to covid I had to adjust payments to the dmp just to stay afloat, chase keeps calling after I have stated I’m on a dmp and to stop calling. What can I do?
3 years ago
Received a voicemail from an unknown number stating they received a fax to serve me with a date of 2/19/2021. I called the #(323) 248-1564 and the woman advised it was a law firm. Told me Chase was suing me for debt from 2011 for over $3k something. I told her it was over ten years ago and that I paid everything off bc I settled payments with numerous creditors and worked hard to clean my credit. She stated the 10 years isn’t until July. She said they would serve me papers and I would have a chance to tell my case to the judge. I called Chase to try to obtain a paid in full document but he referred me to their collections dept #800 238 3267. I’ve googled the law firm’s and 800-238-3267 and they do not have legitimate websites.
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Marina. What state do you live in? Debt collectors can continue to pursue payment for a debt outside of the statute of limitations, however they cannot sue for it. Do you have any proof of the paid off debts? If you'd like assistance in dealing with Chase and their collections department, give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Danika. Have you sent them a registered letter advising them to stop calling you? You have the right to do that under the FDCPA. I can discuss your other rights as well when I reach out to you. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hello Candace. If you've advised Chase to stop calling you at work but they continue to do so, they are violating the law. You could be entitled to compensation. Let's talk about this in more detail. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Heidi. Debt collectors are not known for acknowledging their mistakes and they certainly won't back off when they're pursuing a debt. I would like to talk more about your mother's situation and get some more details to determine what you might be able to do. I'll call you or you can reach me at 312-224-4695 when you have some free time to talk. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hello Anna. I would like to discuss your case and determine how I can help you in dealing with Chase. I will give you a call. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Gaylene. Have you sent a registered letter to Chase informing them to stop calling you? You can do that and if they don't stop, you could be compensated for your troubles. I'll give you a call and we can talk about the law and your rights. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Cheryl. I'm going to call you so we can talk about your debt and Chase's refusal to verify the debt you owe. Thanks, Mike
Michael Agruss
3 years ago
Hi Richard. Sorry to hear that you could have been involved in a scam. If you'd like help in dealing with this, give me a call at 312-224-4695. Thanks, Mike
2 years ago
Chase has been emailing me for going on 2 years now about a supposed outstanding balance I have. I haven't had a Chase credit card in over 10 years. I've called twice now (waiting for a long time each time to actually talk to someone), only to be told, "Oh, we can't find a record of this account either. Just ignore the emails." I'm tired of ignoring it. I want it to stop.
Michael Agruss
2 years ago
Hi Joseph. I'm sure it gets tiring to ignore emails when you're sure you don't owe anything and they just keep continuing. Have you asked them to put that in writing? Have you requested a debt validation letter from them? If you need further assistance, give me a call. Thanks, Mike
7 months ago
I resolved my debt issues with Chase on 5.23.23 and they have called me consistently since then claiming I still have a debt they are going to report to collections soon. I tell them at least once every 2 weeks (when i decide to answer) that the debt has been resolved and to please stop calling. They always let me know that they see those notes and they will stop calling... they stop for about a week, maybe less... then harass me again. multiple times a day.
6 months ago
A collecter is threatening to subpoena me for a Chase CC that was closed 15 years ago.
