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Accredo specialty pharmacy has charged my father 23,0000 for a medicine he never consented to be delivered. Our family is now fighting tooth and nail to get this balance wiped but Accredo refuses to acknowledge their mistake. We are not able to pay this amount and we are worried. They take advantage of sick people and their policies are not humane.

Exactly what Alexandra said

Accredo billing dispute that cannot seemed to be resolved, and I am worried that this will affect my credit. I have called Accredo 4-5 times over the month and each time the billing has been resolved over the phone to the satisfaction of myself and Accredo. However, the drug bill remains outstanding.

I dealt with Accredo specialty pharmacy in an effort to get my medication filled and shipped under an urgent timeframe. Each time I called, the representatives told me a different story. Despite contacting my doctor and giving them several different phone and fax numbers to send my prescription to (and the doctors office assured me they had received confirmation the prescription had been delivered), Accredo had no record of the faxes or phone calls and could not find my prescription. When my doctors called, Accredo couldn't find me in their system until after an hour on the phone with the office they were transferred to enough different departments to find my records. At the end of the day it was confirmed that I had filled and scheduled my medication to be delivered the next day, but when I called the next day they had no record of that or of a shipment. I am still waiting (after more hours on the phone today) to hear if that medication will be arriving today. If it doesn't, I will miss a dose or even four (depending on when it can be delivered) and that will cause me to be extremely weak and exhausted with migraines for 1-4 weeks. Last time I missed a dose I couldn't go to work until the medication was at a high enough level in my blood stream again. At this point, I cannot afford to miss work for even a few days, as I desperately need the money in order to pay for my health insurance and high copay of this prescription. It is all because of Accredo's inefficiency and messed up system. On top of that, I was bounced around from department to department, often dealing with extremely rude representatives who refused to help me further. Accredo Specialty Pharmacy SHOULD NOT be able to get away with this.