5 months ago
I\'m located in Riverside, CA. where this all took place. I have standing in this issue. I need help with a case against Chase Bank who knowingly aided my 1/2 brother Jon (who kept abducting our mom to abuser her.) in financial elder abuse. If it wasn\'t for Chase Banks complacency and inability to follow their own policies, rules or regulations the crimes that followed was bound to happen. There\'s a lot to this and I put down here the major parts. Sorry for the length but I this is only part of all the went on. My mother passed 04/09/2022 but before that she was abused in many ways by her son Jon. Chase was instrumental in the continued financial abuse and forcing her to stay at her severely mentally ill and dangerously abusive son in his tiny apartment as he kept her isolated from me. I figured out ways to undermine the isolation a lot of times. She and I had a plan to get her back home safely without Jon\'s suspecting mom of betraying him. If he had thought that she would not have lived very long. He held her to steal her money, he used extreme intentional emotional distress by rentlessly threatening her with killing me if she did not comply. My mom told me about it, and there are witnesses at his apt that heard him tell her that then came and told me. My mom kept landing in ER from the abuse. The times I was able to get her away were by my making appontments with her doctors that afforded me time to undo the emotional state she would be in and get her thinking clearer. She would have me take her to the bank and complain of her money being stolen out of her account. She didn\'t want to believe he was doing it. And all Chase Bank had to do was confirm it. But wouldn\'t even tell her her accounts were compromised. At this point she didn\'t remember she was the payee of his account and was responsible for the funds in the account. He had her convinced it was his. After many times of bringing her to the bank 1 to 2 times a month. About 12 employees knew of the elder abuse and illegal activity but did not report it. No SAR\'s were filed according to CHEXSYSTEMS records I recently recieved. Mom opened these 2 accounts at this branch back when it was Washington Mutual in the 1980\'s. One of the accounts - being a Representative Payee Account I found Chase allowed illegal activity in that account for years that my mother was the payee of for her son. Chase allowed her son access to the funds of that account which was against the rules made by Soc Sec. and they allowed him access to my mothers checking account fraudulently. Reg E violations, Mandated reporter failure, no systems in place to prevent fraud, or to ID devices or monitoring online account activity, they didn\'t monitor any account for that matter. My 1/2 brother fraudulently used my mothers account info and flooded her checking account with payday loans that consumed all of her monthly income the beginning of 2018. Many NSF fee\'s then piled up.. She was instantly in financial trouble when he did that. She closed that account and opened a new one. That one was compromised by him 2 days later after he abducted her the first time June 20 2018. I heard she had been to ER 2 days in a row from the abuse and saw this as an opportunity to get her back home. August 9 2018 I was able to get her to the doctors knowing what an emotional mess she would be in because he never lets up. Mom\'s doctor immediately called APS to file a complaint against him. Her doctor filed again in Oct of 2018 against my brother. I got my mom to calm down so she could clear her mind. She wanted HOME! She told me she had to tell him a story that would not make him suspect she was betraying him in any way because he would kill one of us. Once home she asked me to manage her money for her and sign a POA and Health Care Directive. She knew she was in trouble but not how bad. I had her get all her papers together and she piled them on the dining table. I was blown away at what he was having her do. I found her statement for August to see how much money she had to work with. Jon had transferred ALL her money into the rep payee account a few days earlier her account was - $900. Then he abducts her again and we only had gotten the health care directive done so far. The two witnesses who signed the form my mom told them she wanted me as her POA too. The witnesses were aware of Jon abusing her. He abducts her again. He would either transfer the funds or take her debit card out of her purse then walks to the Chase Bank by his apartment and withdraws all her money leaving her again with nothing to live on. When he tried to get her house and couldn\'t he tried like hell to make her lose it. I had to pull her house from default 2 times and make sure it didn\'t fall again by paying her property insurance and taxes that she could have afforded if it wasn\'t for the theft. I had to feed her and catch up her utilities that were months behind. The gas and electric was $1,500 as we went without gas one month then the next month the water was shut off and I had to bring buckets to our neighbors to fill. I was financially drained. On top of paying monthly to keep them on. Jon got ahold of those accounts info and would place cut off orders them and on her phone too. Just right after paying the bills then I would have to pay fee\'s to get them turned back on again. He did this using a cell phone. He would add his name to the accounts and change the billing address to his. He did that in my moms checking account too. I would call and put passwords on the phone and utilitiy accounts with instructions to not allow Jon Nemeth access to these accounts. I\'ll be damned he would do it again. I would call again asking how in the hell is he doing this? No one could give me answer and appologizing that it happened again promising it won\'t again. Back to Chase... Chase didn\'t tell her about either of the accounts being compromised Oct 24 2018 she called them to add me to her account to manage her money. That\'s when she was informed she already had an online account and the screen name using the account was jonnemeth410 his name and apt number. My mom instructed them to close it telling them she did not authorize it and she didn\'t know about it. She was mad. She added me to her account then I set up all her bill pays that night. That lasted about a week Jon gained access using his cell phone again into her account. Withdrawing all her income now there was nothing for her bills to be paid as usual. Knowing he was going to make a move again after finding out what mom did with her account adding me I had physically disabled her bebit card to where the chip and the strip did not work. My mom and I both were thinking he could no longer get into her account online. But he abducted her again. I knew he\'d make a move using her debit card and when that didn\'t work he wouldn\'t be able to get into her account using his cell phone. To make sure I checked her account and found he had just transferred the money seconds before. I pulled it back then he did it again then I was blocked from saving her money. Chase allowed the transaction to go through when she explicitly gave her permission for me to have access to manage her money. He wasn\'t leaglly allowed to do anything in a legal capacity because he is considered incompetent. And she would have never in her right mind give him control of her finances. I went to the bank by myself to talk to the manager and show her the bank statements of what was happening. I also showed her a letter from my mom\'s doctor that said my mom is experiencing cognitive decline and that she suspected my mom\'s son of abuse. I asked the manager to PLEASE investigate. This was on Nov 9 2018. The following day I filed a police report. Then later went to Soc Sec and applied to be my mom\'s representative payee. I was approved. I informed my mom I had done this and she laughed. She would tell her friends I\'m \"the smart one\" but didn\'t feel so smart when a nitwit had done all this right under my nose. Chase started an investigation this is well over a year of my moms account having problems. And I\'m sure the investigator Chris was his name, saw what the bank had been allowing regarding the payee account. He calls one day in Nov a couple weeks maybe after my talking to the manager. When I answered the phone he asked to speak with Diana Larson. I immediately thought it was another bill collector since I already had numerous calls that morning my mom never went by Diana. So I went off on the caller. When he was able to get a word in edge wise he told me he was from Chase Bank. I appologized and asked what he was calling about and he said exactly what I was just complaining about. And asked for more info. I told him what I knew. He asked to speak with my mom my mom wasn\'t home. I didn\'t have Jon\'s number because when ever I would get it he would go buy a new phone. He did this 1 to 2 times a month of course with my moms money. He couldn\'t figure out how I was getting his number all the time. I sent over friends of mine as spies to check on my mom and he would give them his number and they gave it to me. I told Chris this and he asked if he could call again if he needed to I said sure. Dec 11 2018 mom needed to go complain of the stop order for her property taxes. Telling them twice she did NOT place it and they flat out ignored her like she was talking to a wall. That same month I opened the rep payee account for my mom. Jan 2019 Mom wanted to complain again about her money gone as usual. This rep happened to be the one who helped me open my mom\'s rep payee account. I introduced them and this rep said the same as the others but added \"What\'s going on here is illegal. It is called account takeover fraud.\" Her money was not returned. She still hadn\'t been contacted by Chris the investigator. He could have left a message with the bank since I would bring her down there every month to complain. They would not offer a solution. My mother was dealing with cognitive decline/dementia she was 90 yrs old. If they had been honest and told her who what and when she could have made an informed decision. Chase deprived her of that too. When Chase really pulled the bone head move in Feb just after her money from soc sec was deposited into her new account. This was going to send her home finally. Not so. Chris freezes the account. I went down to the bank to see what the problem was. The bank said I needed to call Chris. I called and he said he froze the account because he still hasn\'t been able to contact my mother. Well hell! He could have frozen the two accounts and gotten hold of her months ago. We\'re into 3 months and he hadn\'t talked to her yet and the fraud continued. And she still was out her monthly income. Then Chris talked to my moms social worker and tells her I am being investigated working with my brother stealing my moms money. She turns and called Soc Sec who turn takes me off as her payee. This prevented my mom from being able to finally escape and forced my mom to stay and be abused . My mom changed banks to B of A. Since Chase did not report the fraud as required by law the fraud followed my mom over to B of A. After a few months of B of A monitoring her account transactions found her debit card was used for things that a person her age wouldn\'t be spending their money on. And froze her account. That simple. She tried to file against her son for theft when I had her home in April 2019. She called APS no one came, called, nothing. She called a number of times. APS didn\'t contact her at all. She ended up having to go back to Jon\'s. July 20th 2019. Since her son couldn\'t get access to her money he puts her out and locked the door behind her. With no money, water, ID, keys to her house and car, no eye glasses (because he would break them to prevent her from reading anything) just her walker she had to find someone to help her that hot summer day to call me. As soon as we got back to the house she called the bank and my mom found out there was an online account fraudulently opened by her son AGAIN! She immediately called the police as B of A suggested. Thanks to B of A this stopped it cold. I was able to keep her home safely and no more theft. I was put back as her rep payee by Soc Sec. Because the accusations Chase made to APS was false. In Jan or Feb 2021 Jon made a mad grab of close to $300 in cash. Chase had many opportunities to stop this from happening over the years, they could have helped her instead they added to her mental stress. The rep payee account should have been closed and reported to Soc Sec. back in 2014 or earlier. I had to pay my moms bills, save her house from default. Buy her food. All because of Chase I\'m out money too! There\'s more things that Chase had done illegally. I have evidence, police report, and more. Chase gave out info on the account that I opened as my mothers rep payee. I did this on purpose to gain evidence and to see what exact security measures they have as far as protecting accounts since they sure didn\'t protect my mothers. As a result my brother calls up a bank rep that he and my mother have known since my mom opened the accounts that bank rep (I have her name) told my brother what was needed to get the funds out. Because I was making a lot of noise and finding out things that they were doing wrong and against the law they immediately froze that acount that hadn\'t had but maybe a $15 transaction. This was my mom\'s ticket home once the brother could no longer get at her funds it would have been game over. NOT so. When Chase pulled this number that forced my mom to have to endure 6 more months of the negelect, abuse, deprivation, unable to wash her self, having to live in urine soaked clothes 24/7, no bed to sleep on when she was allowed to sleep she had to sleep on this little love seat in the fetal position right infront of a room air conditioner that was on 24/7. She had degenerative arthritis in her neck when cold air blows on her the pain is excruciating. My mom was a gorgeous woman. Always took care to look her best and a sharp dresser. This experience made her want to die. I couldn\'t get her away from him fast enough. Police and APS were bias and manipulated by Jon. Jon doesn\'t have or feel emotions like empathy, love, ect. he has learned to fake them. Chase bank needs to be held accountable. The faucivirus started 6 mos later. Then the mask mandate. And the courts requiring masks. I thought when this nonsense ends then I can go to the courts to pursue this. Nope. It took 2 years before they allowed people in without a mask. I thought they would toll for people like me that can not wear one because it almost killed me. I have a lung disease. I was wearing one a couple months before the virus was purposely spread for another reason. And I ended up in the hopsital with hyperextended lungs a.k.a. Barrel Chest. I was in there for days. Then when they required masks I tried wearing one to get grroceries for mom and I. I got Barrel chest again. My mom\'s condition of course worsened and wasn\'t able to pursue this on her own. Then when my mom was murdered it took me 2 months of being very ill from having to internalize my emotions so I could have a clear head as I went through hell trying to save her from the abuse that killed her in there. I couldn\'t get her out of the hospital because Jon had wiped her out of EVERYTHING of value I was counting on incase of emergency. I didn\'t even have any money to get her body out of the morgue. Took me 2 months. Plus dealing with that lawsuit. I also at the same time filed the case with the DA\'s SPS. They did nothing. I thought I had 4 years after he death and becoming her executor? There\'s got to be some way to bring this action. If Chase did this to my mom I am positive they have done this to others. I filed complaints with the FBI, FTC, FDIC, APS, Police, Comptroller, CFPB, Att. Gen, Inspector Gen, Housing Authority, Soc Sec, Consumer Affairs, I even wrote FINCEN. And our Senators. Jon also had her take loans out, cash in her meager life insurance policy that she bought to help cover funeral expenses, there was a new credit card from Walmart that someone opened in her name and maxed out. My mom had paid off all her credit cards years ago and closed the accounts so she wouldn\'t have that to worry about any more. Then I find all the judgments coming to the house. I was able to get 2 dismissed while mom was alive and was working on a 3rd when she passed. There\'s even a judgment from Chase. Oh, I also have a recording of Jon talking about his crime. Can you help?
3 months ago
Chase is trying to charge me for insurance when I\'m covered by my HOA. Have sent proof but they don\'t accept it saying its not for the period in question. But dont say what that period is or what kind of insurance it is. And no one answers any phone number I try, even local bank.
1 month ago
Called and reported fraud on cc in less than 12 hours and Chase can\'t find recorded call however they knew to send me a new card. Where is Zero Liability Protection or Fair Credit were taken from me.

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